JobRoller JobBoard WordPress Theme – A Review

Jobs are universal. They are the part of life, and I will not be surprised if more and more job portals open shortly. Job portals offer a place for hunting down jobs or publishing a job requirement if you are looking for a talent. The job boards work both ways and create an environment where everyone is benefitted.

So, what’s in for you? If you are an entrepreneur, you might want to take a look at the prospects of opening a job board website. You can charge the employers who are posting jobs and get users to interact with them directly. By providing the platform, you are primarily serving the society and helping yourself to earn a decent amount of income.

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Whatever may be the reason, JobRoller is a WordPress theme to look out for. AppThemes are well known WordPress theme creators. They look at WordPress themes as apps and provide all the features and functionalities that you could ask for. Today, we will go for an in-depth review of the JobRoller WordPress theme.

JobRoller Theme Review

Why Choose JobRoller WordPress Theme?

There are many benefits of choosing JobRoller WordPress theme. Let’s list them below.

  • JobRoller is a complete Job board theme. This means no custom development is required.
  • You can also launch your website in smallest time possible.
  • Custom development is costly and time-consuming. By using JobRoller theme, you can save tons of money and time. The saved time can be used to develop the other aspects of the website.
  • Maintenance is low as the core, themes, and plugins are regularly updated. All you need to do is click the update button.
  • Securing and backing up the whole website is easy with top-notch security and backup plugins.

Features of JobRoller Theme

JobRoller is a complete WordPress theme. It comes with all the features that you want from a Job Board theme. To know more, let’s go through the key features of JobRoller WordPress theme.

  • JobRoller is very easy to set up and install. It is hassle free and get installed in few minutes.
  • Monetize the website with inbuilt monetization functionalities.
  • Create a recruitment business easily with the theme.
  • Separate dashboard for both job seekers and employers.
  • Supports custom job types and the ability to create more.
  • Offers Resume(CV) database for easy storage and retrieval.
  • Log each transaction from the backend.
  • Resize images whenever possible.
  • Offers a dedicated blog to address the audience.
  • SEO friendly structure
  • Responsive design for all device layouts.
  • Supports Child themes and plugins.
  • Offers AppThemes API for easy customization by developers.
  • Supports Add-ons to improve the functionality of the theme.

Theme Design

Now, let’s dive deep into the design of the JobRoller theme. JobRoller being a job-based theme, it is necessary to understand that the design should be simple, modern and easy on eyes. JobRoller does well in the design. The top part is captured by the site logo and the menu. To make search valuable, they have provided a search bar just below the header.

JobRoller WordPress Theme

Jobs can be searched with the help of the location, and you can also select the radius within which you are looking for the job. Another important element, “Submit a Job” button is provide on the right sidebar. The button is prominent and does attract the attention of the visitor. You can easily customize the button and also change the price or days for submitting the job.

JobRoller WordPress theme currently comes with seven color schemes. They are primary, blue, default, gray, green, orange, and red.

Featured Jobs and Latest Jobs

The theme lists jobs in two ways. The first one is the featured jobs. The featured jobs can be selected by the administrator for meeting some criteria, or the administrator can ask employees for extra pay for making the job featured.

Under the featured jobs section, latest jobs section is listed. All the jobs are listed with the newest one at the top. This way the visitors can easily get access to the latest jobs easily.


Browsing Jobs

The JobRoller theme is unique. All the jobs are tagged with Job types. With basic support for job types, the theme also supports custom job types to be created. You can also browse jobs by the job salary, job category, date posted and of course job types. Browsing jobs by tags can also be done.

To help you search the jobs, the theme comes with a sleek widget. Each section offers to drop down animation.

JobRoller Dashboard

Now, let’s go back to the WordPress dashboard. The dashboard of the theme is very simple. As job board themes only solve one problem, i.e., offering jobs and collecting resumes or providing a platform to search for talent, the dashboard functionality might look less for the first timers.

But, in reality, the functionality is more than enough to handle the job board website. Below is a snapshot of the dashboard.


The theme dashboard potentially offers you four subsections. They are live, pending, ended and orders. Each of them is self-explanatory.

Without any delay, I must say that the dashboard is well done. It is minimalistic and offers enough functionality to drive the website in the right direction.

How To Submit a New Job?

JobRoller is a job board theme? And, that means it should have a process to submit new jobs. Submitting a job is very easy and consists of few steps. The steps are as follows.

1. Create an Account

The first step is to create an account. The theme does not support anonymous posting. It can easily be done by click on the register button.

2. Enter Job Details

The next step is to enter job details. The job details form ask you about company details, job details, job location, job description and how to apply fields.

There are more sub-fields to the form as shown below.

JobRoller Job Submit

As you can see, you need to enter the company name or your name, website and logo. You will also be asked to enter the job location. The Job location feature is welcome for local job searchers. Google map is integrated to help you pinpoint the location.

The last two fields in the form are Job description and application method. In job description, you need to mention the position, salary, and responsibilities.

Once, you click on next; you will be asked to verify the information. The next step is to select a plan and complete the process by paying using available payment methods. Congratulations, the job now has been posted successfully!

Resumes Database

Another key feature of the JobRoller theme is the resume database. It saves all the resumes in a single place and enables you to go quickly through the resumes with the sleek search functionality.

Any potential employer can get access to hundreds of resumes for the prescribed industry, making it easy for selecting the right talent.

SEO Friendly Responsive Design

Like any other modern WordPress themes , JobBlogger is SEO friendly and completely responsive. The theme code is written keeping SEO in mind and you shouldn’t worry the SEO at all.

Support for Child Themes

It is always a good idea to use child themes. JobRoller is no different and supports child themes. It also comes with AppThemes API. The API enables developers to easily make the most out of the theme and develop its functionality or customize it to custom requirement,


View JobRoller Theme

The theme pricing is divided into two packages.

  • Standard — For $69, you get the theme, lifetime license, and one-year of support and updates.
  • Club — For $199, you get access to every AppThemes themes and also 20+ marketplace items(add-ons, plugins) + the standard features.


No doubt that JobRoller is one of the best job board theme for WordPress. It is full of functions and user-friendly structure. The dashboard is an essential feature of JobRoller. It is simple and provides enough functionality to make it roll in the right direction.

If you are looking to create a job board site using WordPress, look no further than JobRoller. With robust feature set and great design, the theme ranks high in my regard. The support of AppThemes is also excellent. They provide proper documentation, and if you get stuck, you can always take advantage of their good services.

So, what do you think about JobRoller? Let us know in the comment section below. We are also eager to know why you are planning to start a job board website.

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  1. Colin

    Finding jobs was once a difficult job in itself, but is now simplified with the emergence of the dominant digital world. However, for those who find it hard to look for jobs online, WordPress has got the job roller theme that will enable you to look for jobs easily. There are different categories under the theme’s features and this review perfectly talks about every single of them.

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