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WordPress is a strong platform. It powers more than 25% of the web. If you are looking for a WordPress micro job website, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will review the Pricerr WordPress Theme from SiteMile. If you are a budding entrepreneur and looking to create the next big micro job website, Pricerr Theme can be your path to your online success.

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Pricerr WordPress Theme Review

Why Use a WordPress Theme For Micro Job Website?

WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS out there. It provides the fundamental framework to play with. The ecosystem, on the other hand, provides you the necessary themes and plugins.There are many reasons to use a WordPress theme for your micro job website. Let’s list them below.

  1. No need for custom development. You get started with ready-made themes, plugins and the CMS.
  2. Saves tons of time as you can release your website as soon as possible, enabling your micro job site to compete early and penetrate the market as soon as possible.
  3. Less maintenance overhead. With themes, plugins and core updates releasing regularly, you don’t have to worry about manually updating them.
  4. WordPress offers a great community of users and developers so adding new features to the website won’t be hard.
  5. Invest more on the business side rather than the development side.

The urge to dominate the market is within every single entrepreneur and the Pricerr theme can give you the right platform for launching your website. There are already many such similar websites on the internet. The most popular being Fiverr.

Features of Pricerr WordPress Theme

There are many features that make Pricerr theme a great proposition for your next project. Let’s take a sneak peek of the key features of the theme that make it worth your money and time.

  • Easily create task/job post.
  • Supports latest WordPress + future versions.
  • Easy to install and comes with all the demo data.
  • Payment gateways supported.
  • The seller can create profiles and jobs.
  • Supports notifications.
  • Social Media integration.
  • Supports modern currency such as Bitcoin
  • Supports blog.
  • Internal messaging system.
  • Email notifications.
  • Offers credit system
  • Lifetimes support

As you can see the theme is full of features, ready to be unleashed and utilized in your next project. Before, we start and explore each feature in detail. Let’s dive deep into the powerful WordPress dashboard of the Pricerr theme.

Understanding Pricerr Theme Dashboard

The dashboard of Pricerr Theme looks similar to any other WordPress theme dashboard. But, don’t get confused here. It does contain tons of options to play with.

The Pricerr theme is a micro job theme, and it contains all the necessary elements that are needed to manage successfully the job website.

Pricerr Theme Dashboard

Once you click on the Pricerr Theme option the left side menu, you will get access to the all the settings that the theme has to offer.

If you have used any WordPress theme before, you will instantly find the number of settings options to be overwhelming. But, that’s normal for a micro job theme such as this theme.


The site summary is the central place to review your website performance. it contains a number of jobs posted, open jobs, closed jobs and total users. For the administrator, the stats can be both time saver and a way to monitor the site growth.

General Settings

The general settings of the Pricerr theme contain all the general theme options that you can play with. It is further sub-divided into main settings, level settings, filters, shipping, Facebook connect, twitter connect. And, that’s a lot. But, there is nothing to worry about. All the options are self-explanatory and if you are stuck, you can always use the documentation of the Pricerr theme.

Design Layouts

The Pricerr theme provides a bunch of layouts to play with.  Currently, it comes with 5 pre-defined layouts to choose from. They are as follows.

  1. Content + Right sidebar
  2. Content + Left Sidebar + Right Sidebar.
  3. Left Sidebar + Content + Right Sidebar
  4. Left Sidebar + Content
  5. Content

You can change the layout of the theme with a single click. Also, you can enable homepage graphic from the layout settings. Check out the below image for a proper understanding of the layout settings options.


Affiliate Program Support

To grow your website, you can easily create an affiliate program for the users. With Pricerr theme, you can easily create the program and track the unpaid and paid commissions of your users from the theme dashboard.

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Design of the Pricerr Theme is captive and provides enough incentive to the visitors to get started with the micro job website. it is clean and modern at the same time.

Below the top menu and welcome message, categories are listed for easy access.


Below the welcoming message and the categories, all the jobs are posted and displayed. Card based design is being used for displaying jobs. The card-based design is very efficient in showing jobs and also keep the design clean and modern.

Currently, the job display can be viewed in two layouts. They are grid based and list type.


In short, the design of the theme is excellent and adheres to the need for the micro job website requirement.

User Account

As it is a micro job website, the user profile is a key part. Pricerr theme offers excellent user account with a sleek design.

The left side menu consists of all the settings and sections that the user can play with. It is an excellent way to deal with your sales and also get information about your posted jobs. The information or settings that you can manage through the user profile are as below.

  • My jobs – get all information about posted jobs.
  • Payments – view pending payments, payments in progress and withdraw money or change payment withdraw method.
  • Shopping – The jobs bought on the website.
  • Manage sales – contains all the jobs posted and managing capabilities.
  • Private messages – a way to get connected with the community.
  • Personal Info – enter or modify your personal information.
  • Reviews/Feedback – A place where you see reviews and manage feedback.
  • Affiliates – A section for affiliate links and id.

Overall, the user profile is well made and should meet the expectation of the users who are selling their services using the platform.

Support and Documentation

SiteMile has a great reputation in the WordPress theme market. They are dedicated to developing fully functional WordPress website and always focus on delivering the best possible support for their released themes.

This is true for Pricerr WordPress theme as well.  Even though they have documentation for the theme, It could have been better done compared to the other themes that they have released.

If the documentation was of no help, you can always contact the support team and get your problems solved.

Responsive and SEO Code

Current web development standards are on a rise, and it is imperative that all the websites should be responsive. And SEO is obviously an important factor in reaching to the audience.

The Pricerr themes come with the support of both responsive layout and SEO support. The theme works well with Yoast SEO plugin or any other SEO plugins you can think of.

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Blog Support

Want to add a new feature to the theme? Want to announce new crazy stuff? Don’t worry, the Pricerr theme comes with blog support too. We all know that WordPress is primarily a blogging platform and there would be no surprise that Pricerr theme offers basic blogging capabilities as well.

With Blog, you can easily address your website visitors and announce new exciting things.


Download Pricerr Theme

There is no doubt that the micro job market is flourishing. The direct competition is making the niche more competitive. But, there are still a lot of potential in the market.

Pricerr Theme for Micro Jobs is the best way to start your journey. It offers excellent features, ranging from job management, user profile, SEO support, great design, payment gateways, chat messages, user reviews, orders, blog support, documentation and much more.

The dashboard of the theme shines and provides excellent control over the different sections of the website. You can also control affiliates from the dashboard and help the site grow. For the most part, this theme looks awesome and one of the top choices to create a micro niche job site.

If you think that Pricerr is a great theme, don’t forget to comment below and let us know why you think this way.

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  1. Wajiha

    I never really knew creating a microjob website was this easy. WordPress has always been the best at CMS and the Sitemile theme is the best example for how helpful WordPress is.
    The features of this theme are perfect for a microjob site and couldn’t have been better. This post has helped me understand the theme fully!

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