Jobs Directory WordPress Theme From Templatic – A Review

With over 25% of the web powered by WordPress, there is no doubt about its dominance, simplicity and ease of use among the masses. If you are looking for building a Jobs directory website using WordPress, then JobsDirectory theme from Templatic can be your best bet.

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Recently, we have covered JobRoller theme from AppThemes. JobRoller is an excellent theme, but that doesn’t make the only candidate for creating a job-related website. Having options is great for business. Also, design choices easily differ from person to person. Without much delay, let’s dive deep into the review of JobsDirectory WordPress theme.

Jobs Directory Theme From Templatic

Templatic is a leading WordPress themes and plugins developers in the market. They have excellent themes and plugins collection. With over 40+ plugins and 80+ WordPress themes, you have tons of options to choose. They also utilize modern web development techniques and always bring new updates whenever possible. Their themes are categorized in the different niche and hence is a great platform for getting your new theme.

For example, JobsDirectory WordPress theme is an app theme that aims to deliver everything that a jobs directory website would ever need.

Theme Design


A professional looking website goes a long way. It doesn’t matter if you are running a simple blog or a business website.

JobsDirectory offers an excellent design and aesthetics. It is well designed not only from the front-end but also from the backend as well. The theme is completely responsive and resonates well with the current web development trends and techniques.

If you are visiting the theme for the first time, you will big blocks and sequential way of listing the jobs. There are tabs at the top of the listing jobs section. For the default demo, it comes with All, Full Time, Part Time and Freelance.

Another important section of the homepage is the top header section. An excellent search option has been included on the top such that visitors can quickly search using the keyword, city or the industry that they are aiming to get the jo fob. Nifty indeed.

The search is done right and works perfectly for candidate job searching needs.

Jobs Listing Page

The starting point of the theme other than the homepage is the jobs page. Let’s take a look at the screenshot of the jobs page.


  • Job Title and Other informationThe job title is bold and beautiful. Below the job title, the address of the company is provided with the nature of the job such as Full time, part-time or freelance position.
  • Company LogoThe company’s logo is well placed on the right side of the job title.
  • Company InfoCompany information goes into this section. It is well designed for easy readability.
  • Job DescriptionThe job description section takes care of all the information you will ever need for jobs. You can also use ordered and unordered list to break the information. Readability is the main reason behind the structure of the Job page
  • How To ApplyThe “how to apply” section is where the procedure of using is mentioned. It can be a link redirecting to a new form or the location of the company where the candidate needs to be present at some pre-defined time. It all depends on how the company wants the procedure to follow.

The Sidebar Section

The sidebar section requires more attention as it contains few key features that need to be discussed for reviewing the theme.

The sidebar comes with five options on the first widget. They are as follows.

  • Save Job: If you are logged in, you can save the job for later references.
  • Mail To a FriendYou can share the job with your friend with the nifty mail feature.
  • Send InquiryIf you have queries about the job, you can send a direct query to the employer.
  • Report this JobYou can report the job to the site administrator if you fond something inappropriate.
  • Job LocationThe sidebar also contains a nifty job location section that aims to provide the job location visually using Google maps.
  • Related JobsShows similar jobs to the visitor.
  • Job CategoriesShows job categories on the site for quick navigation.

The last key section of the job page are the other jobs listed by the company and the similar jobs that you can go through. The similar positions are also shown in the sidebar for maximizing visibility and improving the user experience.

How to Add a New Job?

The dashboard of the theme is a good place to be in. It is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Doesn’t matter if you are a candidate or a company, you can add jobs using the simple “Add New Job” button on the right sidebar.

Once you press the “Add New Job“, you get access to plan selection page. The demo theme consists of four payment plans. They are Free, Premium, Business and Standard.


After selecting the plan, you will need to enter required information including selecting categories, job title, job type, job description, how to apply, applying method, locations, and map, company info, and much more.


You can then preview or continue to publish the job on the website. For monetization purposes, the listing can be featured on both the homepage and category page.

Other Theme Features

We went through some of the major feature set of the theme.  But, that’s not everything it has. Let’s list all the characteristics below.

  • Create a powerful global directory for job search. Offers location focus search, support for countries and states, city logs and much more.
  • Comes with custom map markers to connect with the audience.
  • You can customize the main city and also add map shortcodes for more functionality.
  • Complete Google Maps support.
  • Visitors can submit new jobs, apply for new jobs and also customize forms according to their preferences.
  • Proper monetization of the theme is done. The administrator can set recurring payments, change package subscriptions and earn without any issues.
  • Major payment gateway supported. Premium payment gateway plugins are also supported, in case, it is not present by default.
  • The theme comes with WooCommerce support for easy monetization.
  • JobsDirectory theme offers proper content management. Listing creation, reviewing, claiming is easy and intuitive.
  • Completely responsive design.
  • JobsDirectory comes with the support of Gravity Forms, SEO and much more.

License & Pricing

Download JobsDirectory

JobsDirectory is currently available as a child theme of Directory theme. That obviously means that you need to purchase the license of the Directory theme to use JobsDirectory. Currently, Templatic is offering many options for the license purchase.

  • $49 – If you already own Directory Theme License.
  • $149 – For combined license of JobsDirectory and Directory theme.

Over To You

JobsDirectory is a full-fledged job directory WordPress theme. The theme is a complete package, and the term, “App idea” fits perfectly to what the theme has to offer. The design is superb with clarity in information. Navigation is also done right. JobsDirectory is surely one of the best job directory WordPress theme out there. If you found the review useful, don’t forget to comment and share.

We would also to hear what you think about the JobsDirectory theme from Templatic. Does it fit your requirement? Comment below and let us know.


  1. Becca

    How cool is it to have a website for a jobs directory! WordPress just doesn’t stop making our lives better by the day. The jobs directory theme lets us create a simple website for the directory, and the features are really easy to use. This post clearly explains us what all could be done using this theme.

  2. Geno

    I am new to all this:

    What is the difference between Directory and JobDirectory?

    Also, if I (or an employer) want job applicants to apply using a standard application form, how do I achieve this?

  3. Martin

    The theme is undoubtedly the best theme if you are looking to create a Jobs Directory. The theme is well crafted, all you need to do is buy this theme and get started.

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