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Why and How You Should Interlink Your Blog Posts in WordPress?

Have you ever thought why for almost all the keywords, Wikipedia ranks on the top of search engines? There are mainly couple of reasons behind this

  • Excellent Content.
  • Strong Interlinking of articles.
  • Having many back links.

Well, you will never find Wikipedia people building links. Have you? Then how they have so many backlinks.The main secret about the ranking of Wikipedia articles for almost all the keywords is due to its strong interlinking of posts. Choose any example and see how Wikipedia interlink their articles.

Why Interlinking of Blog Posts is Important?

There are many reasons due to which you should interlink your blog posts. I am going to share few of those below.


As we know, To rank any article, you have to do strong on page and off page SEO. Interlinking blog posts are a part of on-page SEO. Interlinking you old blog posts will help you in a broader sense by increase authority of your internal pages. It also helps in building the relevancy of a page to a keyword phrase by which you are linking your article to.

Whenever you find that there is a chance to link your old article, please interlink them. This increases the relevancy as well as search engine thinks that the internal pages are at most relevant as the recent pages.

Increase in Page Views

Do you want to increase page view of your site? Then, do strong interlinking. By interlinking, the reader thinks those links as a reference and most of those check these reference links as well. So the visitor who just came to read a particular article, will now also check other articles too, and so your page views will be increased.

Decreases Bounce Rate

Whenever you approach any advertiser, they ask you about the stats of Google Analytics. With this, mainly advertisers see the traffic, source of traffic and bounce rate. The lesser the bounce rate, the better is the blog. Usually, if your site has less than 60% bounce rate, it is considered to be good.

By interlinking blog posts, you are giving strong reasons to your readers to check other articles and so decreasing the bounce rate.

Other Reasons

  1. It help search engine bots to crawl and index your whole site effectively.
  2. It passes the link juice.

Now as you know there are many reasons and benefits due to which you should interlink your blog posts; it’s time to tell you how to interlink blog posts.

WordPress Blog Posts Interlinking Plugins

WordPress has some awesome plugins that will make your interlinking much easier. I am going to share few important WordPress plugins which you can use to interlink your blog posts quickly.

1. SEO Smart Link Plugin


SEO Smart Link Plugin is one of the best plugins to interlink old blog posts in WordPress. It automatically links your Tags and categories and you can even describe your own rules for automatic interlinking.

For example, you can set words like “WordPress tutorial“should link to any specific blog post (give the link of that blog posts), it will automatically interlink old and future posts containing word “WordPress tutorial” with the particular link you have set.

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2. WordPress Insights Plugin


WordPress insights plugin is an old WordPress plugin to interlink blog posts and is one of the easiest plugins to use. I am using this plugin without any issue and is compatible with all the latest version of WordPress as well.

I usually use it to search for the blog post from Google something like “WordPress” and find the appropriate post to link to.

3. Mentionable


Mentionable is one the best plugin to interlink blog posts. It works in the similar fashion as Facebook does. Whenever you start typing any keyword, it will begin showing the suggestions for the available posts.

It uses Facebook like styles. Whenever you want to link any keyword, start writing that keyword using @ (at the rate sign as you do to mention any friends on Facebook), and it will begin suggesting the available keywords and links on your blog.


This was an insight about the interlinking of blog posts on WordPress. I hope you are now clear about why you should interlink blog posts. If you are not using any plugin to do this, you can start with any of the above plugins. Which plugin do you use to interlink articles? Do let us know!


  1. Chris

    Great mate. I use mentionable and it just works great for me,

  2. Kapil

    SEO smart link plugin is my favorite one. I have to say that it is simply best for interlinking.

  3. Kensu Pachai

    Insights plugin is what has been working so well for me. Though it is not so user-friendly but it gets the job done perfectly.

  4. dartay

    i also use seo smart links but i dont know how to use it effectively. i want to increase internal links page authority.please help

  5. Garry Reaollano

    I always wonder how you guys interlink in your blog post. As Manually its quite impossible as you have thousands of articles in your blog. Now you have made clear how doing this. I really thank to you.

  6. Ishaan Mehta

    Will SEO smart links link the blog posts automatically, if i just install n activate..or i hv to manually define keywrds and pages frst. And if it will automatically link everything, will it still work if i publish posts by WordPress for Android app?? Thnx in advance fro ur help..and grt article.

  7. Muthoni W

    I would like to know, does anyone have any problem with SEO smart links premium when it comes to site load time?

    Once deactivated, my sites speed increased. Also, not having a contact page and it is a premium plugin has got me a little frustrated with it.

    I would still suggest the plugin to anyone who has reached the 100 post mark and they are still blogging. But for beginners Insights or mentionable will be sufficient.

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