OneEngine – A Free One Page WordPress Theme

OneEngine Theme is a powerful multi-purpose WordPress theme from Engine Themes. The feature-rich theme could be easily used for creating personal, portfolio, company or business websites. Best of all, you can download the theme for free!

In today’s post, I will review OneEngine and introduce you to the best features of the theme. Let’s get started.

OneEngine WordPress Theme Review

One Engine Theme

Installing OneEngine

Once you install and activate the theme, you will be asked to install Contact Form 7. Unlike most other themes, OneEngine requires you to install only one plugin, which is a relief. The theme will also create several custom post types – slide, portfolio, testimonial, team and user.

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Layout Builder

OneEngine comes with a dedicated page builder – Aqua Page Builder. In order to use the page builder, go to Appearance -> Layout Builder. You will be taken to a page like the following –


Provide the template name and click ‘Create Template‘. At this point, your template will be created. Now you can choose the blocks from the right sidebar titled ‘List Blocks‘. Once you have chosen a block, drag and drop it to the template.

As there are several blocks available, we will discuss them one by one.

ET Services

This block lets you display the services you provide for your customers. You can add up to four columns in this block. Below, you can create separate services to be used in the columns. Each column could have a title, icon font, opening animation and a short description.

ET Blog

As the name suggests, this block will display the blog entries. You can display a specific number of posts and then provide a link for viewing the full blog. There is also an opening animation feature for this block.

ET Portfolio

This block will display your portfolios. In order to use this block, you need to create some portfolios first. You can do that by going to Portfolios -> Add New from the dashboard. It is possible to choose the number of portfolios to be displayed in the block and show filtering options.

ET Heading Title


If you want to display a separate title or subtitle to any section, you can use this block. Besides providing the text, you can choose the underline color and animation for the block.

ET About

This excellently designed block lets you display a timeline-style view of the journey of your company or yourself. You can add as many years as you want. Each year could have a separate image, title, description and animation.

ET Clear

The name says it all for this block. You use this block to clear any alignment issue or provide additional height after any block.

ET Piechart

Pie chart is a very popular component of portfolio and/or service-oriented company websites. This block lets you add fully customized pie charts in your website. You can choose between two, three or four-column layouts. Each pie chart could have a separate percentage, type, animation, title and colors.

ET Counter


Like the pie chart, counter is also a very popular designing element of modern portfolio and business websites. Similar to pie charts, you can choose from two, three or four-column layouts and add as many counters as you want. Each counter could be customized with a title and percentage.

ET Client

This block is used to display the clients. You can choose from three, four or six columns. Each client could have a separate image, name and animation style.

ET Testimonials

This block is an excellent way of displaying your testimonials in the website. Besides choosing how many testimonials to show, you can also enable autoplay, display previous and next buttons, show pagination with numbers and show specific number of testimonials for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

ET Team

The team block could be a very attractive way of displaying the team members of your business. This block has all the options of the ET Testimonials block. You can add team members by going to Teams -> Add New from your WordPress website dashboard. Along with the name, position and headshot, the team member could also have links to various social media accounts.

ET Pricing


This block could be used to display the pricing plan for your product and/or services. You can add unlimited number of pricing plans. It is possible to choose one pricing plan as the main pricing, which will be styled differently. You can add up to 4 options and provide custom title, custom button text etc.

ET Text

This simple block could be used to display custom text. There are only two customization options for this block – alignment and animation style.

ET Button

As the name indicates, this block is used to add custom buttons. The customization options include alignment, opening style, button text and the URL. You can add unlimited number of buttons.

ET Pop up Video

This block provides you with a beautiful way of displaying videos in a pop-up window. You can provide a custom text for the link, the video URL and choose the opening animation.

Using the Layouts

Once you have created your desired layout by using the list blocks described above, let’s see how to use it. You will find a shortcode right after the template name. The shortcode will be similar to the following (except the id number) – [template id=”1102″]

Copy the shortcode and paste it into any post or page you want. If you save and reload the post/page, you will see your blocks in place.

If you want to create multiple layouts, click the ‘+’ button right after the default layout. Provide a name and save the template. You can use the layouts by using their respective shortcodes.

Customizing the Theme


OneEngine theme also comes with lots of customization options. Click the ‘Theme Options‘ menu to access the options. As the options are divided into several sections, let’s go through them one at a time.


This section consists of the basic customization options including the logo, favicon, logo width and margin, Apple touch icon etc. For the touch icon, you can provide separate icons for the 72×72 and 144×144 resolutions.


You can guess what type of options should be here. And yes, all the font related options are located in this section. You can choose a font family, font style, size and color for the body, menu and headings of your website.

As you update your choices, a preview will also be displayed automatically, which is very useful for choosing the right styles.


There are only two options in this section – Main Color and Links Color. You can choose any color for these options.

Blog Setting


This section lets you customize various blog related styles. You can provide a title and sub-title for your blog. Both of them could be styled by custom colors. For the blog header, you can choose a solid background color or pick a background image.

You can also choose to apply parallax effects on the blog header background and/or to cover it. The theme also comes with built-in social sharing options. You can choose to enable the necessary sharing options in the ‘Social Sharing Links‘ area.

Portfolio Setting

This section lets you add a ‘Get in Touch‘ button at the end of your portfolio posts. You can add custom links for the button. There are also options to choose the social media platforms for sharing your portfolios.


OneEngine comes with lots of customization options for the footer section. First of all, you can add a Contact Form 7 shortcode to display a custom form. Then, you will find separate options for your copyright text, address, phone, email, title and sub-title. For the title and sub-title, you can choose custom colors too.

There are options to set footer background too. You can choose a solid color or an image as the footer background. If you have chosen an image background, you can make it repeat, apply parallax effect and cover it.

Custom CSS

If you want to make custom modifications to your website, and feel confident with your CSS skills, you can provide your custom CSS codes here.


While the OneEngine theme is already optimized for SEO, there are some additional SEO options for you. Available options include meta author, meta description, meta keyword and Google Analytics code.

Social Networks

In this section, you can provide links to various social media platforms. Available options include Facebook, Twitter, Dribble, Google Plus, Pinterest, Flickr and LinkedIn. By default, the social media links are displayed at the footer.

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If you are using the OneEngine theme in any other website and want to copy theme settings of that site, you can do that from this section.

It is also possible to export the theme settings from the current site. You can copy the code, copy a link or download a settings file.

Final Thoughts

Download OneEngine

Layout builder and the intuitive theme options panel are two of the main attractions of OneEngine theme. Along with the other regular options, these two features make it possible to create visually stunning portfolio or business websites. Providing this premium-quality WordPress theme for free is a generous effort by Engine Themes.

So, what do you think about the OneEngine theme? Do you like the theme features? What about the theme design? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Pauline

    Hi i’ve a problem with portfolio, can you help me ?

    • WPDean

      Sure, Please let us know about your issue from the contact form.

  2. JeromeF

    i m trying to make a few changes on my website ( I try to change the size of the titles (seems to be an h2), of the tests under the pies and the color of the black round stuff around the icons on services (change it to white!) but i dont find anything in the css, probably there s something i really dont get 🙁
    can u help me please ?

    • WPDean

      Please send your theme issues to our development team using the contact form. Thanks!

  3. JeromeF

    just to tell u:
    every modification i did was ok, the only problem is – for a reason i dont know – the server took several minites to take into account…

  4. khushboo

    hii.. How can I bring the menu little up??
    As in i want front page with the menu below, it should come in the front page only.. I dont want people to scroll down to see, home portfolio and stuff?? how can i do that>?? please tell

  5. Cedric

    This looks like a theme that I have been waiting for so long. Thank you for such an easy-to-read review.
    I have a question. Does layout builder comes with templates to choose from? I cannot see any templates in the screenshot above so I am assuming that I have to design my own page every time. Is it so?
    Also, can we save our own templates and can use them at a later stage?
    Thank you and looking forward for your response.

  6. Mike

    I’m using OneEngine and Visual Composer and there is a conflict between them (isotope issue). Images in portfolio section are just messed up. Maybe someone had a similar situation and know how to solve it?

  7. jeromeF

    Can you tell me what is the best way to make a multilingual site from this template, please ?

  8. Anne

    The one engine theme is simply astounding! This theme from the engine themes serves as a theme that can be used for multipurpose. Be it a personal website or a business one, this theme has features for all of it.

    The post has only given a distinct idea about this particular theme and it has now made it easy for me to understand the one engine theme better!

  9. Bravo

    OneEngine has serious issues with responsive design. Logo dosen’t scale to fit on mobile devices and the mobile menu doesen’t work properly. Wouldn’t reccomend this theme.

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