Having a furniture business can be tough, especially if you are trying to sell your stuff online. But WordPress has some very elegant themes which can helps you to create the perfect online furniture store for your clients. These themes create stores which are responsive in nature and will help you to draw customers to your stores and also allow you to make things simple for your customers. You can customize themes as and when you like it in a simple and easy manner.

So, without further adieu, have a look at some of the best furniture WordPress themes that can help you to create your online furniture store in minutes.

WordPress Furniture Themes

Space – Interior Architecture Furniture

Space - Interior Architecture Furniture

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Looking for a theme which will help you to set up an interior furniture store on WordPress? Have you tried out Space? No? then try it out right now. Space is a minimalistic WordPress theme for the furniture store owners which is chick and modern in nature. This helps you create an attractive online furniture store in a very easy and sophisticated manner. The design that comes out is very elegant in nature and can be proudly presented to all your customers. The layout is very responsive in nature and can be experimented with as per your taste.



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If you are looking for an all-round solution for your interior furniture and architecture store on WordPress, then InteriArt is the best that you can get. This furniture WordPress theme is made to provide solutions for all the interior designing stores and is highly responsive in nature.

With InteriArt you can easily set up your website and has a host of various designs from which you can choose the one which is accurate for your store. InteriArt is supported by a range of browsers and all the extensions of WordPress are in sync with the theme. InteriArt is perfect for non-coders because it is easy to set up.


SNS Furniture WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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SNS Anton has to be one of the coolest furniture store WordPress theme that is present on WordPress currently. The designs available for this theme are cool and you can also select the design that you like in order to create the store of your preference. SNS Anton supports high resolution pictures which helps n featuring products and also helps in using various widgets with the theme. It is supported by most of the generally used browsers that are available these days and also with the extensions that are usually required for creating e-commerce websites.


VG Cendo Furniture Store

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As selling online furniture is kind of new, so it can be tough to get into such kind of a business. But if you have a great theme to support your cause then your job becomes easy, which is why VG Cendo comes into play. VG Cendo allows you to easily customize the website that you are working on so that you can make it suitable for the kind of shop that you are hosting. VG Cendo is filled with various options which can be used in mix and match to set up your website. It is highly responsive and supports high resolution.


Divi Furniture Theme

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What is the best part about Divi apart from being an excellent online furniture theme? The fact that Divi allows you to create your website in a very visual manner which helps in creating beautiful websites that will attract customers. The real-time designs of Divi allows you to customize the same in a very easy yet tactful manner. With the various premade layouts present, you can easily organize all your products on your online store with the help of Divi. The theme is super responsive which means it has basically no loading time.


Furniture Theme Templatic

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If you are well knowledgeable about coding and want a really powerful furniture theme then check out Furniture Theme by Templatic. This theme comes with a strong framework which has a powerful Bootstrap built in to further enhance your experience. Furniture WordPress Theme also is highly customizable and allows you to suit it to the style of store you want to make. As it comes with multiple style and layouts for you to choose from, hence it is the only theme related to furniture that you will ever need to create a good and potential online furniture store.


Kallyas WordPress Theme

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When you want to build your website in an easy yet fun manner then you have to look out at the themes offered by KALLYAS. The themes offered by KALLYAS are multi-purpose in nature and are supported by a number of browsers. It comes with a responsive layout which is supported by all the various WordPress extensions that are available. With the help of these themes you can set up your website within a few minutes. The responsive nature of the themes helps in loading of the themes within minutes and the page builder is super visual in nature which helps in setting it up and the updates are free for life.


Dash Furniture Template

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The next furniture store theme on our list comes from Dash. This is one of the easiest to use themes on WordPress which helps you to set up a stylish online furniture store. If you are a novice at the art of online stores, then Dash will be your true friend as it is very easy to set up and is perfectly in sync with WooCommerce. The theme is retina ready and is highly responsive in nature which helps in setting up a customer friendly store. Dash comes in a host of layouts and colors for you to choose from.

Shopkeeper – WP Theme for WooCommerce

Shopkeeper WP Theme for WooCommerce

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Although Shopkeeper is not a theme made specifically for furniture stores but it supports the creation of online stores for any possible product that you would be proud to host to your customers. The WooCommerce WordPress theme is very functional and the pixel perfect design helps in providing people with clear images of the products that you are featuring on your store. Shopkeeper is made keeping the e-commerce availability in mind and will be supported by almost all the leading browsers that are present. It is also in sync with most of the extensions that are available for WordPress and which will be needed to build your website.

Dekor – Furniture WordPress Theme for Carpenters

Dekor Furniture WordPress Theme for Carpenters

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What is the one thing that Dekor does which helps you to sell your furniture quickly? It helps your customers to focus on the furniture without unnecessarily cluttering the website or WordPress site. It comes with an unparalleled design which is perfect for your furniture and allows you to showcase as many products as you want to on your site. You can also showcase various testimonials on your site along with your furniture. The furniture will appear in the form of a beautiful slideshow on this awesome WordPress carpenter’s theme. You can customize the theme as you like to fit your tastes perfectly.


Porto eCommerce Theme

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When you own a business website on WordPress, you must have an excellent theme that will help you to attract more customers who will make those use of your online store. With Porto, you can be assured that customers will flock onto your stores.

Porto has immense number of headers and footers for you to choose from and gives attractive color schemes which will help you to select the most suitable one for your shop. He layout of Porto is highly responsive and compatible with most browsers and WordPress extensions that are present there. It is a well-documented theme.


Stockholm Multi-Concept Theme

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Stockholm helps you to create a beautiful furniture online store on WordPress. Stockholm is a well-documented WordPress theme which is supported by most of the browsers which are in use. It is also compatible with most of the extensions which help with setting up a good online furniture store. The innumerable headers and footers that are available with the theme helps you to design the same in a way you think your store will be perfectly depicted. This highly responsive theme is widget ready and supports high resolutions which will allow you to put up classy photographs of your product.

XStore – Responsive WooCommerce Theme

xstore WooCommerce Theme

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Looking for a WooCommerce theme which is responsive in nature and will help you to create a perfect furniture store on WordPress? Try out XStore and you will not be disappointed. XStore is a theme which is ready for widgets and also supports high resolutions which allows the users to feature good photographs of their products on their online webstore page. The well-documented theme is also very responsive in nature which helps in setting up a good, customer friendly store that is easy to use and to set up at the same time. It is supported by most of the new browsers.


Mobilia Furniture Theme

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If you own a furniture store and you want to set up your own online store then you must check out Mobilia. Mobilia provides you with all the modern features of furniture WordPress themes that present which involves the likes of slider, page builder, mega menu, quick view of products, zoom, compare and wishlist among many others. It also allows you to showcase the latest news about your store and customer reviews right on your page. Mobilia comes with a huge number of headers, footers and color layouts that will help you to set up your online store in a very fashionable and chick manner.


Pinshop WordPress Theme

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Pinshop is one of the most vibrant themes that are available online which is inspired by the likes of Pinterest and which helps you to make a wonderful online furniture store on WordPress. You can feature infinite number of products on this theme and will be able to load them with ease by simply scrolling down the page. The products are stacked beautifully and automatically reorganizes itself when the page is resized. Pinshop allows your customers to automatically add products to the cart and doesn’t require going to the product page. Pinshop works with all the modern browsers that are available online.

Furniture Store – Eco-Furniture WordPress Theme

Furniture Store

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Eco-Furniture is one of the premier furniture WordPress themes which is super responsive in nature. If you are into selling art décor furniture then you have to try out Eco-Furniture for your online store. This theme doesn’t only allow you to create a beautiful online store for your furniture, but also allows you to provide your clients with a wonderful platform for suggestions as to how to decorate their house with the furniture you are providing. It is highly responsive in nature and allows you to customize the whole website easily and as per your choice.

These are all the best WordPress furniture theme that you can buy to create your online store for furniture. If you facing any problem, do let us know in the comments section below.