11 Best Instagram Plugins For WordPress Site

A picture paints a thousand words. This seems to hold true for photo sharing apps widely used in today’s digital world. A photo can capture a moment, an emotion or a message and takes only a minute to create and share with the world.

Instagram is by far the most popular photo sharing app with over 300 million users. This huge community is the reason everyone who wants to reach an audience is using this platform for marketing a product or service. The appeal of Instagram goes beyond simple photo sharing, as it has included 15-second videos with its features.

Individuals, entrepreneurs, and big companies are joining the network to promote their work in images that carry their brand, message or personality. Getting discovered within the Instagram network takes time. One way of gaining more followers is promoting your Instagram feed in your website or blog. If you have a WordPress site and want to share your images from Instagram, then these ten Instagram plugins for WordPress will do the job for you.

WordPress Instagram Plugins

1. Instagram Feed


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Instagram feed features a user-friendly backend and a front end that is responsive, customizable and handles multiple users in a single or separate feed. The grid display can be configured to show the number of rows and columns that you want, and will load all of your images when a user clicks or taps the “Load More” button.

You can use shortcodes to customize further your feeds. You can display images chronologically or randomly, and choose image sizes (thumbnail, medium and large). Web visitors can click the “Follow on Instagram” button at the bottom of the feed to follow you on Instagram.

2. Instagram Feed WD


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Have you ever thought of displaying Instagram feeds on your WordPress website based on social tags? Well, then this plugin is specially made for you. This awesome plugin allows you to put custom styling to your feeds along with easy to use user management options.

You can even create mixed feeds based on different user profiles which can then be redirected to Instagram account or displayed in a lightbox. There is also a Pro version of the plugin which offers different transition effects and many other useful social sharing options.

3. Feed Them Social


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Feed Them Social not only displays Instagram feeds but those from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too. There are two formats for Instagram feeds and a “Follow on Instagram” button that can be displayed on top or bottom of the feed. The free version of this plugin enables you to load up to 20 posts per feed. You can upgrade to the premium version for loading unlimited posts.

Captions appear when hovering on an image and clicking on it shows a light box where a user can view previous or next images in a slide show. All feeds are responsive, and there’s a shortcode generator for customizing feeds.

4. Instagram Journal


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Instagram Journal is a premium WordPress Instagram plugin that has more than the common feed features found in other plugins. In addition to responsive feeds and customizable display options, you can also run Instagram contests using this plugin.

There are several modes you can activate to suit your preferences including Instagram Contest Mode, Popular Instagram Feed Mode, User Instagram Feed Mode (display a user’s feed), Multiuser Instagram Feed Mode (combined user feeds) and Tag Instagram Feed Mode (display images from hashtags) to name a few.

Five display modes allow you to create a full-width Instagram feed. Choose from Classic (grid-style), Collage Carousel, Section Carousel, Large Carousel and Infinity View.

5. Instagram Photo & Video Gallery WordPress


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This is another premium WordPress plugin for Instagram that adds more features than the basics. You can display five types of Instagram galleries: user, tag, liked photos, feed, and location. There are dedicated widgets for each type to use for the sidebar.

There are seven skins for viewing your galleries, and each one uses animation effects to show more options for each image. Images are responsive and retina-ready. You can set the images to open in a light box or the official Instagram page. You can also translate texts within the images to another language. The refresh period for image caching can also be adjusted, making it easy to manage load times of each gallery.

6. Custom Instagram Feed


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This Instagram plugin has both free and premium version. The free version offers responsive designs, easy setup and the ability to display photos from multiple Instagram users in a single feed. A “Load More” button appears after the first 20 photos, which can be presented in random or chronological order. You can configure the display layout by some rows and columns, and you can change the padding around photos, photo size and background color.

The premium version offers a light box option, a way to disable headers, specifying number of photos that show on a feed, CSS customization and sharing buttons for other networks like Facebook and Twitter.

7. Enjoy Instagram


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Enjoy Instagram’s free version lets you create grid-style (with fade in effect) and carousel style galleries of Instagram feeds. You can customize the number of rows and columns for grid view. The number of photos that appear in the first feed preview is also customizable. In addition to shortcodes, you can also use a dedicated sidebar for placing the feed on your site.

The premium version add three new ways of viewing photos. Polaroid view adds an overlay effect for images that appear as if they are Polaroid shots; Album view displays photos organized according to username and hashtag, and Badge view displays your Instagram profile, followers, and photo. This premium version also comes with a Moderation Panel that lets you edit which photos to display. It also features auto-reload (no need to refresh a page to view newly added photos) and CSS and JS customizations.

8. Alpine Photo tile for Instagram


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Alpine is a free plugin for displaying “tiles” of photos from an Instagram user or tag. You can display up to 100 photos in a feed. You can display photos in a sidebar using a widget or in posts or pages using a Shortcode generator.

There are eight display styles for displaying feeds, and you will have to experiment with these to see which one looks great on your feed. Each photo can open to the Instagram source page, a specific URL or in a light box and can be navigated like a slide show.

9. Instagram Theatre


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This WordPress plugin for Instagram displays an Instagram feed in three attractive layouts. Layouts can be full screen, grid or list. In addition to these layouts, there are several feed modes such as user mode, popular photos mode, multiuser mode and location mode. These determine what photos appear in your gallery.

The most useful feature of this WordPress Instagram plugin is its front end editor where changes are previewed in real-time. Using this slide-in editor, you can search for photo sources and load it into the preview page. You can also select a background color from this control panel.

10. Instalink


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Another cool Instagram plugin for WordPress, Instalink is one that has more options for displaying not just your Instagram photos, but your profile as well. There’s a “Follow” button identical to the original Instagram app that a visitor can click to load your official Instagram page.

You can specify a username or a hashtag (or both) and generate code to display it on a sidebar or as a responsive element anywhere on your site. Headings can be toggled on or off and heading background colors are also customizable. Image sizes are available from small to extra-large. All photos load by just scrolling down. The plugin also supports CSS and HTML customization, translation to 15 languages and fast loading of images.

11. InstaShow


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InstaShow uses usernames and hashtags (or a combination of both) to generate images from Instagram. There are tons of built-in options such as 24 adjustable colors and ten color schemes. You can also choose not to display individual photos from your feed or elect to show explicit photos from another user or hashtag.

The grid display can be adjusted for some rows and columns, and images are adjustable too. You can also change the gallery’s width, height and spaces between photos. Browsing animations include sliding and fading, and you can choose navigation options (arrows, scroll or drag).

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With a lot of these options, you need to narrow down which ones you absolutely cannot do without when displaying an Instagram feed on your site.

Do you need your profile to show along with your photos? Do the photos need to be a certain size to fit your theme? Do you need a custom color for an element in the gallery? These are only some of the many things to consider when deciding which of these Instagram plugins fit your site and your goal.

For the sheer amount of features available, I’d say Instagram Feed (free) and Instagram Journal (premium) takes the cake. Of course, the latter has more options as expected from a premium plugin. For creating an Instagram feed that entices followers, I’d recommend Instalink, simply because the follow button looks just as it does in the official Instagram app, so it’s clear to a user what the button does. For simple features from a free plugin, Custom Instagram Feed is an excellent option.

Again, it all boils down to preference and purpose, so go with what you feel will best showcase your Instagram photos. Don’t forget to test each plugin with your site (for the free ones) or run a demo (for premium ones) to learn further about its features.


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    Awesome! Thank you for this. I am trying the Instagram Feed free, first. 🙂

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