WordPress as a CMS is an open source project in which developers from around the world can contribute and add new features and functionality. It is completely written in PHP and CSS, which are also used for coding themes and plugins for WordPress.

In this post I am going to list some of the free HTML test editors for WordPress developers that you can use to edit the theme or plugin codes.

Best HTML Text Editors

1. Atom

Atom html editor online

When it comes to a best text editor that is not only free but also works on different platforms, then one should definitely go for Atom without any doubt. This text editor looks good and comes with some great features like a package manager, auto-completion, find & replace, file system browser and multi-pane interface.

Atom is completely free and open source which makes it really customizable. By default, Atom comes with 50 open-source packages which makes it usable for many languages at once.

2. UltraEdit

UltraEdit free html editor

UltraEdit is developed by IDM Computer Solutions which is known to develop some really great programs dedicated to developers. You can use UltraEdit to edit files that are in HTML, PHP, Javascript, Perl, C/C++, Python and many others!

This is a really nice html text editor with features like block editing, multi-select, syntax highlight, integrated FTP and SSH client, file or data sorting etc. It is also a multi-platform editor and works readily on Windows, Linux as well as Mac OS X. It is priced at $79.95 per year, which is a decent price for such a utility.

3. Sublime Text


One of the most famous editors of all times, which is also known for the developer friendly design that it comes with. When you first start using it, you will notice how well the user interface has been worked upon for coding. Some features of this free text editor include distraction free writing, quick searches, quick shortcuts, split editing and much more. It works well on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and comes at a price tag of mere $70. But it is free if you are an individual developer and not a business.

4. Notepad++

Notepad++ best html editor

It really doesn’t matter if you are a WordPress developer or not, you might have heard about Notepad++ for sure and you might even be using it. And why not? It is one of the most amazing and user friendly free text editors that is available for free. The interface is really intuitive and the whole package is light on resources which does not slow down your system at all.

When it comes to features, you get features like syntax highlighting, document map, auto completion, tabular editing support, advanced search and replace and more. It is freely available and also open source which means you can download the source code, make changes and redistribute it.

5. Coda 2

Coda-2 online text editor

Coda 2 is an excellent online text editor all thanks to the ease of use that it provides along with the amazing set of features it comes with. You can get a live preview of what you are working on to make sure that the code you are writing is actually doing what it is supposed to do.

With features like code folding, auto complete, syntax highlight, indentation guides and find and replace, it is definitely one of the best editors you can get for your WordPress editing purposes. You can open and edit files using FTP, SMTP, Amazon S3 and even WebDAV. You can use Git with this editor which is another great feature.

6. Aptana Studio 3

Aptana Studio text editor online

Aptana Studio is one of the most used text editors by developers around the world. You can make it work with SASS environments with ease and start using the command line interface with ease. It is an open source software which means you can easily download the source and make changes to make it work the way you want it to.

You can definitely code in PHP on this editors, but other languages that can also be used on this are HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, Ruby on Rails and much more. The support for FTP, SMTP is in-built along with the debugger. You can integrate it with Git and start working on an IDE project immediately.

7. Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver html text editor

Adobe Dreamweaver is a known editor, for those who are familiar with the Adobe creative suite. It works well with PHP and you can build a whole set of PHP based apps on this tool. It works in three code editing views that are design, code and split.

You also have the ability to integrate the basic features with Adobe Creative Cloud in the newer versions of Dreamweaver to have a complete suite for coding your WordPress files.

8. BBEdit

BBedit wordpress editor

This is a Mac OS X only text editor that can be used by WordPress developers for coding purposes. Most of the features of this editor are developed by keeping in mind that this editor will be used by people who need a better and high performance coding experience.

Features like grep pattern matching, syntax highlighting, code folding, auto completion, FTP and SFTP support and support for Mac OS X Unix scripting make this editor a great code editor for those having machines running Mac OS X. It is available at $49.99 for a single copy which seems like an OK price.

9. Bluefish

Bluefish free html text editor

This is a code editor that is quite powerful and works great for WordPress developers. It supports many programming languages and at the same time it is also open source. The program is also multi-platform which means it works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and more.

The interface is quite intuitive and good-looking and the features include multiple document editing, multi-thread support, advanced search and replace, in-line spell checker, FTP upload and download and much more. This program is open source and available for free!

10. Chocolat

Chocolat best html text editor

This code editor for WordPress developers is available for Mac OS X specifically and it not only supports PHP, but it you can also use it to edit HTML, Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails etc. The editor makes sure you are writing correct code by checking it in real-time and you can actually edit or view two files at once.

There is no need to set this editor up as you can just download it and start using it out of the box. Features of this code editor include code folding, split ending, file navigation, live preview and much more.

11. Brackets

Brackets html editor online

This is one more HTML code editor that is available for free and developed by Adobe. The beauty of this text editor is that it is completely open source. The main features of this program include code folding, live preview of code and preprocessor functionality.

This editor can also convert measurements, dimensions, styles and other elements of design in a Photoshop files directly into CSS. It works on all platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

12. Buffer Editor

Buffer-Editor free html editor

If you are looking for an editor that you can easily use on the go, on your iPhone or iPad, then this is the editor you should buy. First of all, this comes at an amazing price of just $2.99 and has most of the features that a full-fledged desktop class editor does.

You can expect features like syntax highlighting, autocomplete, advanced search and replace and more. You can edit languages such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Python, Perl and much more.

13. CodeAnywhere

CodeAnywhere text editor online

CodeAnywhere is an IDE based HTML code editor which provides some great features like being cloud based which means you code will be accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection readily. You can save your code anywhere ranging from your Google Drive to your own FTP or SFTP server. The basic version of this editor is available for free while advanced ones go up to $40 per user per month.

14. CoffeeCup

CoffeeCup online text editor

This coding language editor does have an interesting name and also a great set of features which will make it a great editor for a WordPress developer. The interface of this editor is beautiful and features such as tag references, code completion, code highlighting and more make this a great editor for devs. This editor has a free trial, but a paid version costs $69.

15. DroidEdit Pro

DroidEdit Pro best html editor

An editor for IOS devices has already been mentioned in the post, but this is dedicated to Android devices. This editor just costs $2.49 and has many great features such as being able to connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP or SFTP servers’ right from the app. Even Git is supported! Features such as syntax highlighting, themes, Emmet support,  and more are available. This is a really great editor for Android devices.


So, this was a post in which we mentioned some of the best code editors that WordPress developers can use. My personal preference out of this list is Sublime Text and Notepad++ as they not only looks good, but it is also a really functional editor. When it comes to mobile devices, you can use editors such as Buffer Editor for iOS devices and DroidEdit for Android devices and they work really well.