If you have a lot of users on your WordPress website, then you might want to integrate a user management plugin. Something that will help you build attractive forms for user registration, user profile, log in and password reset plugin and so on.

These customized registration forms can resonate with the aesthetics of the theme in use. Hence give you a level of visual consistency through your website. It will also be more alluring to the users and can increase the conversion rates on your site. If you use BuddyPress, bbPress, Woocommerce or other third party membership/social networking plugin then these plugins will come in handy.

Now, the question in consideration becomes which user management plugin I should be using for my site? There are a plethora of options in the WordPress market, but the most useful and efficient solution of them all is – ProfilePress.

ProfilePress WordPress Plugin

Here is a concise overview of what you can accomplish with ProfilePress, so without further ado, let’s delve right into it:

Why Use ProfilePress Plugin?

Using Front End Forms will eliminate the necessity of your users to login through the backend. This mere addition can improve user experience drastically. Furthermore, when all the form templates are customizable you can tweak them to adjust to your site’s design language and keep everything feel consistent for your visitors.

ProfilePress Forms

These are some of the many forms the plugin has to offer. To use any one of these you simple have to copy paste the template shortcode into your WordPress page and you are all done.

This is extremely user friendly and can be readily picked up by regular WordPress users. The developers will also love it as all the templates has clean codes with appropriate comments. If you feel like that any of these form templates needs further tweaking then you can easily manage that with a little knowledge of HTML and CSS.

What is The Feature Highlight for ProfilePress?

  • Ajax support for Login Forms, Registration Forms, Password reset forms, and edit profile forms.
  • Unlimited front-end user profile.
  • WordPress widgets
  • Avatar upload
  • Social Login: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, GitHub.
  • Live Preview of form design while coding.
  • One time password-less login.
  • Auto login users after the registration process.
  • Also, can redirect users to a custom page after login.
  • Display Welcome message to newly registered users.
  • BuddyPress and bbPress integration.

How to Use ProfilePress?


Primarily you will have the option to include as many profile fields as you like. The customization process is also very simple. Now, you can add unlimited number of profile fields but each one of them has to fall under one of the following categories.

  • Text Field
  • TextArea
  • SelectBox
  • Radio Button
  • Checkbox

(But then again, it does cover everything.) The description of all these fields can also be customized so you can make things even more interactive and simple for your users.

Here is the interface you will be get to manage the Profile Fields.

ProfilePress Custom Profile Fields


ProfilePress has the functionality to redirect your users after a user login or logout. The entire function can be handled and customized from the settings page.

You can choose to redirect your users to the site homepage after they logout, or you can have them redirected to a certain page of your website after logging in. It is all your choice. Here is the interface you will get for managing login and logout redirects

ProfilePress Redirections


Why send a generic email to our users when then hop on board your website, when you can leave them a creative, friendly welcome message that will delight them for signing up to your site?

The plugin will help you to customize the welcome message as well as the approval message or password retrieval messages.

Creating a Custom WordPress Login Registration

After activating the plugin, the user is going to get five new pages each containing different forms such as login, registration, password reset, frontend edit profile, and front end user profile forms.

The plugin is very easy to use and won’t offer complexity. Rather it is very intuitive. But, just to shine some light on the how to use it, let’s consider an example: How you can build a custom WordPress Login Page?

After installation of the plugin is completed, you can head on over to the ProfilePress section in the WordPress dashboard. There you will find many options including the ’Login Form.’

ProfilePres Plugin Menu

After selecting “Login Form” click on “Add New“. There you will asked to enter the name of the Login Form in the template name field. Then you have to copy and paste the HTML and CSS code for the login form into the Login Design and CSS Stylesheet section. It should be something like this:

ProfilePress Login Design

After all the copy pasting is completed, the next on that you need to do is simply “Preview Design“. Now you can tweak this around till your are fully satisfied with the appearance of the site.

ProfilePress Login

The next thing that you need to do is insert shortcodes. The login form will only be functional after you have entered the username, password and submitted button shortcode equivalent.

You will also notice a “Make this a Widget” checkbox. If you click on it, then the entire form will become a drag and drop widgetized area/sidebar.

The last thing that you would have to do is save it and then copy the created login form shortcode and paste it into a WordPress page and click Save.

Voila, you have got yourself a fully customized login page for your users’ delight.

License & Pricing

You can download ProfilePress from the WordPress plugin repository for free. Here is a quick download link.

But the free version has a lot of limitation on the features that it will provide you. The thing you can do in this regard is get on with one of the three premium plans. The Personal plan will give you all the features and support for one website whereas the Business and Developer will offer support for three websites and unlimited websites respectively.

Here is a link to the Pricing Page so you can get a better idea of what money can buy for you.

View ProfilePress Plugin

Over to You

In comparison to many other user management plugins in the market, ProfilePress WordPress plugin is a relatively new one. But it is also ahead of the curve. The plugin offers a complete profile management solution to help you customize the user experience in regards to their accounts.

The functionalities provided by this single plugin can replace your need to install extra plugins. Again, if you can complement the custom forms with another plugin that can manage front-end editing then you can give your users the liberty to avoid the over complicated WordPress dashboard once and for all. Customer support of the plugin is also very good and pitches in to help users in trouble.

Overall, the plugin is very useful and will help you out if your are trying to increase conversion rates or just want your users to have a great user experience while managing their accounts.