Divi WordPress Theme Review – Update Version Divi 3.0

Divi Theme from Elegant Themes is one of the few premium WordPress themes that could be called the real multi-purpose theme. With the unlimited customization options, powerful Divi builder, loads of ready-made layouts and lots of other useful features, this is the theme that enables you to create any website.

It is astonishing how a single company is creating so many awesome WordPress products including the famous Bloom Plugin and Extra WP theme.

Today, we will explore this awesome Divi WordPress theme with a detailed review post.


Divi WordPress Theme Review


When it comes to website security, Divi WordPress theme comes well-prepared. To ensure the best possible result, the theme developers teamed up with Sucuri. The Sucuri team has certified that Divi doesn’t contain any security vulnerabilities at all.

And if you are thinking about using the Divi theme to create websites in other languages, you are in luck. Besides the full RTL support in the theme, Divi comes with full translations for 32 languages. The translations include both the front-end and back-end of Divi WordPress theme.

Customizing Divi Theme Settings

Divi Theme is powered by lots of powerful and intuitive customization options. You will find the basic customization options in the Divi -> Theme Options page from your WordPress website dashboard.


The theme options area is helpfully divided into several sections like General Settings, Navigation, Layout Settings, SEO, etc. These sections allow you to set up the basic appearance options of your site.



And what’s more, you can customize the default elements too. You can do that by going to the Divi -> Module Customizer page. The page lists all the elements. Clicking on any of them will open the available options.

The last sub-menu under the Divi menu is Divi Library. Here, you will find all the custom modules you saved. You can edit, update or delete any module from the Divi -> Divi Library page.

How to Use Divi Theme Customizer?

Besides the powerful customization features, Divi theme also comes with lots of other unique and innovative features. First of all, the theme is fully responsive, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. You can rest assured that Elegant Themes has made sure that your website looks great in any screen size and device type.

The actual customization options are located at the theme customizer section. You can access that page by going to your dashboard and then Divi -> Theme Customizer. Like the theme options section, the theme customizer is also divided into several sections.


The general settings, header & navigation and footer section cover most of the customization for personalizing the site. Other sections like the buttons, mobile styles, menus, widgets, etc. take care of specific issues only.

In the theme customizer, Divi theme has introduced an interesting addition. Whenever you have to provide any numeric value, you will find a slider with a circle. You can change the value by moving the circle left or right. As you move the circle, the updated value will be displayed. There are reset icons too.

There is a dedicated mobile section in the theme customizer. From that section, you can customize the tablet, phone layout, and responsive menu options.

Divi Theme Review

And if you love to decorate your pages with backgrounds, Divi has the right options for you. In the layout section, you will find all the necessary options for setting up video and parallax backgrounds for the page.

The theme package includes more than 300 icons. Besides using them in any color, the icons could be aligned on the left or right side.

Editing User Roles

The powerful role editor is an impressive feature of the recent Divi update. This feature enables you to control how the clients or other users of the site handle the backend. It is possible to limit access to the settings groups, Divi builder, modules, etc.

For editing the user roles in your Divi based website, Go to WordPress Dashboard, and then Divi -> Role Editor.


How to Use Divi Page Builder?

Divi Builder is the main building block of the theme. You can create or edit any layout by using this builder. Once you get used to the powerful builder, you will never look for any other builder solution anymore.

As the fully intuitive builder has lots of options, you will have to play a bit with the interface before you get used to it.

To use the Divi Page Builder, Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Posts/Pages. You can either edit the existing post with page builder or use it while creating a new post or a page.

Using the builder system starts with choosing the number of columns. There are 11 different column-based layouts available.


Once you have chosen the layout, there is an option to select the module(s). There are 40 different modules in total. Depending on your selected module type, you will find the relevant customization options in the next screen.


Each module has three settings sections –

  1. General Settings,
  2. Advanced Design Settings and
  3. Custom CSS

In the General settings section, you will find the module-specific options. Additionally, you can assign custom CSS id and class from this section too.

The Advanced design settings section will enable you to choose various customization options for the module. And the Custom CSS section allows you to customize the module by adding custom codes.

Once you have finished configuring the module, you can save this to the library. Afterwards, you can also use this custom module anytime you want and on any page.

The layouts and modules can be easily edited and moved by just drag and drop. There is also an options to customize, clone, delete or change the structure of the layout completely.

Another excellent feature of the theme is its one-page website support. If you need to create a one-page website within a short period, you can rely on Divi for that purpose. By enabling the section dot navigation, the users can smoothly scroll from one section to another in your one-page site.

Using The Ready-made Layouts

If you are not in the mood to create new page layouts for your site, Divi has got your back here. The theme comes with almost 32 ready-made layouts. You can use these layouts from the post editor.


Once you have opened the Divi builder, click ‘Load From Library‘. In the ‘Predefined Layouts‘ section, you will find all the different layouts listed.

Click ‘Load‘ to use any of these layouts. You can edit or update these layouts and save them in the library.

To load the saved layouts, go to the ‘Add From Library’ section and choose your layout.

You will find the built-in page templates very useful as it comes with several page layouts including About Us, Our Team, Contact Us, Sales Page, Case Study, Product Features, Splash Page, Coming Soon, Landing Page, Maintenance, etc.

Other Features

The most interesting new feature is Undo and Redo. That means you can bring back something you accidentally deleted. How cool is that! What’s more, you can even add hotkeys for the undo and redo actions. If you can’t get enough of Ctrl + Z, now you have got an additional field to use the combination.

Next, you will be able to browse the edit history of your layouts. For any layout, you can go backwards or forwards. And it is possible to restore any of those changes.

Another feature I like in the new Divi theme is the intuitive copy and paste system. Yes, the previous version of Divi allowed you to drag and drop modules inside the page. But what if you are working with a long page? Drag the modules from top to bottom? That will need some patience.


But with the new copy and paste feature, you can just copy a module with right-click and paste it anywhere. You can even paste the module on other pages too.

Elegant Themes has consistently been working to improve the Divi theme with new features. This update comes with many different improvements and bug fixes for the theme. Here are some of the updates that ElegantThemes is offering with the latest version of Divi. Here are some other notable changes introduced in the recent version updates:–

  • Live preview in the builder with comfortable, responsive testing.
  • Right-click controls with useful functions.
  • Disable content to hide any existing item.
  • Lock builder items to prevent unexpected editing.
  • Easy renaming for the modules.
  • Leads split testing and conversion enhancement.
  • Enhanced Portability.
  • Useful Divi Builder Page Options.
  • Easy to use Dynamic Help.

Divi Version 3.0 is Here

Divi is one of the few dominant WordPress themes which enjoy continuous updates. In line with that, Elegant Themes has published the latest version of this excellent theme – Divi 3.0. As the developers put it, Divi 3.0 is a totally reinvented version of the theme. The new Divi theme features an incredibly powerful page builder system and lots of other useful features.

Divi 3.0 comes with a brand new frontend editor. This editor allows you to do all kinds of editing activities right from the frontend. Thanks to the editor, you can edit any element simply by clicking on it. The intuitive user experience of the editor makes it a lot easier to create exactly the type of layouts you want for the posts and pages.


The new page builder system applies your changes immediately. That means you can view the live preview and save your changes at the same time. Features like these are bound to make your page creation and editing processes a lot simpler.

The latest version also makes it a lot easier to add new elements. You can add a new element by just heading to the desired location and clicking the ‘+’ button. Whenever applicable, you can choose the column-based layout. For each column, you can choose any of the 40+ Divi elements. It is also possible to choose any of the readymade layouts.

Enhanced User Experience

The invisible interface feature is a vast improvement in the Divi builder’s user experience. While all other page builder systems have their editing panel located at a fixed position, Divi provides complete freedom to move it. Depending on your choice, you can have the options panel as a popup or as a sidebar on any side. When using as a popup, you can drag and drop the panel to any position.


Another revolutionary feature of the new Divi page builder is instant text editing. Unlike the traditional page builder systems, Divi builder doesn’t require you to edit the module and use the text field for editing the text. Instead, you can just click on any text field and start typing right away.

You will also have access to basic text editing options like bold, italic, underline, hyperlink, font, alignment, quotation, indent, etc.

You can definitely unlatch the hidden potential of your website using Divi’s new version. For more detailed information over what each of this features offers, you can visit the release page here.

License & Pricing


To get the Divi WordPress theme, you need to become an Elegant Themes member. Once you become a member, you will have access to all the items and other features depending on the package. There are three different packages to choose from –

  • Personal – $69 per year. Includes access to all themes, updates, support and unlimited use for 1 year.
  • Developer – $89 per year. Includes access to all themes, plugins, PSD files, updates, support and unlimited use for 1 year.
  • Lifetime Access – $249 one-time fee. Includes all the benefits of the Developer package for a lifetime.

View More Details


We are using Divi Theme on few of our business sites from last one year. The multipurpose usage of this theme has really helped us save lot of money on different themes. Now with just this theme, we are able to use and customize the same theme the way we want on any kind of niche website.

With all these unique and useful features, Divi Theme is totally worth it. The powerful options of Divi make it possible to create any website you want. And if you are stuck with the design, you can always refer to the online demos of the theme.

I hope I have covered all details in this article of Divi Theme review. So, are you using Divi? Let me know which feature(s) you like the most.


  1. Nikolas Baron

    Divi is my favorite theme. I am using it on multiple websites of mine. Its page builder is really a life-saver. Any type of page can be created with ease with its page builder whether it be a landing page, a portfolio page, a woo commerce store or even a simple blog.

    It is definitely a worth trying theme that will never disappoint you.

  2. Josmos

    Well, Divi theme is definitely one of the efficient themes that WordPress websites could ever have. The page builder of Divi is simply amazing. The theme is very much appealing and could easily be a favorite of any WordPress lover. The post covers all essential elements of the particular theme gracefully!

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