If you ever tried to buy anything online, you know how reviews of those article works. The reports are put by enthusiast or bloggers who are eager to help people out in their decision. In the process, they also earn a small amount of commission.

The start is slow and sluggish, but with time, any blogger can create an authority site around the niche he/she is targeting. Some pathways need to be followed to become successful in the online world.

For example, the website should look professional regarding design and also in the form of the rating system. We will try to cover both the aspects in our today’s guide on how to make a successful niche review site in WordPress?

WordPress Niche Review Site

We use WordPress for the sole reason of the simplicity of creating a website. It doesn’t take more than few hours to get everything setup and running. For beginners, the time can vary from 2 days to a week. WordPress CMS simplicity and easy of use are what makes it the number one CMS in the world. The ecosystem also works for the users. You can use plugins and themes to get started. The overall cost of getting started is also cheap compared to other solutions.

So, how does the outline of creating an online website looks?  It includes four simple steps to be completed.

  1. Create a fantastic looking professional website.
  2. Write some genuine product reviews. Be authentic and always be unbiased on the products you are reviewing.
  3. Do some SEO and drive traffic from different social platforms.
  4. Earn recurring commissions.

Even though it looks simple, it is much harder in reality, especially the driving traffic part. But, in all worlds, it is possible to achieve your dream.

Any niche authority website should have quality content, proper SEO, right niche selection, good traffic from social media platforms and right keyword targeting. Without one element, it becomes desperate to gain sales and hence commission.

Any good authority site can quickly earn a couple of thousands of dollars and above with the potential of unlimited earning.

Where Do You Start?

The first question that anyone would like to know is where to start. The first thing any blogger can do is to follow the passion. Don’t try to review things that you don’t feel passionate.

Also, any niche website is highly competitive. It is your passion that will make you beat the competition and nothing else. It is also very easy to lose motivation and leave the project midway. That’s why it is always important to understand the importance of passion in your work.

After choosing a niche, you need to check what monetization strategy you will act upon. Also, decide the customer demographics that you are trying to target.

You need to ask yourself the below questions.

  1. Which niche makes you passionate?
  2. What monetization strategy you are going to employ?
  3. What are the affiliate programs available in your niche?
  4. How is the competition doing?
  5. Is the niche profitable?

All the above questions will give you a clear idea of what you are doing and is it worth the

Now, let’s move on to the technical aspects of creating a niche website using WordPress.

Choosing a Good Hosting

The first step is to get a good host for your business. For starting, a primary hosting account will work, and there is no need for purchasing a managed hosting or VPS. Once you get some traction, you can easily get a better hosting, according to the requirements.

You can check out the list of recommended shared hosting companies here.

Choosing a Right Review Themes

WordPress ecosystem offers hundreds of themes. For reviews, special themes are created by the developers. Before you buy a theme or use a free one, you need to check out if it supports reviews or the review plugin that you are going to use.

The design of the theme must be simple and at the same time captivating enough to grab the attention of the visitor. It should also be able to show reviews in the sidebars or the footer section of the theme.

Selecting WordPress Review Plugins

After setting up the theme, it is now time to use a proper review plugin. The review plugin simplifies the process of publishing reviews on the website. It also provides a centralized control over how the reviews looks on the website.

Currently, many plugins fit the bill. Let’s list few of the best WordPress review plugins that you can use to create your niche review site using WordPress.

1.  WP Review


WP Review is an excellent plugin for publishing reviews on your website. The good news is that it comes free of cost. Using the plugin is extremely easy, and you can get started with the plugin in few minutes.

The plugin also allows users to leave their personal votes on the product. The participation improves your sale chance and also creates an ecosystem where everything works out of the box.

Installation is a breeze. You can configure the plugin from the settings section of the WordPress dashboard. Once everything is setup, a small review section is provided within the post publishing section. You can choose from review different types such as point, star or percentage. Moreover, you can add a unlimited number of feature names and rate them accordingly. The plugin also let you select the location of the review and even comes with Google rich snippets.

2. Rich Reviews


The next plugin that we are going to discuss is the Rich Reviews plugin, available free from the WordPress repository. For utilizing Rich Reviews, you need to use the shortcodes. The plugin offers a simple approach to reviewing products, but the use of shortcodes can be a little overwhelming to the new users. With three types of shortcodes, you can customize the looks and behavior of the reviews.

Copy and paste the shortcode onto the page/post to make it work. Overall, the plugin is an excellent choice for a review website.

3. WP Product Review


WP Product Review is a free WordPress plugin with paid add-ons as an option. If you are serious about your site, it is a good idea to go for the paid add-ons and avail all the functionality that the plugin has to offer.

For starters, the free plugin can provide useful features. Setting up the plugin is easy and intuitive as it offers extensive settings options. You can easily enable user reviews and make them contribute to the blog. For proper crawling by Google bot, rich snippets support is also provided. It helps to show the ratings visually in Google search which not only improves rankings but also enables users to access quickly the information submitted by the review article.

It works similarly to the WP Review. You need to enable the review checkbox and fill all the features that you want to rate. Once the rating is complete, you can provide a summary and publish it.

What Else Should You Do To Make Reviews Pop Up?

Reviews are great, but they also need to reach the audience. An easy to study goes a long way. Don’t try to use lingo in the review. Also, you need to add the reviews on the sidebar or the footer of the website. It can easily be done by going to Appearance -> Widgets page and adding a new Widget for listing the reviews.

Once done, the major products reviews will be listed there, giving the visitor enough visual clue to go through them.

Also, proper copyrighting is required to sell the products. Don’t go overboard praising the product, be honest and the visitors will stick to your website for much longer than you would expect.

Also, proper SEO goes a long way. Organic search is the key to earning an individual income. The fact that many online buyers look for reviews before buying the product makes organic search more necessary.

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Over To You

Starting a niche review site is an enthralling experience. For success, you need to be persistent with your effort and also have the patience to see it grow.

If you liked the article, don’t forget to share it with your friends! We would also love to hear which niche you are targeting to start your online journey. Comment below and let us know.