Today my guest for interview here is Haresh Vachhani from India. Haresh entered WordPress industry a bit late, but numbers show he is catching up with big guys fast.

Haresh entered WordPress theme selling business in 2014 when the WP theme market was already witnessing sales crunch. Despite the hard competition, his exclusive portfolio “ThemeZaa” at ThemeForest had managed to ramp up over $125,000 within a year.

We talked to Haresh about how he is growing his WordPress empire and managing the competition so well.

Theme Zaa Interview by WPDean

1. Haresh, How and When this all started for you?

First of all, I would like to say thanks to WPDean team for inviting me for this interview as well as providing your best services in content writing and publishing and your helpful WordPress related articles.

ThemeZaa Founders – Haresh, Rasik and Jackson

I had never thought of working in WordPress development as we had started with purely ASP.NET development when we founded our web design and development agency called LinkSture. Within one year of time, we researched the market and found that WordPress is the best platform for website development and also we received a significant number of clients who are in need of WordPress. We were developing custom WordPress websites as per the custom design and functional requirements and then just one year back we have started developing WordPress themes for selling under a brand name of ThemeZaa via ThemeForest.

2. Why did you enter WordPress industry specifically?

We entered WordPress industry mainly because of our client’s need and especially we know the WordPress is easy CMS to manage the website and can be used without any hassles by a non-technical person also.

On top of this WordPress is technically sound and without any limitations for a developer to achieve any request from the client. WordPress is advancing day by day to stay dominant and satisfy the need of users compared to other platforms, so apparently, that can be the better choice for any user as well as the developer also.

3. What are your Thoughts on current state of WordPress Industry?

I feel the WordPress market was better before regarding income from Themes and Plugins, but since last two years, it had become very competitive due to the increase in developers headcount and decrease in the prices of the themes and plugins. But still unique and great quality themes, as well as great support, can attract the customers and get the sales, and this was the main reason we have jumped into this business, and at the moment I can say we are doing good but still improving the things to make it more and better.

WordPress is going to be bigger, and new users are also joining this market continuously, so regarding usage and growth, I don’t think there is any other competitor to WordPress is available in the market currently.

4. What are your most selling Products?

We have started with HTML templates and then developed products for other domains also like Email templates, Landing pages, Magento extensions, Layers style kit and WordPress themes. You can please check our Portfolio, and you will know that we have all the items are of excellent quality and unique in their particular nature.

But to answer your question, our best selling products is H-Code and Brando.

5. Do you think WordPress Theme industry had become Stagnant Recently?

Yes and No.

Theme developers who are working since a long time may feel the slow down because there are lots of new themes coming in the market every day and hence the high level of competition is there. Not all the themes are up to standard but some are great, and they get a good number of sales, and those can affect reputed themes to some extent. But overall WordPress theme users are increasing and hence by general point of view WordPress is attracting new users instead of users going away from WordPress to other platforms.

6. Who are your Close Competitors?

Ahh this is actually a difficult question to answer because nowadays there are lots of marketplaces and small theme shops are available in the market, so we do not have any direct competition with any theme authors/company but we, of course, take inspiration from great theme makers and try our best to have them on our radar to achieve what they have achieved already or may be more in terms of product quality, features, and obviously revenue also.

7. How do you Promote Your Themes?

Nowadays promotion has required the thing to let users know about your product even though your product is of high quality. First of all, we do nicely design presentation for our items to explain the features better with great content and images and on-page SEO in our item description page and demo landing page with proper keywords.

After that we do off-page SEO like writing a blog, submitting theme in CSS / design galleries, portfolio sites, classifieds, press release and share in all social media sites, send a nicely designed and written newsletter to our users and subscribers, publish theme reviews and collections. This is it, and I hope we may do some more advertising in future as we grow.

ThemeZaa Lab – Ahmedabad, India

8. So How many Sales are you making Currently?

On average we are selling 400 items per month from our overall portfolio, and we are expecting it to grow in the new year 2017 as we are going to launch few more WordPress themes.

9. Any Insights on your company Revenues?

As we have started developing WordPress themes for selling since last one year only and also it is in the period when there is huge competition, so we are not making too much money but at least we are covering the salaries and perks of our excellent staff members and investing remaining to increase and educate the staff as well as promoting our products and services.

ThemeZaa Team

Team ThemeZaa

10. Any Quick-Peek about your new Upcoming Themes?

Yes, of course, we are already working on four items at the moment and from those one marketing landing page and another blog WordPress theme are already under Envato review, and two other WordPress themes are under design and development process.

In parallel, we are also working on H-Code and Brando theme updates to add new demos and features and this we do continuously to have our items remain updated with fixes, changes, and additions as per our existing user’s feedback as well as our thoughts and plans.

11. What Lessons you have Learned so far with WordPress?

We have learned a lot as an agency since we started developing custom WordPress websites for our clients and still learning to take our WordPress theme selling business to peak and of course, will continue learning it to make our products a star and more useful to our users. We learned to stay updated with WordPress new features, updates as well as user demands to serve the industry at our best.

12. Any particular Thing that you would like to go back in Time and Change it?

Yes if time allows us to go back then we would love to have more WordPress experts in our team to deliver more quality themes instead of working in other areas which are running slow for us but no worries we are already working in this direction at the moment, and we hope to achieve what we are expecting.

13. Any advice for our Readers and other WP theme Developers?

Yes, of course, I would be happy to give some advice as per my experience and knowledge I gathered till date.

First of all thank you very much to your readers for spending their valuable time on this interview. I am sure most of the readers here will be designers and WordPress developers, so I would like to say that keep reading great articles of WPDean as well as other WordPress bloggers to be more aware of WordPress features and tricks.

Also if you plan to use WordPress theme for your projects then research all areas like quality of design, features, flexibility, coding standard, SEO and speed optimization of the theme as per your need and more important is the support provided by the theme author.

To WordPress theme developers, I would like to advice that do the things in which you have expertise but if you feel your expertise area is not very well working in the market then develop the expertise in the working area. Put yourself as a user and then create a unique item with the flexibilities you think of must have. Present your item in the best way and then promote with free and paid channels to increase organic search. Make sure to have the best quality item because it is the first step to moving ahead otherwise your all promotion efforts will become ZERO. After that the main thing is to provide excellent, quick and polite support to your users, which will attract them to purchase your items again and again for their other projects and of course listen to them carefully as their feedback will be helpful and make sure to add requested features if they can make your product more shining.

Editor’s Note – Thank you Haresh, for your valuable time and info on your journey so far. I am sure your shared opinions will be much beneficial for new developers and other WordPress users.

Sincere Thanks From Team WPDean