Complete List of Premium WordPress Theme Shops

WordPress Theme Shops

A complete list of premium WordPress theme shops tried and tested for their beautiful WordPress themes and template designs. We hope that you will find this list useful in your search for new WordPress theme for your website

Premium WordPress Theme Shops

1. AppThemes

AppThemes is a one of the leading WordPress themes developers that designs and develops professional WordPress applications. They also have their marketplace where you can buy other themes.

2. BlueChic

BlueChic with the tagline “dress your brand style” is one of the leading feminine based WordPress themes provider. Here you can find both free themes and premium themes. Apart from the WordPress themes, you can also get Marketing software, Logos, and different WordPress plugins.

3. ElegantThemes

I am sure you must have come across this term elegant. Yes, ElegantThemes are one of the largest WordPress theme seller and developers. The best thing about the ElegantTheme is you will just have to pay for one theme, and you will have premium access to all of their 87 themes. The stylish email plugin Bloom and social media plugin Monarch are also from the elegant theme itself.

4. Gavick Pro

Gavick Pro is a Joomla and WordPress developer. Their primary focus is in themes, which allow you to take the basic site layout, and jazz it up with a professionally designed makeover. They also make plugins and modules, which work together with our themes to provide sophisticated features to make your site a joy to visit!

5. Ink Themes

An Indian startup, Ink theme is famous for their business WordPress theme and plugins. Their contact plugin is quite remarkable in both web developer community and WordPress community. They also have a marketplace where you can get all the internet marketing related stuff.

6. iThemes

iThemes can be your one stop solution for WordPress themes, plugins, and training related need. Since 2008, they are creating WordPress plugins, themes, and training for freelancers, marketers, entrepreneurs, designers and developers. Backup Buddy is their great premium website clone plugins.

7. Magazine3

Magazine3 is one of the oldest WordPress theme developers. The famous sites like The Standard News, Gadget blog, etc. have been developed using the Magazine3 theme.

8. MH Themes

If you’re looking for WordPress themes for editorial websites like blogs, online magazines or news websites, then MH Themes is one of the most recommended shops to look at. MH Themes is selling premium WordPress themes since 2013 and they have developed some of the most popular magazine themes for WordPress, used by thousands of customers around the world.

9. Mojo Themes

Mojo themes provide an excellent list of premium WordPress themes at very affordable cost. The best thing about Mojo theme is the free lifetime support. Many companies offer just a year of support while Mojo provides free support for a lifetime.
Apart from WordPress, you can also get Joomla and other CMS themes and templates. They too have a marketplace where you can buy the blog related stuff.

10. Mythemeshop

Mythemeshop is another very famous and well demanded free and premium WordPress theme providers. They are also known for the awesome plugins.

11. Organic Theme

Organic theme provides you the complete setup for your blog. Starting with the domain, hosting, themes and plugins, you can get these all in an instant package at Organic theme. An Maui originated company is serving more than 100k customers today.

12. PixelGrade

PixelGrade designs WordPress themes that solve real digital problems. They see the world through lens of innovation, and boldly shape it for the customers. Their themes will help succeed you in the online journey by creating solutions that improve the lives in a meaningful way.

13. PremiumPress

With more than 30,000 happy customers, PremiumPress is also the leading theme developer and seller. Job, hotel, and blogging themes are their center of attraction. Their themes are easy to use & customize provides 24/7 support and free theme upgrades as well.

14. Sitemile

Sitemile themes come in the range of $25-$130. Their micro jobs theme is very famous in the web developer community. You can also get the release status of their themes online. And they also keep on updating theme regularly.

15. Studio Press

I am sure, if you have ever come across the WordPress theme, you must have heard about StudioPress. The very famous Genesis framework is of StudioPress itself. You will get some child theme on Genesis framework. They claim to have over  164,000 club members until today.

16. Templatic

With over 80+ WordPress themes and 40+ plugins, Templatic has more than 134029 trusted customers. They are also the number one Directory theme seller currently. They also have a premium theme club with access to all their themes at just $299.

17. Tesla Themes

Tesla themes provide the premium theme at very affordable rate. They create beautiful, modern WordPress themes with clean design, powerful features and Free and Premium support. They are having around 50 premium themes and handling more than 16235 happy customers. The average price of Tesla theme is just $1.15.

18. Theme Junkie

Trusted by 23,244 happy customers, Theme Junkie’s themes are perfect for personal bloggers, website owners, and online businesses. They are also one of the premier theme developers. With 63 premium themes and half a million downloads, Theme-Junkie is growing day by day.

19. Themefuse

If you are looking for some eye-catchy themes for your website/blogs or portfolio, do try Themefuse once. They have an excellent collection of themes which you can use for your dream online venture. Their templates start at just $45 to $195 for all of their themes for a year.

20. Themeforest

Themeforest is the leader in WordPress theme and related marketplace. You can find all the premium WordPress available at Themeforest for sale. They are the biggest market for the themes and plugins. You will get not only WordPress themes and plugins but also HTML, Joomla and other themes and related plugins.

21. Themify

Trusted by over 52k customers, Themify is growing day by day in the premium WordPress theme. Themify themes & plugins help you make beautiful responsive WordPress sites, faster and easier than ever before. Their drag and drop theme builder plugin is quite famous in the online community.

22. Web Savvy Marketing

Web Savvy Marketing is mainly famous for online marketing and IT services like website development and SEO. But they do develop WordPress themes as well.

23. WP Zoom

Heard of Zoom builder? Yes, this plugin is from WP Zoom itself. It’s the premium plugin and is available in $59. More than 40000 customers are using WP Zoom including some big fish in the industry like UNICEF, Groupon, etc. You can buy all their 50+ themes in just $149.

24. Woo themes

Woo themes is another leader in the WordPress theme industry. They are mainly known for the e-commerce themes and plugins. Many industry leaders like FedEx, PayPal, etc. are using Woo Themes. You can get all their themes in just $399.

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