17 Best Political WordPress Themes For Politicians in 2016

Politicians are expected to make no mistakes. They should have a clean and professional image to get a maximum number of votes. The same stands true for their websites too. The site should be professionally made, and website visitors should be able to connect to the politicians. So if you are a politician or are running a campaign for your party, we have an excellent collection of Political WordPress themes for you.

Please have a look and let us know what you think about these themes and which one won your heart. These WordPress election themes come with advanced event management system to allow you to give proper updates about your past and future events. Many themes are also WooCommerce ready too thus allowing your followers to make online donations without any difficulty.

Best Political WordPress Themes



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Meet Robert, a political WordPress theme designed specifically for political houses and campaigns. It gives you four different color options to choose from. Whether you want to use it as a static page or as a regular blog, you can use it for any purpose. It provides users with language translation support too. It is designed to be loved by search engines too. Also pertinent to mention, it is well-integrated with various social media platforms too.



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If you want to enter the political arena, and want that you should have a remarkable entry, this political WordPress theme is for you. It has a professional outlook without going over the top. The backend is very easy to use and comes with many useful features.

The theme is fast loading, thanks to its superb design. It has a visual composer so you can make any changes in the design in an instant. It is well optimized for search engines and is responsive too. What more, you can also add video backgrounds.



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Be a frontrunner in your election campaign with this well-crafted theme. Whether you are an individual or representing your party, this WordPress political theme comes handy. This theme has tonnes of customization options. It helps you in getting the theme matching to your expectations. It can be used as a landing page until you start campaigning. You can also add details of all your past and future events. It is integrated with various payment gateways too.



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Give new impetus to your campaign it deserves with this excellent theme. Tell the world about you and create a positive image of yourself among the masses. Whether you are a first-time candidate or a veteran, this theme is one size fits all.

This political website template has WooCommerce integration so you can accept online donations from your website. It also has event calendar to show all your campaign details and upcoming campaigns and stage shows.

Politics Plus


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There may be numerous candidates in your competition, but a right campaign WordPress theme can give you an X factor to stand out in the crowd. Add your impressive biography and you are all set to go. WordPress Theme Customizer helps you to get the theme as per your requirements without losing your sleep over coding complications.

It has an array of options to choose from, whether it is the background or the colors. WooCommerce integration gives you the opportunity to have donations through your website. It is ready for translation too.



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ProParty is a professionally coded theme for political candidates who want to put their best foot forward. It is designed to grab the attention of the audience so that you can get the mileage. It helps to make your agenda clear and sharp. The best search engine practices let you connect to the public worldwide. The theme is compatible with both BuddyPress and WooCommerce. You can encourage your followers to make online donations.



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Politicians need to be extra cautious in choosing a website theme. Agenda theme has a perfect balance of different elements to make it “The Theme” for you. It comes as a handy theme for political parties as well who want to share details of their all teammates. It supports multiple payment gateways making your donation process easier and faster. The theme is fast and responsive. The drag & drop builder helps you to modify the design element in real-time.



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Give the confidence to the people who you are the right candidate for them with this elegant theme. It has a clean and modern design, and the navigation is like a breeze of fresh air. People will feel connected to you through your website. This WordPress political template is both easy to install and run. You get all the main features and plugins included in the theme so you can focus on your campaigning rather than looking for add-ons and plugins to make your website running.



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Candidate is one of the most successful WordPress political candidate themes as it comes with all the features to make a perfect political website. It gives you a variety of options to choose from to give a unique look to your site. The visual composer helps you to take full control of your website and make the changes in the layout according to your party’s requirements.

You are also provided with unlimited customization options concerning color and designs. One exciting feature of this theme is its crowdfunding system that allows you to collect donations for a particular cause.



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Make a stunning entry into politics with this well-coded theme. Whether you are looking for a template for a candidate or the party, this theme is there for you. This WordPress election theme is designed by the professionals strictly for the professionals.

The understated color tone helps the readers focus on what you want them to read. You can take your pick from five post layouts. It comes with advanced event manager and search options. The content composer helps you to publish content in a more professional manner.



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Show the world that you are well-connected to your roots and yet you are technologically advanced with this amazing election theme. It is designed to look good on phones as well as traditional desktops. Event manager and theme customizer adds to give your website a more professional approach. It also has a Revolution slider included in the theme price. It is also designed to be loved by the search engines. You can accept online donations as it is also WooCommerce ready.



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Your website will look professional and eye catchy. Westand is a multi-purpose political WordPress theme that can be customized as per your needs. It is a responsive theme with inbuilt WooCommerce feature. The theme is well crafted, and it helps you to strike the right cords. It has both cause management and event management in the theme to make your campaigning easier and more efficient. Website visitors can translate the content into their preferred language. The backend is easy to use.



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Parliament WordPress theme sets a picture perfect example of how a political theme should be. Every feature is added to make this theme your ultimate choice for any political leader or a party. The design is beautiful and elegant and does not compromise on creativity or functionality in any aspect. It is intended to look good on all sorts and sizes of screens. It is a retina ready theme and comes with an event calendar. It is translation ready too.



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Campaign is translation ready political theme that makes the best use of space to turn visitors in your favor. Take your pick from various body styles, color schemes, background pattern options, and Content Layouts. This shows that the theme is high on customization so that you can turn the theme into a website you wants. You can add a disclaimer in footer if you wish so. It is a responsive theme that loads fast and is optimized for search engines too.



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Whether you have just started your political career, or you are a renowned leader with mass following, this political party WP theme comes as a solution for all your website requirements. You can add a countdown to create a buzz about any upcoming event or the election results. You can also add a timeline to show your achievements and for plans. You can also put on display different awards and recognitions earned by you in your career. It has a multilingual support and also has visual composer.

Democracy Political


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Whatever your political aspirations are, you need a platform to express yourself freely and efficiently. Democracy Political is your one stop solution for it. You can add your past and upcoming events details along with images and videos. Add details of your teammates too to make a stronger bond with the audience. You can add timeline of your political career.

It will also cover your achievements and accomplishments. You can customize this theme to a great extent so even if your rival is using the same theme, the design can be completely different.



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Legislator is a pixel perfect election WP theme for your dream campaign. It oozes perfection in every aspect. You can take your pick from 6 versions that differ in color and design. You can further customize it. This political WordPress theme has a clean and responsive design with the best speed optimization techniques. People who share your ideology can donate right through your website.

It comes with About Me widget that allows you to share all your public information in a professional manner. You can add images, audios and videos of your recent events to create hype among masses.

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Any Other Theme For Political Parties

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