WordPress started changing people’s lives in 2003, and ever since, more and more users have started using it as an ideal platform for starting a business, a blog or promoting their services in a personalized, original way, that expresses everything there is to know about what they offer.

Pros and Cons of WordPress

As any exceptionally great idea, even an excellent concept like this comes with drawbacks. For example, the WordPress Themes Directory is amazing. It contains a huge variety of styles that anyone can choose to buy, or use free of charge. The problem comes when you just don’t have the time to waste looking for one particular theme that you thought looked just perfect on that amazing website you once saw and couldn’t stop thinking about.

A Quick Way for Detecting WordPress Themes

There are however some ways in which you can find out what theme a particular website is using without having to manually search for it by the way it looks. Let’s take the fastest route and demonstrate it in a quick and easy step by step guide.

  • Open the website you want to analyze in your browser.
  • Select and copy the URL of the site from the address bar.
  • Go to whoiswp.com to use an online WordPress theme detector tool to get the job done fast and without installation.
  • Paste the address you copied during step 2 in the search box you see here.
  • Press the red Search button, on the right of the search box.


And that’s it! As simple as that, you can now see the details of the chosen website’s WordPress theme. The theme name, the website it comes from and its author are all mentioned in the results, as well as all the plugins used by the specified website. Use them to optimize your website. You also have the option to view the plugin and buy the theme right on the result page.

The Value of a Website’s Theme

Visiting a new place for the first time can be an enjoyable experience or a dreadful nightmare. Right off the bat, you can determine the overall mood of a certain location by looking at it. This is also true for pictures, paintings, and even websites. Think about the last time you visited one. The first thing you came into contact with and had an influence on your opinion of the site was the way it looked.

The impact the initial visual design, given by the theme of a website, has on a visitor is imperative to the overall success of the business, as it could mean the difference between the client is leaving or staying. So it is only natural that you would strive to get the one that is the most compatible with what you have to offer. Now you have a powerful ally to do just that without wasting time in the process. So enjoy using your time to the fullest and remodeling your blog!

Types of WordPress Themes to Choose From

There are a few types of WordPress themes you might want to know about before using the detector. This way, when you get the results, you will instantly know if the theme is right for you.

# Free WordPress Themes

Looks aren’t everything. Sometimes the best thing is to look into the theme’s functionality as well. Free themes from WordPress.org are not only great because they’re free. They also have lots of amazing qualities professionally designed and implemented. However, other free WordPress themes may have been created by amateurs that may not know exactly why a theme is so important for the website it is used to design.

Themes are what give life and character to a site, which is why it is so important to make the best possible choice when it comes to choosing the best theme for your website. This choice could potentially influence the site’s reviews, how many visitors it gets, and more. So it’s a good idea to do your research and make the best possible choice. It’s what will set your site aside from the rest and determine its popularity.

# Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress themes are the best-looking themes out there. They are very high quality and sophisticated, but they also cost money. Usually, this kind of theme can cost around $50 – $100, and they also offer certain benefits like more versatile customization options, full customer support, they are optimized for SEO and contain fantastic quality code. All these extra features are usually not available in free themes, and they can make a huge difference in the customization process your site will undergo.

# Custom WordPress Themes

This kind of themes is the most expensive of the bunch. They are used for online stores due to their flexibility regarding design and integrated features, and since they are specifically built for a website by experts, they can cost anywhere between $500 to $3000, depending on the complexity or their graphics.

What are Plugins and Why Install Them?

WordPress prides itself on allowing anyone to create web pages without having the technical know-how to design one from scratch. Similarly, a plugin is a simple program that you install on your site and, according to its specific characteristics, bring extra features that can seriously improve the way your website works. They can be great additions to any WordPress site because they do a lot of work automatically, plus they might even teach you a thing or two about certain procedures you never even knew were so useful, to begin with.

The WhoisWP detector we used today can also be a great plugin detector tool. This means it can let you know what plugins have been installed on the website you are analyzing.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin?

Going through the process of building a website is very easy thanks to WordPress and all of its excellent options. It’s hard to believe it could get even better, but it could, and it does. WordPress plugins can be installed in two different ways: automatically and manually.

You can read our guide on different ways to Install  a WordPress plugin.

The Beauty of Having WordPress Themes and Plugins

What could be better, when starting your website, than admiring the finished product and noticing how many people you can influence every day? This is just one advantage that comes from having your won website. WordPress gives you the possibility to use a vast collection of tools in the form of plugins to make your life easier and your site more efficient. This way, you can stay organized and uncover just how complex and reward the experience of having your site can be. Whether it’s a blog or an online store, you have everything set up in WordPress, all you need is a vision.

How Do You Know What to Install?

No need to worry about variety. There are tons of plugins available for you to try out right now, and you can find out what the most popular ones are by just searching online. Virtually every WordPress user who has ever installed a plugin or theme has the option of going online and writing about their experiences, whether it was pleasant or not. And through the beauty of free speech, we all have access to them and learn by example.

Get Inspired and Have Fun Being Creative!

Another way of learning by example is getting inspired by a well-designed website, and if you’re thinking of starting a business, you might have already classified your favorite inspiring online activities. As you know, the individuality of a business is instantly expressed by the way its website is designed.

When a user goes on the site, this is the first thing they see, and it could make or break the popularity of the site. This is why choosing the right WordPress theme is a paramount decision to make. You now have the information and required skill; you only need the right ideas. So browse your favorite websites for inspiration one more time and start your right now!