How to Get Documents Signed With WordPress Quickly?

We are living in a time when more efficient digitized solutions have replaced most of our traditional practices. For example, in the past signature was the principal methods of identification in cheques, documents and letter. It’s modern day digitized counterpart, conspicuously called digital signature, is a far more time saving, productive, secure, efficient and even eco-friendly solution over signing with pen and paper.

Now if you want to upgrade yourself with the current times and the available technologies you might wonder on the viability of incorporating digital signatures into your WordPress site. After all, WordPress makes for over 26% of the entire internet. It is one of the most popular and widely used CMS around and having an e-signature solution for WordPress will cover you a lot of ground.

So here we shall be interested in how, with simple adjustments, you can get your client’s signature on a professional form right from your WordPress site. The most convenient way of doing this is with the help of some handy plugins, but there are other efficient alternatives too. So without further ado, here are six ways to help you get documents signed with WordPress.

1. Approve Me ($97)


Hands down, WP E-Signature, is the ultimate solution for signing online documents via WordPress. It can help you to send effectively, track and e-sign any documents but only using your website. The plugin will help you upload unlimited documents for signature to potentially unlimited signers, and you can also force SSL for security purposes. WP E-Signature can help you to use your existing contracts and load them into WordPress digital e-signature. You can also create templates or stand-alone documents for recurrent usage.

Another notable aspect of the plugin is that you won’t have to pay any monthly fees. It is not a third party document signing service but a utility that gets incorporated into your website and is controlled solely from your site.

The most important aspect of WP E-Signature is that it is ESIGN and UETA compliant. This will help you to protect yourself as well as your company with legally binding documents and contracts which you can hold up in court. It is also extremely customizable and compatible with FreshBooks, PayPal, WooCommerce and other using their powerful add-ons. The plugin will help you save money in the long run, provide you with proper security measures, includes powerful add-ons plus help you boost your branding.

2. Swift Signature WordPress Plugin (Free)


Swift Signature can help you make any WordPress page signable online. To use the plugin, you will need to create an account with SwiftCloud, which is also free, but a premium option is also present. The plugin is a part of the SwiftCloud business service Suites. The system works by allowing the first fill with Swift CRM and then generating and sending the client a session-URL which can prefill whatever the sales rep knows.

Swift Signature will give you the option to choose between a single page mode or a multi-page mode. The single page mode allows for the input form and the signature to be on the same page. With the multi-page, you can allow the input form to generate a signable contract. The plugin can also make a multi-step flow where you can introduce the input from first followed by the payment and the signature or the signature trailed by the payment.

Swift Signature will also keep you legally safe with legal bindings, date time stamped and audit trail. Other features include notification and automation options, sales flow session options and multi-party consecutive and concurrent signatures. Though the last feature requires a premium account. The plugin is widely used for sales but is flexible enough to be incorporated for any e-signature based usage.

3. WP Online Contract ($19)


WP Online Contract is a contract management plugin for WordPress. The plugin can help you create, manage and save contracts online. Your clients will also be pleased with its responsive design, so they can potential sign and pay online from any device.

WP Online Contract can help you create unlimited templates, contracts and custom shortcodes. The built in editor is super efficient but you can also upload HTML, .txt files to create your templates. You also get automated email notifications, signed/unsigned statuses, password-protect contracts and much more.

The plugin also provides features that will leave a good impression on your clients. For example, you can add shortcodes to any page of your site to add a form. You will also get a notification when they have created their contract. You can also redirect your clients to a new page after they have given their e-signature.

WP Online Contract also integrates additional payments method add-ons like Stripe, Dwolla, Skrill and Furthermore, if your clients are old school, then you can quickly remove the signature window and give your customers a downloadable offline version to print and do things manually. Again the plugin is also very user-friendly, and you get online documentation with video tutorials for any setup/execution problems you might face.

4. Contact Form 7 (Free)


If you use WordPress, you are bound to hear of Contact Form 7. With over a million active installs, Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular form builder plugins on the market.

It is packed with features all intended for building contact forms, but currently has multiple add-ons including the mentioned, Contact Form 7 Signature Addon. The add-on includes a new field type to Contact Form 7 allowing the user to add handwritten signature via a signature pad. The field is added with the help of shortcode tags, and if you know a little CSS, you can tweak it easily. Contact Form 7 Signature Addon is based on Szymon Nowak’s JS library.

If you are already a user of Contact Form 7, then you can immediately adapt to the addon’s interface and start incorporating signature fields to your online forms. Anyhow, Contact Form 7 Signature Addon was more of a personal project for the developer(as stated by him) and is not the perfect legal binding solution you can hope for. But not all e-signature scenarios call for legal binding, and if you happen to need a solution for such less strict situations, then Contact Form 7 Signature Addon can easily get the work done.

5. Signature Addon ($11)


Signature Addon for ARForms is a new extension from ARForms, which allows you to capture signature online. It will be much more convenient to use the plugin if you are already invested in the ARForms environment. The plugin will capture signature information drawn by the user and send it to a web server. This, in turn, will get converted into a PNG image and get stored in the server.

You can easily integrate signature fields into your form, and the end user won’t have to go through any nonsense of downloading individual browser plugins themselves. The signature fields are added to the form with a drag and drop feature.

Now, much like with Contact Form 7 Signature Addon, the Signature Addon for ARForms also isn’t a solution for your legal binding necessities. But if you want something simple, quick and easy to collect signatures then the plugin won’t let you down.

6. Formidable Forms’ Signature ($19)


Formidable Forms is a popular form builder for websites with over thirty thousand active installs. Formidable Forms’ Signature is its premium add-on which further improves upon its functionality.

It is an extremely fast and easy solution for you to add signature fields to your forms. It can also help you to sign forms and contracts online. The addon adds signature fields to a form in a straightforward manner. You will also get a couple of customization options bundled in. After your user has submitted their signature it gets converted into an image file and stored into your form data.

Much like some of the other add-ons/plugins on the list, it will be beneficial for you to choose Formidable Forms’ Signature if you already are a Formidable Forms fan. But this by no means is a secure solution, rather a casual way to incorporate e-signatures into your site.

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We all know how painful and time-consuming it can be for getting documents signed the old fashioned way, especially if you and your client are located far apart. E-mailing to and fro, then printing, signing the pages, scanning, uploading all together is very troubling.

E-signature is a modern as well as a decent solution to this problem. It saves you a lot of time as the entire process gets done in a matter of moments. The above listed are some of the best plugins you can use to allow e-signature functionality on your WordPress site.

Do mention your experience with these plugins and also if you happen to use something better, let us know in the comments below.

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