Thousands of free WordPress plugins are available in the official plugin directory, CodeCanyon, and other places. What’s more, hundreds of new plugins are being released each year. It is not an easy task to find the best ones out of all these plugins.

That is why we have created this hand-curated list of the ten Creative WordPress plugins to watch in 2017. Each of these plugins come with some unique feature that is not available in WordPress.

Without further ado, let’s check out the plugins.

Creative WordPress Plugins

#1. Logaster


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Your online business needs a logo. Having an attractive logo will make your branding and marketing efforts a lot easier. If you are looking for a simple, fast way to create a logo, Logaster Logo Generator is here to help you. This free WordPress plugin enables you to create beautiful logos within a few minutes.

Once you provide the business name and choose the type, the plugin will generate hundreds of logo concepts. You can choose any of these concepts or search for your desired icon. It is also possible to add a slogan and choose the colors for your logo.

Once you confirm the concept and colors, the logo will be saved in the media library, which means you can use it on your website instantly. If you want a high-resolution version, you can purchase the HD logos from the Logaster internet site. It is also possible to get a brand kit that includes the business card, favicon, envelope, letterhead, etc. with your branding. You can get the full brand kit and the HD logo for $29.99 only. Read Full Review –>.

#2. ProfilePress


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WordPress supports user login, registration, and have dedicated user profiles. But there is no easy way to customize the login, registration forms, or the individual profile pages. That is where ProfilePress comes in handy.

This unique WordPress plugin enables you to create the custom login, registration forms and offer total control over the user profiles. ProfilePress will create separate pages for the registration, login, password reset, profile editing, and profile view pages. The plugin comes with several beautiful layouts for each of these pages. You can use any of these templates, edit these, or create your template.

The default user profiles contain only the basic information like the name, email address, website, bio, etc. But ProfilePress enables you to add an unlimited number of custom profile fields and show the information on the profile pages. Other notable features include social login, complete reCAPTCHA support, passwordless login, and custom widgets. ProfilePress pricing starts from $59 per year for a single site. There is a free version with limited features.

#3. Weglot


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There are several WordPress plugins to help you create multi-lingual websites. But none is as intuitive as Weglot. The plugin offers one of the easiest ways to translate your existing website content to 60+ languages. Being fully compatible with any theme and plugin, you can rest assured that Weglot will work perfectly with your WordPress site.

Once installed and activated, the plugin will automatically detect the existing language of your website. You can manage all the translations right from your dashboard. As the plugin follows the SEO best practices ensured by Google, it will create separate pages for the translated content. It is also possible to customize the language switcher button.

The free plan enables you to use one additional language and up to 2,000 words. Premium plans start from 9.9€ per month. Premium users will have access to more languages and more words, along with pro translator service.

#4. The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework

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If you are looking for a fast, simple, automated SEO plugin, you should check outThe SEO Framework. The plugin’s non-branded, ad-free interface puts the primary focus on setting up the options. It comes pre-configured with the general settings that work for most sites. As it supports custom post types created by third-party plugins, you can easily use this SEO plugin for your online store, e-commerce site, or community websites.

The SEO Framework comes with several ready-made options like automatic title, meta description, canonical URL, and complete support for Facebook Open Graph and structured data for Google Knowledge Graph. The built-in SEO bar will help you ensure that the titles and descriptions are correctly optimized.

Other notable features include multi-site support, integrated hardcore caching, enhanced sitemap, and hidden breadcrumbs for better indexing. You can get even more features by purchasing premium extensions.

#5. Elementor


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Popular page builder plugins like Visual Composer or Divi Builder are useful for creating the custom post and page layouts. However, when you deactivate these plugins, the pages no more work. This is because these plugins use lots of shortcodes to create the layouts. Elementor is a unique page builder plugin which doesn’t follow that route. When you deactivate this page builder plugin, the basic structure of your pages will remain fully functional.

Elementor includes all the necessary page elements like the text editor, image, audio, video, button, heading, columns, divider, counter, list, tabs, accordion, progress bar, testimonial, sidebar, alert, etc. You can get started with any of the ready-made templates or create your design by using the elements.

The plugin supports all Google Fonts and 400+ beautiful icons. The mobile-friendly layouts work perfectly on all screen sizes. You can get the free version with limited features, or get the premium version to enjoy all features. Premium pricing starts from $49 per year for a single website.

#6. One Click SSL

One Click SSL

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Google has confirmed that it will prioritize websites with SSL in its search result pages. Using SSL is also a critical step in establishing your brand as a trusted, reliable source. Installing SSL is not that hard, but the challenging part comes next. You need to replace all the existing posts, pages, images, internal linking, stylesheets, JavaScript files, or any other link that use the “http” version.

Depending on your website size, doing all these can take a lot of time. Instead, you should use a dedicated plugin for this purpose. One Click SSL can help you in this case. This handy WordPress plugin will redirect all the http links to https automatically. This includes all the content, links, and other resources.

In case your hosting provider doesn’t support SSL, the plugin will revert to the default http links. The detailed online documentation offers more information about using the plugin.

#7. Fast Secure reCAPTCHA

Fast Secure reCAPTCHA

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Coming from the same team who developed the highly popular Fast Secure contact form, the Fast Secure reCAPTCHA plugin provides an easy way to add Google ReCAPTCHA to your WordPress site. The plugin requires reCAPTHCA V2 site keys, which you can get for free.

You can use this plugin to enable the captcha on various forms including the registration, login, comment, lost password, and contact forms. Since the plugin works correctly with BuddyPress, bbPress, and WooCommerce, you can quickly add the captcha to your e-commerce site, online store, and online community websites.

On some instances, you may need to enable or disable the captcha on specific forms or pages. Fast Secure reCAPTCHA has dedicated fields to help you do that. It is also possible to hide the captcha for the logged in users.

#8. Grid Plus – Unlimited grid layout

Grid Plus

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Page builder plugins enable you to create custom layouts. But most of these plugins are bulky, which make your website slower. The alternative is to use a simple grid layout creator plugin like Grid Plus. Despite the name, the plugin enables you to create a grid, masonry, or carousel layouts.

For the grid-based layout, you can choose to create 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6-column layouts. You can define custom gutter and item height for the columns. The designs can include posts, pages, or other custom post types. You can choose specific categories to show, define whether to show author or not, exclude specific posts, set the sorting order, and so on.

Grid Plus comes with built-in pagination, which will help the visitors browse through the available jobs. The detailed styling options enable you to choose the animation type, color skin, provide custom CSS, etc.

#9. WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

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Having a wishlist plays a critical role in boosting the conversion rate of an e-commerce site. While WooCommerce doesn’t come with this feature, the WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin makes it very easy to add this to your online store.

The plugin enables you to choose the wishlist name and assign a particular page to display the list. You can add the wishlist as a button or a link. Thanks to the built-in shortcode, it is possible to place the button anywhere you want.

You have full control over the style and action of the wishlist button. Feel free to choose any of the default icons or upload your icons. There is a custom CSS field to help you apply your style to the button. Visitors can share their wishlists on various social media networks.

#10. Contact Form 7 Controls

Contact Form 7 Controls

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When it comes to creating contact forms, Contact Form 7 is undoubtedly the most popular choice among WordPress users. While the plugin does an excellent job at creating contact forms, it doesn’t offer that much admin options.

That’s why you need to use third-party plugins like Contact Form 7 Controls. This innovative plugin performs several tasks like disabling the default form CSS, which allows you to design custom forms. If the AJAX submission or the automatic paragraph formatting lead to problems with another theme or plugin, you can disable these too.

The plugin will help you track the successful form submissions by using Google Analytics. It is also possible to define a redirection URL for the form submission. Other notable features include specifying the Google ReCAPTCHA language, disabling HTML5 form input fields, and so on.

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Final Words

Using plugins is the best way to add new features or improve the performance of your WordPress site. This article introduced you to some of the unique and creative plugins that are necessary for any modern website.

So, which of these plugins are you going to try on your WordPress site? Let me know by leaving a comment below.