15 Free Google Tools To Use With WordPress To Optimize Your Work Flow

WordPress is the primary choice of bloggers these days. The reason behind this craze of WordPress is its user-friendly interface and also the availability of a wide range of plugins. Now, you as a website owner, what is your main aim? Let me guess. Your primary purpose will be to reach your targeted audience, right?

Yes! Now, how do you plan to reach your audience and sell them your services? There are many ways which will help you reach your customers. One among these ‘sure to reach the people’ method is to rank top in Google. The best way to feature your services in front of your targeted customer is to rank great in Google. And this is possible if your web page showcasing your services is the best among the other similar web pages available on Google. So, to be the best and rank first in Google, you have to prove yourself as the best. And this can be done only if you follow the rules set by Google.

It’s not easy to be the best in Google’s eye. To do this, you have to follow many things which are a tedious task. So, to reduce your workload, we have come up with 15 Free Google tools to use with WordPress which will help you improve your site ranking.

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1. Google AdWords


Keyword research is paramount for you to work and rank on the services that your business offers. Unless and until you rank for the keywords related to your services, getting new customers is almost impossible. This keyword planner tool offered by Google is very easy to use and quite efficient. Use it to know what people are searching for related to your business.

2. Google Analytics

Knowing about your visitor’s actions on your site is one of the most important things for you and your business. Google Analytics helps you know what pages on your site are attracting people and also shows you the number of visitors landed up on your website. Apart from this, it also has many other great features, which will surely help you improve your business. These features include:

  • Sites traffic, both overview and detailed.
  • Real time visitors.
  • Visitors by location.
  • Converting pages.
  • Keywords driving traffic to your site.
  • Bounce rate.
  • And many more.

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3. Google Insights


Google Insights is something that everyone would love to use. This excellent tool by Google helps you know how a particular thing has developed over the time. It again includes attractive sources of information, like – Google Trends, Consumer Surveys, and Google Correlate. Using Google Insight, one can easily get new ideas and create content that is capable of going viral over social media. In short, Google Insights is a must use tool for a blogger.

4. Google Drive

One can use Google Drive for easy storage of data. Google provides every user with 16GB of free storage space, so use it wisely. You can connect it to your WordPress media library and use the stored data without filling your system memory. This allows you to share your files easily to WordPress. Transferring and storing the required data gets easy with the use of Google Drive.

5. Google Keep

Arranging your upcoming article ideas is again an organized way will help you accomplish your tasks with ease. Google Keep allows you to keep an account of all the relevant data that you would require at any point of time. For example, you can save your lists, notes, audio, photo and much more. Another interesting thing about it is that you can access your data using your Google account anywhere, anytime.

6. Google Adsense

Advertising revenue is one of the main things contributing to a blogger’s income. Google Adsense allows you to connect with the advertisers and earn money by displaying their ads. It is quite easy to monetize your blog with Ads using plugins. So, Google Adsense with other revenue sources put together help you earn well.

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7. PageSpeed Insights


Having minimum page load time will help you improve user experience on your site. PageSpeed Insights not only informs you about your web page speed but also helps you in improving it by suggesting every possible solution. Results for both mobiles and desktops are conveyed to you.

8. Google my Business


Google is the widely used search engine in the world. So it becomes necessary for you to index your business in Google. To do this for you in the simplest way possible, Google has come up with this tool. You can quickly add data related to your business on Google using ‘Google my Business’ tool.

9. Google Alerts


This is a fantastic tool by Google for you to stay updated with every new information related to your business. You only have to create an alert for a keyword; it may be your brand name or any other thing that you wish to be updated with. In short, Google Alerts help you and your visitors stay up to date with the required information.

10. Google Hangouts

It’s important for you to be in touch with your clients, and Google Hangouts help you do this in the best way possible. Using Hangouts, you can make calls, video calls, group call, conversations and much more. Another great feature that will for sure help your business a lot is the on Air feature. You can conduct live events for your viewers.

11. Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool


When your user uses their mobile to browse over Google, Google tends to show them results which are mobile friendly over the ones which are easy to access only on desktops. So, making your website mobile friendly is critical. One tip to make your site mobile friendly is to use a theme that is responsive. So be careful while selecting a theme for your site.

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12. Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

With success increases the load of work you do. Many bloggers use tracking tools or other analytics solutions to track and improve their blogs. For this, they have to add or make changes in the code section of the site, which is really difficult for the one who is not familiar with coding knowledge. Google Tag Manager comes to the rescue at this point. You can track every external data using the WordPress dashboard. The only thing you need to do to enjoy the classy feature of Tag Manager is to add its snippet to your website.

13. Google Search Console

This is a must use tool if you wish to improve your search engine rankings. Webmaster tools put forth every detail on how Google looks at your website. After referring the details, you can quickly solve issues related to your site. Few other options offered by Google Search Console are:

  • Keyword Ranking.
  • Popular keyword on your site.
  • Submission of sitemaps.
  • Get notified when problems related to indexing and crawling occur.
  • Suggestion for errors.

14. Google Maps

If your site or business is related to travel, then this tool from Google will be of great use to you. Google Maps can help you do many things which are not known to you. To install a Google map on your site, you can make use of plugins. It’s easy to install and manage, providing you with some benefits.

15. Google Custom Search


If you are using the default search tool provided by WordPress, then it is suggested to stop using it right away. This is because, the default WordPress search does not provide your visitors with what they are looking for, even if it exists on your blog/site.

When things don’t perform their intended tasks correctly, then trusting and running them is next to foolishness. So, instead of running the default WordPress search, you can shift to Google Custom Search, which is capable of accomplishing almost every search query of your visitor. You can also customize the search tool and blend it to your site design completely.

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Over To You

These free tools from Google are a must try for every WordPress user. These tools have the capacity to accomplish almost every task of yours related to site maintenance and user experience. Hope you liked every bit of it and are ready to use them.

If you face any issues using these free Google tools on your WordPress platform, then please feel free to put in your query down here in the comments section. We will try our best to clarify it.


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    Great post. I’m familiar with most of these tools, but there are some new ones as well. Never heard of the Tag Manager or the Mobile Test Tool. Thanks for posting!

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