Hostgator Web Hosting: User Reviews & Complaints

Hostgator is one of the oldest and reliable hosting company currently offering wide ranges of hosting, domain and other internet related marketing products. This is quite famous in blogging and web developer community due to their simple plans and frequent discounts. Being in WordPress community, I found Hostgator is also quite famous for their 1-click WordPress installation using cPanel.

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  1. Joseph Chikeleze

    Hostgator is quite famous in web community due to their features, support, and price. You can say, Hostgator offered me top class support service. My sites are now up 24×7. Apart from that, I get fast technical support for my any query.

    Just reach them through any modes of communications and be sure to get the instant solution. You can also do a live chat with them and get your issue resolved instantly.

  2. Sydney Griffin

    If you are a web developer or small business owner, you might need to serve your customers properly. Hostgator is best suited for you. You can buy reseller hosting from Hostgator and can sell with whatever features and price you may want.

  3. Md. Khalil Uddin

    Hostgator shared hosting is not that good. If you have high traffic site, then you will find an issue in entry level plans and will need to upgrade to VPS eventually.

    • WPDean

      VPS is suitable for a medium range of users. If you are the one who receives a decent amount of traffic, then you should always go with VPS. There are many plans under VPS by Hostgator depending upon RAM, CPU, and IP requirements.

  4. David

    Hostgator has many products starting from the domain to dedicated servers and much more. And that is the reason you will find frequent emails from Hostgator featuring massive discounts on shared hosting.

  5. Jeff

    The best thing I liked about Hostgator is its cPanel. The CPanel comes with all the plans of hosting. Also, it comes with Softaculous App that offers 1-click installation features for WordPress, Joomla, and many other CMS tools.

  6. Sarah

    I am using Hostgator currently. The good thing I like about Hostgator is very minimum or almost zero downtime until your traffic meets the strength of their servers. Once you start getting high traffic volumes, the site becomes slower to respond. The HostGator team will ask you to upgrade the plan eventually.

    • WPDean

      Sarah, I have personally witnessed the same situation myself.
      Hostgator team asked us to upgrade the plan however we preferred to migrate to the new host.

  7. Tony

    I purchased a business plan from Hostgator a year ago, and they offered me free migration of my existing WordPress sites. Thankfully, things are working fine till now.

  8. Brad

    Hostgator provided excellent services and support, but I was still not very satisfied with their product or service. Thankfully I got your money back within 45 days of purchase with no question asked.

  9. Betty

    Using HostGator have made things easier for me. This was my first time working as a web developer, and I wanted to be sure that my client websites were ok. A friend told me to use HostGator and since then I never looked back.

    I like how easy is to setup everything and the free service for importing WP blogs is a cool feature. And not only for WP but Domains names and more, it makes things easier.

  10. WikiBlinks

    I used the free service to transfer my whole blog; I have some problems, but HostGator migrations team was there to help me. 5/5.

  11. Andy Mercer

    If you’re a newbie with WordPress you should use HostGator, basically you only need to do a click, and it will install everything for you, and you can start blogging without worrying about anything.

  12. Dane Habib

    PLEASE STAY AWAY. 99.9% uptime? Yeah sure, most of the time my company website is down, and when I try to talk to support, they don’t know what to do. If your site has only one page, then use this, but if you’re working with a heavy website, then I don’t recommend this. YOU HAVE TO PAY EXTRA FOR AUTOMATIC UPDATES.

  13. Cristy

    Slow, tech support is worse, configuring my access is a pain in the lower back and don’t make me talk about Weebly. It’s not cheap; you will have to sign up for up to 3 years to see the great ‘promotion pricing.’ Did I say slow?

  14. Burton Tucciarone

    I had an excellent experience with them from last three years. Support is sometimes slow to response. But it is rare to need help because it is easy to host the website with HostGator because is user-friendly for beginners.

  15. Satyam Gupta

    It was roughly two years ago when I started my new website and purchased a domain from Hostgator. I was completely a newbie in the field that time, so I had bare ideas on what I’m doing. A close friend of mine recommended Hostgator to me. He said he had a great experience with it. Trusting my friend’s judgment, I contacted Hostgator to purchase my domain and have them host my website. I was satisfied with their services.

    The uptime is just fantastic, and I never had technical issues. The cpanel is also cool, and it just satisfies my taste. I also have to mention that it’s very easy to associate it with WP since I’ve been using WP just because I started getting serious in bringing my business to the world of internet. I’m glad I listened to my friend’s recommendation and had my first experience in running my website a blast.

  16. Justin Cooke

    I just felt that I need to write an honest review after my three years of experience in buying Hostgator’s services. At first, it was all good. The website is running faster than before, never had any tech issues, cpanel is amazing and affordable. I also had a good experience with their customer service. But recently, they it just became crappy. I always get errors upon loading pages, and the whole thing started getting slow.

    Having basic knowledge about how to deal with these kinds of problems, I sought the help of their customer support, and I was sure that I’d have my issue solved in no time since I had a great experience before. But I was disappointed; a day had passed, but I didn’t get any respond from them. It was frustrating as I had my business paused for few days because of those issues.

    After two days, I finally got a response from them. We talked, and I explained everything but boy I was pissed that they said it wasn’t their fault because everything is working fine on their end. I’m 100% sure that it was them. To cut the story short, I’ve been contacting them for few days, but the problems weren’t solved. I had to end it and find another host for my website. What happened Hostgator?

  17. Koushal S

    All I can say is that HostGator is probably the most awesome web hosting service I had encountered. I tried several web hosting companies before, but this one is unique. What I love the most is their support team. They have a live chat and even video which I think is a must especially for people who are just starting to introduce their business to the world. I will recommend HostGator.

  18. Abdar Salas

    I can’t believe HostGator still sells, and there are even good reviews. Am I the only one with bad experience using its services? All I got was a slow website and errors. Well, they were doing great for the first three months but after that, everything just went wrong.
    Their customer support responds slowly, and it will take forever to get a decent response from them. I was even talking on the phone with them with a lot of noise in the background. I ended my subscription to them and found a better web hosting company.

  19. Adam Beebe

    I’ve been using HostGator for five years now, and it was a good experience. They have consistent quality of service which is vital to any company. In the last five years, I only had an incident of downtime, and they fixed it the next day. I used a range of their services including VPS and shared hosting. For small and huge business, Hostgator is probably the best web hosting company for you.

  20. Ferhan Hazarika

    I have few arguments why I consider Hostgator one of the worst web hosting company. Their customer support sucks. If they’re not sitting all day, they probably don’t know how to respond to a client’s issue. For my first two months, I thought I found the right company to trust my websites and my client’s sites with but it was just snap when the table turned.

    Very slow and full of errors and downtime, unprofessional support team and it seems like all they want is money, they don’t value their customers at all. So yeah, if you want your business to bankrupt, use Hostgator.

  21. James Morrish

    I just want to share my story regarding my experience with HostGator. I have 10+ websites in total and work is hectic because I have limited staff who help me manage everything. Aside from its wide-range services and attractive cpanel, they also have a hard-working support team. There was one time where I did a terrible mistake on one of my pages, and it was lost. The support team did their best to retrieve it, and they never stopped working.

    They also stayed connected to me and updated me every time. I was already feeling hopeless that time because I worked hard for that page but Hostgator brought a smile to my face after a week. They managed to retrieve the lost page. Isn’t that wonderful?

  22. Boris Dzhingarov

    I purchased WP hosting from Hostgator two month ago. Since I only have one website, I bought the cheapest plan which offers 100k visits per month and hosts one site. Right after payment, they emailed me clear instructions which I appreciate because everything was easy to follow.

    On my first month with Hostgator, I had an amazing experience. My site is faster, and they were kind people to deal with, always ready to assist me and answer any queries I have, and I might have. Hopefully, I chose the right decision. I just hope nothing will change to the quality of their service as time goes by because I’m loyal to those who are loyal to me.

  23. MIchael Yu

    PLEASE NEVER host a site with HostGator. One of their admin took our site down by error. 18 hours later they haven’t fixed it. Don’t lose your money here.

  24. Erick Jubilee

    What I love about HostGator the most is that they can handle a high volume of traffic without any technical failures. The cpanel is good and all, but I’m not satisfied with their customer support. Whenever I have some concern, it will take a lot of time for them to respond which is not good, of course. Aside from that, everything is working fine. I hope they’ll improve their customer support so it would be perfect.

  25. Gregor Kaurin

    What I love about HostGator the most is that they can handle a high volume of traffic without any technical failures. The cpanel is good and all, but I’m not satisfied with their customer support. Whenever I have some concern, it will take a lot of time for them to respond which is not good, of course. Aside from that, everything is working fine. I hope they’ll improve their customer support so it would be perfect.

  26. Sam Anthony

    I’ve been reading a lot of negative feedback about Hostgator lately. For me, HostGator is a good web hosting. I bought WordPress shared hosting and been using it for two years now. They offer maximum features, and I never had any technical problems. Based on the comments I’ve seen on various review sites, the majority of HG users have problems with their customer support which I find weird because their customer support is just incredible.

    They work hard to solve any concern and answer any queries that I have. They also respond fast, what I love the most is the video support. I don’t know why it is a huge concern to others, but their team knows how to take care of their customers. Maybe I’m one of the lucky clients who got that great customer support for them.

  27. Sue Bride

    It fits in everyone’s budget but will it fit in everyone’s standards? If you’ll ask me, HostGator is pretty good since I’m one their Pro Dedicated Server Subscriber and it is not surprising a company will do its best to retain their high payer subscriber, so all I got from them were excellent services.

    I like how they handle technical issues, not to mention that I only encountered down-time twice for the last eight years. My opinion is that if you pay right, you’ll get it right, it’s just about choosing who and which to trust. I will probably continue working with Hostgator for the coming years in my business.

  28. Andrew Lopez

    Horrible wait times for service desk (both on phone or chat – if the chat function even works). And the service desk never answers my questions. They are nice but completely useless. Waited almost 20 minutes for someone to come on the chat. And then they just give me web links to solve my trouble. Worst service for hosting.

  29. joko

    Pretty decent if you purchase the cheaper plans. I mean, what would you expect? You get what you pay for. So far my two years experience with Hostgator is good. When I say it’s good, it’s not the greatest but not that bad. I started with the cheapest plan and upgraded later on. Other than some flaws in their customer support, I’d say it is worth the money.

  30. Holger Govertz

    Hostgator takes pride in their 99.9% uptime which is a mere promise and promises were made to be broken. I wasn’t that satisfied with their so called wide-range services. Pages load slow with so many errors and there was five down-time within seven months.

    Reading other reviews from their customers, there are some who says they only had a down-time once for the past x years. Why is it that mine had five within just seven months? It’s not fair, yah know. I raised a ticket several times and this time, I hope they’ll fix everything or goodbye hg.

  31. Isaiah Mcculloh

    It’s easy to install WP; the 24/7 available customer support is superb, and my sites are working 99% of the time. I’m very satisfied with their services, and I hope they will have consistency with the quality of their service.

  32. Laverne Hachey

    Stay away from Hostgator. After doing business with, I gained nothing but trust issues and stress. Yes, it’s cheap, and I should’ve followed the logic concept where they say you get what you pay for. I’m not just some random host with some “basic” knowledge with web hosting, but I can’t handle everything at a time, and both my hands are full, so I needed a web hosting plan to do the works for me. I bet everyone knows how hard it is to build and manage a website, and it will hurt so much if it is gone.

    While with hg I lost everything on my site and I was left with an empty good as a new website. Given that there are chances that it was my server’s of my fault, their support team should’ve shown me a sympathetic tone when I asked for their assistance. But instead, they sounded annoyed. They even said that I should be careful not to accidentally delete stuff manually which I’m sure I didn’t do. They said I need to pay for them to restore the backup that in their care. That sounds like they’re making money out of it. I had no choice but to pay. At the end of this month, I’ll cancel my subscription to them and find another reputable and better partner.

  33. Antione Meylor

    I hosted with HostGator for a few years now but recently they proved to be a sketchy company. They increased the hosting price and lowered security. All of my websites were compromised. When I contacted them about this, they wanted to promote their security partner site look and wanted me to buy service from them.

  34. Thomas

    Worst service, stay away. I had turned off auto renew for a domain and was still charged. I was told that I had turned off hosting. When I challenged that, I was then told that I also had to submit a billing ticket. When I tried to submit that ticket, I was put back on a virtual hold for their chat support. They play evasion when the client wants to cancel the service.

  35. Kenny Toenges

    Just purchased WP hosting from Hostgator. I’ve heard a lot of negative and positive reviews about it, but it seems like it would be worth a try. I just I won’t use their 45-day money back. I’ll be doing a further review regarding my experience with HostGator after maybe a month or two.

  36. Garry Reaollano

    It is clear that HostGator offers superb features at a genuinely reasonable price range! If you are a newbie blogger like me I recommend you HostGator.

    Hostgator has the better variety of plans, either if you’re looking for a VPS or a dedicated hosting.

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