When you are aiming at setting up a business online it is necessary that you can promote your business to the highest possible level. For this, it is important that you reach out to a larger mass of the society to begin with. But reaching out to a greater section of the society will not be possible if you focus only on your online website. It is important that you set up a WordPress Mobile App to represent your business as well. This is required to target the mobile users along with the desktop users and thus cater to a large group of people at a time.

The Android Apps are very user-friendly, easy to use and convenient for users on the go. All you need is to convert your online website to a mobile app so that the Android users can gather the necessary information about your business website on their Android devices right away.

For this purpose, there is a huge number of WordPress Mobile App plugins for Android that help in the process of conversion of the online business site to an Android app. Each of these WordPress Android Apps plugins come in with some quality features.

WordPress Android App Plugins

1. IdeaPress – Turn WordPress into Mobile Apps


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This is one of the leading WordPress site converters to Android apps. With this plugin, the conversion of a WordPress site into an Android app is simpler and quicker than ever before. Using this plugin allows you to publish your app directly on different stores. All you need to do to get your Android app rolling, in no time, is to download this WordPress plugin and install it.

The rest of the information for the conversion and the publishing of the Android app will be provided on your screen itself, stepwise. You do not need to know codes to work with this plugin, and the contents of your website are fetched directly from the plugin for making your Android App.

2. AppPresser – Mobile App Framework


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AppPresser is another very prominent name in the list of useful WordPress mobile App Plugins for Android. Small as well as large-scale businesses can make use of this plugin most conveniently. It can generate huge added revenue for the companies with their well-designed and fully functional mobile apps.

The maker has the complete control on your business App, maintaining posts and publishing pages can be done very conveniently these days. You can manage your website as well as the Android App from one place itself. So there is absolutely no chance of getting messed up with the two taken together.

3. Mobile App Plugin by MobiLoud


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This WordPress mobile APP plugin for Android is available mostly for free. It is one of the most suitable plugins available for low-budget businesses and companies these days. With this plugin, you can customize your mobile app by yourself and make it as attractive as you want in any way you want it.

The conversion of the WordPress website to a mobile app can be done very conveniently. You can launch your mobile app completely free of cost and draw revenues from the online web traffic from your website as well as your mobile app.

4. Worona – Native Mobile Apps for Free


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Mobile apps are the best way to increase web traffic these days and Worona is one of the leading WordPress Android App plugins that assist in the conversion of WordPress website quickly and more conveniently. The most attractive feature of this plugin is that, unlike most other plugins, this one allows the readers to read posts and go through the pages of the website even when they are offline.

There are a couple of packages for the use of this plugin itself. Another great thing about this Android plugin is that you can choose the set of features you would like to have, and there is no need to depend on the plugin to determine that for you. The push notification feature allows you to keep your users up to date by sending them the news about the latest posts, etc. Overall, this plugin has received good ratings from the users.

5. WordApp Mobile App Plugin


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This is yet another very useful WordPress mobile App plugin for Android. Mobile apps are known to come in handy not just for the companies, to increase their web traffic and as a result, their revenue, but it is also very convenient for the users as it makes life easier and a lot of things more approachable. This is the simplest plugin available these days, and it converts sites instantly and accurately. However, if the website to be saved is not responsive the plugin does not work well.

6. MobApper


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This is yet another important plugin for conversion of WordPress websites into Android apps. It is composed of a very responsive and fast user interface and makes the conversion very convenient. With this Mobile App plugin, you can access the contents even when you are offline. The owner is given the complete authority of the mobile app; they can alter and add information and post for the mobile app users themselves.

7. WPtouch Mobile Plugin


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It has to offer the latest themes and the latest features when it comes to an Android App conversion plugin. The customizable features and the user-friendly interface and the simple usage make it very useful for the first-timers as well as those who have limited time for setting up an Android app. This app is very affordable and quite popular among the users in the present day.

8. WiziApp


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The enhanced themes and the customizable design make this plugin very attractive for the users. The best mentionable feature of this WordPress mobile App plugin for Android is that it starts building your mobile app as soon as you install the plugin onto your device.

All the information and the data are collected by thus plugin directly from the website very quickly and as a result, there are absolutely no chance of any false information on the mobile app.

9. Reactor: Core


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This is another free WordPress plugin for Mobile App for those who wish to make more revenue from their online business by creating a mobile app. You can opt for a monthly subscription for the plugin. The most attractive thing about this plugin is that you are given a free trial with this. So you can decide how you like your mobile app to look, for the general public. You can modify the app any moment as per your requirement and send push notifications to your users. Overall, it is a very useful plugin.

10. Blappsta Mobile App Plugin


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This has worked out to be a very useful app for the conversion of an online website into a Mobile app. There are a couple of features that make it so useful. The features include a customized home screen. You can set a home screen of your own as per your wish.

The downloading and installation of the plugin is quick as well as simple. There are more themes available than you might ever want for this plugin. With this Android App plugin for WordPress, you can add the push notifications from your page or post directly. The overall look of the Android App after the conversion is beautiful and user-friendly.

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Over to You

There is quite some WordPress Android App Plugins that aid in flourishing your online business in the form of mobile apps as well. Each one of them consists individually attractive features, and all of them are priced individually. Some of them are free as well.

So it’s up to you to decide which WordPress to choose to depend on your requirement and your budget for the purpose. But there is nothing to worry as these plugins are available in a range of prices for the best interest of the users. Go through the features of the plugin in detail before you make your choice.