WordPress is a popular open-source platform which let us build websites for various purposes even without having a coding knowledge. However, it is a fact that if you want those sites to deliver top notch performance, then you need to embed few third party applications such as plugins and mobile apps.

The mobile app integration allows users to manage their WordPress websites through their smartphones, which eventually help them to work longer and interact with viewers on a real-time basis even if they are not in front of their computers. Here in this article, we have listed some popular mobile apps that are being used by thousands of users globally for their WordPress websites, let’s have a look.

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#1. WordPress.com Mobile App


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WordPress has its mobile app which can help you to check your site when you are away from the computer. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It allows users to draft a post and publish blog updates from any part of the world. You can take a brief look at your audience, come to know about their view and find out where they come from. You can also join conversations and connect with readers, push notifications and do much more through this app.

#2. WooCommerce


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WooCommerce has become essential to run an online store and now they have come up with a mobile app for the users as well which is easy to use and offers outstanding functionality. Using this app, you can keep track of every activity going on the online shop directly from your smartphone.

The Data-centric dashboard displays sales stats on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and includes all the necessary information such as orders, customer numbers, revenues, top sellers, etc. The app provides instant access to the entire Product Catalog, Product Details, Orders, particular Order details and allows users to manage more than one store. The app is available for iOS devices as of now.

#3. ManageWP


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As the name suggests, the ManageWP mobile app is a tool that reduces your dependency on login spreadsheets, password managers or bookmarks and let you access all your websites from one place with a click. It compiles all the updates regarding your theme, plugins, and WordPress into a single yet intuitive list so that you can update them, ignore, deactivate or even downgrade as per your convenience with a single click. It features cloud backup, let you clone the existing website, proactively checks regularly for malware, set benchmarks for the site’s performance and much more.

#4. Google Analytics


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The tools mentioned above offer analytics within their app, but if you want real-time updates directly from the source, then Google Analytics is recommended an app for you. It is available for Android and can be download by iOS users as well. The app features inbuilt reports to check key metrics. You can monitor real-time data and compare date ranges or apply segments.

Users can build their reports as per any combination of metrics, dimensions or segments of their choice and save such reports on the dashboard so that they can be checked anytime with ease. The newer version includes an Assistant feature for displaying key insights and recommendations.

#5. Pingdom


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It is another powerful mobile app for websites which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and provides real-time notifications and insights to the user. The tool features, uptime monitoring service that lets you track the current status and response times of your website and server when you are away from your laptop or PC. The app is highly recommended for websites owners and developers as is a perfect solution to check the performance level of the site and do cause analysis.

#6. Ulysses


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If you are an author, blogger or journalist then this app is highly recommended for you. The app is compatible with iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad and helps you to enhance your productivity. It compiles all your projects at one place named unified library that syncs with all your connected devices backed by an iCloud. In simple works, you can always start from the same point where you left off.

The app allows users to convert their text into beautiful PDF or Word documents and even eBooks. You can easily export to HTML and also publish documents on WordPress within the app. It has a clean design, provides easy to use functionality and includes advanced features.

#7. Simplenote


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Simplenote is a light application which has a sleek design and is free. It is a multi-platform mobile app which is available for iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, and the web. You can use it anywhere because the content you create gets updated across all your devices automatically. You can use instant searching to find them without wasting time. The users can also share their posts to others and publish them within WordPress through this app. It provides backup to your notes as well.

#8. Desk


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It is another robust mobile app for iOS users, which has a clutter free interface and provides advanced functionality. The app is dedicated to authors, bloggers, and publishers. The app helps users to capture their thoughts and create content anywhere anytime.

The purpose of this app is very similar to the previously mentioned app Ulysses, but features and functionality are different. It has a simple yet intuitive layout which helps users to create and publish their content directly from their mobiles or tablet PCs. Text editing via this app is so simple, and you can edit existing posts without logging into the web admin. You can schedule publishing and customize view with various fonts.

#9. Buffer


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If you are looking for an app which lets you share your blog on social media and engage more people, then the buffer is the right option for you. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is a multi-purpose app that integrates tons of WordPress friendly tools such as Reeder,  Pocket, Follower Wonk and much more that allow the user to form multiple things into the WordPress site from popular social networks. The interface is simple yet intuitive, and features are an advance. It is a perfect tool for marketing and sharing content of the website on other platforms.

#10. MailChimp


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MailChimp is another mobile app which is available for iOS, Android devices and even works with Apple Watch. The app allows users to manage their lists, find new subscribers near your current location with ease. You can view all your campaign at one place and also schedule or send them from your phone when they are ready.

You can view reports when you are away from the desktop as the app provides instant access to them. You can set up a multi-user account and let your entire team utilize the functionality of this app through their mobile phones. Pro users can check the performance of any campaign on the go as well.

#11. Disqus


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It is a powerful app which is recommended for marketing and social networks. Disqus is available for Android, iOS and Windows phone and also provides support for almost all latest web as well as mobile browsers. The app can adopt the design of your website and looks great on every device.

The app is highly useful for those who usually interact with their viewers a lot because it compiles all the comments in one place and allows the user to join the conversation on the real time basis. The functionality of this app is quite similar to the previous Buffer app.

#12. Polldaddy


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Polldaddy is another useful app which is available for iOS devices. It takes your website’s social engaging to another level and allows users to conduct surveys, quizzes, polls and respond to comments on a real time basis from your iPhone or iPad and the data you collect gets updated on your Polldaddy account automatically. You get the chance to interact with a prospective customer on the spot as the app allows tradeshow visitors to complete surveys for you. You can easily share the content on your favorite social network as well.

#13. LiveChat


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This ultimate app provides you access to your website’s live chat feature directly from your mobile. The application works on mobile as well as desktop. The desktop app starts working automatically when you turn on your PC or Mac and doesn’t let you miss any chat through inbuilt notifications.

The mobile app lets you function with the similar efficiency when you are not at your desk. Its mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices and let you interact with the viewers from any place anytime. The app has a clean design and offers easy to use interface. It also features inbuilt Analytics and helps desk to let you work more efficiently.

Over to You

The above-mentioned mobile apps can be used for any WordPress user. Whether you have an online shop or publish an online magazine or require social engaging for the marketing of your content, these WordPress mobile apps can help you to work continuously without any interruption. Hopefully, the list we have provided will help you to find the one that suits your needs best. Feel free to give your valuable feedback to us.