How to Easily Create a Quiz in WordPress?

Looking for ways to increase user engagement in your WordPress site?

You should integrate quizzes in your website. Quizzes are fun, interesting, and if you can do things in the proper way, they will instantly make your site more interactive. By analyzing your visitor’s response to the quizzes, you can gradually make your website a lot more engaging.

So, how do you add the quizzes to your WordPress site?

Since we are using WordPress, the easiest answer is by using a plugin. A quick search in the WordPress plugin repository will provide you with several free quiz plugins. However, if you haven’t used these plugins before, you will find it hard to choose a plugin over the others.

Well, I did that task for you. I went through all the available free plugins and found out that one plugin outperforms all the others.

And that is – Wp-Pro-Quiz.

The simple and beginner-friendly plugin comes with all the necessary options for creating interesting quizzes for your visitors. In today’s post, I will show you how to create a quiz with Wp-Pro-Quiz.

Getting Started

Before we begin, download and install the plugin on your WordPress site. Once you do that, we can initiate the quiz creation process.

There are four steps in this process –

  1. Create a template,
  2. Add the questions,
  3. Setup the plugin options and
  4. Display the quiz.

Let’s start right from the first step.

1. Creating The Quiz Template

To create a quiz, you have to create a template first. To do that, go to WP-Pro-Quiz -> WP-Pro-Quiz and click the ‘Add Quiz‘ button. Never mind the button title, it will take you to the new template page.

In the beginning, provide a title for your quiz. And then, you will find an option to choose a category for the template. As you don’t have any categories, you can create a new category by selecting the ‘— Create new category —‘ option.



In the ‘Options‘ section, you can choose options for the template. The first three check boxes allow you to hide the quiz title, the ‘Restart Quiz‘ and ‘View Question‘ buttons.

Then, you will find more check boxes to display questions and answers randomly. If you want to limit the quiz duration, provide the value in seconds in the ‘Time Limit‘ field. Enable the ‘Statistics‘ box to store detailed statistics about the performance of participants. And for allowing one user to take the quiz only once, check the ‘Execute quiz only once‘ box. You can also choose the intended user types for this action.

An interesting option here is the ‘Prerequisites‘. By enabling this option, you can require the visitor to complete another quiz before participating in this one. And from the options below, you can choose to auto-start the quiz and allow only registered users to participate.



In this section, you can choose the options related to the questions. The first two options allow you to show the points and add a serial number to the questions. The next two options could be used to help the visitor identify the right or wrong answer.

And then, you can choose to force the visitor to respond each question, hide question position in the quiz, hide the serial number of the question and display category. Some of the options are provided with a demo to preview how it will look like.

Result- Options

As you can guess, this section allows you to choose the options related to the quiz result. The first choice, ‘Show average points‘ can be used to display the average score and the visitor’s score once the quiz finishes. To use this option, you need to enable the ‘Statistics‘ option from the ‘Options‘ section.

Show category score‘ will display the results for each category in a separate row. And if you want to let the participants know how many answers were correct, you should leave the ‘Hide correct questions’ box unchecked.

Lastly, checking the ‘Hide score‘ box will not display the total score for the participant.

Quiz Mode


This section enables you to choose the quiz display mode. There are four modes available –

  • Normal: This is the default view. The visitor will not have any back button, and the total result will be displayed at the end of the quiz.
  • Normal + Back Button: This mode has a back button. Therefore, this mode allows the participant to change their answers. However, this will not show the correct answers.
  • Check -> Continue: This is like normal mode with one significant change. There is a ‘Check’ button with each question. By clicking that button, participants can check whether their answer was right or wrong.
  • Questions Below Each Other: This mode displays the questions one after another on the same page. But you can choose to display a particular number of questions on a single page.


By checking the ‘Leaderboard‘ box, you can enable ranking of the participants. You can choose to include the registered, anonymous or all users on the list. It is also possible to determine where the leaderboard should be displayed.

E-mail Settings


There are two e-mail settings – Admin and User.

Enabling this option will send notification emails to the admin and the participant. You can customize the sender, receiver, subject and message body for both types of e-mails.

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Quiz Description

In this required section, you have to provide an explanation about the quiz. This text will be displayed before the quiz starts.

Results Text

This section is optional. If you want, you can provide custom text here which will be revealed once the quiz is completed.

After making all the changes, provide a name or the template in ‘Template name‘ field at the bottom and click ‘Save as template‘.

2. Adding the Questions

Now that you have created a template, you are ready to create a new quiz. To do that, again go to the WP-Pro-Quiz -> WP-Pro-Quiz page and click the ‘Add Quiz‘ button.

This time, choose the template you created a while ago from the drop-down menu located at the top-right corner of the page. Click the ‘Load template‘ button and this will load all the settings from that template.

If you want to make any changes to this particular quiz, you can do that too. Once you are satisfied with the options, click the ‘Save‘ button at the bottom. This will create the quiz. At the resulting page, click the ‘back to overview’ button at the top. This will take you to the quizzes page.

On the page, you will find your newly created quiz. Hover over the quiz name and you will find some options – Questions, Edit, Delete, Preview, Statistics, and Leaderboard.

The last three options will work once you have added some questions and people have taken the quiz.

To add questions, click the Questions link. In the resulting page, click the ‘Add question‘ button. This will get you to a page like the following –


You can either create a template for the questions or directly create a question. I will show you how to create a question.

Basic Question Settings

The first option of the page is the ‘Title‘. This optional title will not be displayed in the quiz. Next up, you have the ‘Points‘ section. Here, you can assign points for each question. It is also possible to assign different points for each answer. From the ‘Category‘ section, you can create a category for the question.

The Question

You will add the actual question in the ‘Question‘ section. Write the question in the text box. You can use the formatting options and add media files to the question. The next text boxes allow you to provide custom text for the correct and incorrect answers. By enabling ‘Hint‘, you can optionally provide a hint for the participant.

The Answers


You can choose the type of answer in the ‘Answer type‘ section. You have several options including single choice, multiple choice, free choice, assessment, etc.

In the ‘Answers‘ section, you will provide the answer(s) to the question. You can add as many answers as you want. By checking the ‘Allow HTML‘ box, you can allow the participants to use HTML formatting in the answers. And there is a separate radio button for choosing the correct answer.

Once you have provided the necessary changes, click ‘Save‘ to save the question. You can also choose to save the question as a template.

To add multiple issues, just repeat this process.

3. Setting Up the Plugin Options

There are some configuration options of the plugin. You will find them in the WP-Pro-Quiz -> Global Settings page.

The first option of the page allows you to select the leaderboard time format. Besides the available formats, you can also choose a custom time format. The next option is for choosing the statistic time format.

The next few options enable you to manage the template category, quiz category, quiz template and question template. For each of them, you can delete the item or edit the name.

After making all the changes, don’t forget to click the ‘Save‘ button.

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4. Displaying the Quiz

Now that you have created the quiz and configured all the options, it is time to display the quiz to the visitors. You have to show the quiz by using a custom shortcode.

Get back to the WP-Pro-Quiz -> WP-Pro-Quiz page. On that page, right after the quiz name and category, you will find the shortcode. Copy the shortcode. By using this shortcode, you can display the quiz in any post, page, widget or any other place you want. Just paste the shortcode and save it.


Before publishing the quiz for your visitors, make sure that you have checked all the questions and everything is working properly.

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As you can see, Wp-Pro-Quiz is a powerful quiz management plugin. With this plugin, you have access to all the basic options for creating fully featured quizzes. And once you get used to the interface, you will be able to create new quizzes in a short period.

So, will you use this plugin for creating quizzes in your website? Let me know in the comments. And if you have any question, let me know that too. I will try to provide the best answer for you.


  1. Stevens

    Great tutorial.
    Though I don’t have a plan to create a quiz for my WordPress site for now but I still read the entire tutorial just because it is so well-written.
    Thank you.

    • Andrew Lopez

      Hi Stevens!

      I am not sure when you posted the comment, but how has working with WP Pro Quiz been? Is the plugin intuitive? Any updates break your website? Curious how the plugin has been treating you.

  2. danyalmuneer

    very nice guiding .Can you help me how a user can sign up after that he can log in and start the test.

  3. Sarah

    Thanks for this! I was able to create vocabulary quizzes for a class I am teaching, which is really helpful.

  4. lisa

    I want to create a fill in the blanks questions ,when user enters the answers it is checked at same time ,if its incorrect user must enter correct answer ..each user must able to save and retrieve the answers..is it possible with this plugin..if not please suggest the right plugin

  5. Review Rights

    Grate plugin !!

  6. Grace

    Hi Steven,

    I created a quiz using the WP-Pro Quiz plugin. Everything worked perfectly in development mode. When I published my website I am getting this message when I select a quiz title:

    You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz.

    When I click on the message nothing happens. Where do I find the sign in or sign up page?

  7. Ralf Hundertmark

    How can the administrator see the detailed answers provided ?

  8. Fionnuala Bland

    Thanks for this awesome tutorial! Just wondered if there was any way to change the words “correct” and “incorrect” to something a bit friendlier? I have added “correct” and “incorrect” messages but the words “correct and “incorrect” still show up above my personal message. Is there any way to take these away or change them?


  9. Patrick

    I am setting up a Q&A type quiz. I have the questions and answers in and the quiz runs OK. However the answers required MUST be identical to the one I entered. For instance, if I put in an apostrophe, if the answer does not include this it is marked incorrect. If I put a full-stop in and the answer omits it, it is marked as incorrect. This is clearly an impossible situation.
    Can anyone advise please?

  10. Patrick

    I am having some difficulty with setting up a simple Q&A.
    The software requires an exact answer, that is one exactly the same as the answer given when loading the quiz.
    If the answer is ‘No.’ If the stop is not entered then the answer is marked wrong.
    If there is an apostrophe in the answer and it is omitted by the entrant, then the software marks it as wrong. e.g. ‘It’s’.
    Can anyone tell me how to get around this?
    Thank you

  11. Andrei Zanfirescu

    Thank you! Amazing guide and well written.

    Is there a way to export results in excel?

    Thank you!

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