If you are planning to start a WordPress site, then sooner or later, you will find yourself searching for a good Free WordPress hosting provider. Probably you are searching for one now.

Free WordPress Hosting

Hopping onto a yearly subscription plan can bring about second thoughts. Your hosting provider will be responsible for your server uptime, load speeds, and many more important facets. The equation goes like this. The more you pay, the better service you get – though minor exceptions are there. So what if you are not that sure about your new desire to own a website? What if you are in doubt whether you can keep up blogging? Or what if you are simply interested in just understanding how WordPress works?

Whatever be your motive, getting a trial run with anything is great. And hence, before you spend your hard earned cash on any premium WordPress hosting solution (which doesn’t offer trial runs), it would be great to take the free route.

Now, do consider that if you are serious about running a website, then these aren’t at all suitable. You will face many restrictions that will hinder the growth of your site. But there will not be any compromise in functionality. Overall, if you are just hoping to get acclimatized with the whole idea of running a website with WordPress, then the free alternative can be used to your advantage. So, Without further ado, here are Top 10 Free WordPress Hosting Service Providers:

# Host Awesome

With HostAwesome, you will get free as well as paid WordPress hosting options. So if you like what the company has to offer, you can upgrade to their paid plans to get more features and functionality. You will get the option to register a new domain or transfer your existing domain as soon as you get to the free hosting page on their official website.

With the free plan, you will get about 100MB storage and 2000 page view/month limit. But as your site grows you can upgrade to better plans. Other than this you will also get cPanel access which is amazing. Auto WordPress installation feature is also bundled in along with 99.9% uptime guarantee and integrated SSL options.

# WPnode

Wpnode offers lightning-fast, free WordPress hosting solution for free and even without any ads. It uses LEMP stack to boot up WP and W3 Total Cache to improve page load time dramatically. You will get an allowance to host unlimited WordPress sites, yes unlimited. 5GB SSD storage, unlimited data transfers 1GB email storage are also there in this free solution.

Apart from these, Roundcube is included to act as your web-based email client. phpMyAdmin will help you to manage MySQL. SFTP encryption, as well as CloudFlare, is also provided to improve upon safety. The support team is also very responsive and replies within a maximum 10 hours time frame.

# X10Hosting

X10Hosting offers a free fully featured cloud web hosting solution for a zero dollar price tag. The company has also been around in the market for over than a decade. So they are pretty much a trustworthy name among the web hosting industry. One of the advantages of getting a cloud-based web hosting is that your private space.

With X10Hosting you will be getting 100% pure cloud SSD servers built with the best enterprise hardware. You can rest assured that you will get a stable and super fast performance with their plans. You will also get access to the latest version of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel as well as a dedicated website builder.

# Free Hostia

FreeHostia, like HostAwesome, offers free as well as paid WordPress hosting services for people who might need an upgrade in the future. These type of plans are ideal for experimenting with new site ideas, especially one hosting viral contents. Apart from the free hosting plans, there are three other tiers of services: Virtual Private Server, Semi-Dedicated and Dedicated. This can give you a lot of flexibility to choose as much as you need.

Now, even though there are paid plans, the free one isn’t very much lacking as well. You will be getting five hosted domains with 250 MB disk space. There is also an allowance for 6 GB monthly traffic, three email accounts, 1 MySQL v.5 database and 10MB MySQL Storage. All this is perfect for starting out with a quick WordPress website.

# Zymic

Zymic throws in a lot of free goodies along with the already in context, free WordPress hosting service. If you fancy-free stuff, then you will like Zymic. The company offers a broad range of services that will complement their free hosting platform and hence give you a lot of options and flexibility to your choice. You will get access to many free WordPress templates as well as get access to free Photoshop tutorials.

Now, for the free price tag, with Zymic you will be getting about 5000mb of free disk space, 50000 MB Data Transfer allowance per month, unlimited number of accounts and a total ad-free WordPress hosting solution. You will also get FTP Access, 5 MySQL databases, subdomains, file managers, an easy to use control panel and a lot more.

# Award Space

AwardSpace provides ad-free, cost-free, good quality Free WordPress hosting service which you can also upgrade as per your necessity. The company provides good quality support, and there are a lot of paid options so that you can choose exactly what you need and pay just for that.

Now talking about what you will be getting for the free. Primarily you will have 1 GB disk space as well as a limitation for 5 GB traffic. You will also get one domain hosting, three subdomains, Joomla & WordPress installer, one email/webmail and 1 MySQL(v.5) database, PHP, Perl/CGI-BIN, FTP for handling your website. And more goodies are added as you go up each level.

# Byethost

Byethost is a special free WordPress service provider, as it provides 24/7 customer support even with the free plan. This type of deal is hard to buy. Often if someone is giving you free stuff, then that’s it. But here you can relax as if anything goes wrong then you will get people to assist you asap.

Besides the free IT personnel to help you out, the company also provides decent features. You will get your hands on 1GB disk space, FTP account and file manager, a Control Panel, MySQL database and PHP support and loads more functionalities. If you lack technical know-how but have a surplus of enthusiasm to try out a website, then this is worth checking out.

# FreeHostingNoAds

FreeHostingNoAds offers a pretty simple premise. They will give you a free WordPress hosting service, will not infest your site with annoying ad popups, and also give you decent features, and all you have to do is sign up. In fact, the features are more than decent, given the free price tag.

You will get your hands on nearly 20GB disk space, allowance for 200GB site traffic, 3 PHP Versions, a free site builder, POP3 Email Account, NO forced ads, and a few more functionalities. In fact, you will also get some free tools, support for subdomains and multiple free HTML templates that are good (Given the fact that free things aren’t good). As claimed by the site, all these are free with no strings attached. They manage the cost from other users who are on a paid subscription with them.

# Biz.nf

Biz.nf is probably one of the quickest means for setting up your WordPress powered website, that too in a free way. The company offers two plans, to cater to different user needs. The free plan is, well – the free plan. And then there is the personal plan which is for individuals who require more juice.

With the free WordPress hosting plan you will be getting 250MB disk space, over 5000MB bandwidth, a tension free one-click WordPress installation button, free domain and even one addon domain. Other than these you will also get support for PHP 5, MySQL, an FTP account, Complete WordPress protection and some free WordPress themes as well.

# Hostinger

Last in our list is Hostinger, a Free WordPress hosting service provider, but it is by no means lacking. In fact, the company provides some great features that you have already seen in some the above entries. You will get awesome customer support along with generous allowance over resources which is hard to fathom for a service coming for free.

You will get nearly 100GB of Bandwidth, 2GB disk space, support for unlimited domains, a WordPress and Joomla Autoinstaller and also support for MySQL. The cPanel inclusion into the mix is also praiseworthy as it makes things a lot simpler for the user.


Hence you see no one company is providing all the features. You have to consider which holds more priority to you. Would you like better customer support? Or do you need cPanel inclusion? Or even higher bandwidth? Each company provides something in particular, and hence you should pick the one you see best resonates with your needs.

But, you should bear this in mind, free things are a good way to learn. But if you are serious and planning to build a professional website then it is best to steer away from such hosting plans. The limitations you are getting will entrap you and hinder your site’s growth.