The Core is a multipurpose WordPress theme from ThemeFuse. The theme is bundled with a plethora of demo content as well as a multitude of customization settings. This makes the theme extremely versatile and can be used for many of your projects.

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So, without any wastage of time, let’s delve into the theme itself. Here is a detailed overview of what you get, and can do with The Core:

Installing the Theme

The theme is very easy to install just like any other theme. Once installed, it presents you with these set of options asking to install recommended demo content and various plugins.

Core Theme Installation

The Unyson Framework

The Core is powered by The Unyson Framework. It is stuffed with built-in extensions and functionalities that will help you build you site in no time.

Unyson Extensions

But in case you have no time, there are a plenty of demo contents you can use as the base point to build your site. Since each demo addresses a different niche, you are likely to find something that fits your needs. With all the tools bundled in with the Unyson Framework, like Page Builder, Sidebars, Sliders and so on, you can tweak the demos to suit your vision.

Over 20 Ready-to-Install Demo Content

The highlight of the theme is undoubtedly the twenty meticulously crafted demo sites that come with it. But these are simply minor alterations made to the same theme. Instead, each one of these demo sites is finely detailed to cater to different needs of the individual niches. The demos are not a simple wrap up of the same characteristics dressed in different aesthetics.

Core Theme Demo Sites

If you want to create a website for mobile apps, then you have STARTAPP demo.

If you want a business oriented website, then you can go for THE ADVISOR.

Then there are themes like KID QUEST(kindergarten), THE TRIP(Travel blog), KEYNOTE(events), WELLNESS(medical) and loads more.

Best of all, more such FREE pre-made demos gets regularly added. If you find any of these demos resonating with the theme design you have in mind then setting up your site will take no time.

And the best thing about this is that the demo contents can be installed automatically onto your website to make it look similar to what was advertised.

To access the demo content or change any one of them, you simply have to head on over to the tools sections. There you will find the “Demo Content Install” option. Just go there, and you will find all of The Core’s offerings lined up for you.

Now, of course, you have the liberty to conjure far greater site layouts which are unmatched by the demos that come pre-built. In that case, you will love all the features and site building tools bundled in with the theme.

Now, let’s take a glimpse of all that you can do in the –

Theme Settings

The Core has a very rich Theme Settings panel. It is bundled in with a lot of options that gives you extreme flexibility and customization options for your site.

Here is a Quick Overview of all that you get in here.

# General

Here you get complete control and flexibility to adjust the width of the website to your likings. You can also set the top and bottom margins, adjust the orientation of the site as well as choose a container background color for your site.

Core Theme Options

Moving down, you get the options to tinker with the site’s logo type, as well as website background. You will also get the options to toggle on or off the maintenance page, scroll to top button, page transitions, Smooth Scroll, Custom Login Page and Smartphone Animations. Even a styling option is included for some of these features just beside their respective ‘on and off’ toggle.

# Social Profile

This area is pretty self-explanatory. You can add your social links here, and it will get added to your website.

# Tracking Scripts

If you want to implement Tracking Scripts, then it can be done from here.

# API Keys

API keys for your site need to be entered in this category.


Under “Posts” you get the option to configure your blog style. At first, as you can see, you will get three options to choose between the blog display styles. Then you get a toggle to turn on or off the Grid View. Down below you will get options to select the Blog Titles size as well as Styling and Typography of the Title.

The Core Posts

You will also get the option to turn on or off the feature to display the number of comments on each post as well as select a design style for how the number will get displayed.

Then you can configure the comments type, Image Alignments, and a whole lot of options for Round images, featured images, image borders, post date, post author, post categories, author box, post navigation, related articles, and pagination type. You will also be selecting the default Blog Avatar from this area.


Here you get to configure around with the styling of the pages. You get to choose the page header height, header image, Overlay Color, Header image overlap, Title and Content Position.


The Core Header Styles

The header area is one of the most defining aspects of a website. It can build the site’s personality. And with The Core, you get a lot of freedom of customizing with this.

First, you get to select the Header design Type; then you choose the Logo Position, Background Color, Dropdown Bg color, and Dropdown Links-Color. You will also be given toggles to turn on or off features like Boxed Header, Absolute Header, Sticky Header, Header Top Bar, Search Bar and so on.


After you are done tinkering with the Header options, it is time to get the Footer designed and adjusted to perfection.

First and foremost, the theme supports Footer Widgets, and you can toggle them on or off from here. Secondly, you get to select the number of columns of the footer area as well as background style of the footer as well as the widget area.

You will also get options to turn on and off the Menu Bar, Footer Menu, Footer Logo, Footer Social as well as tweak with the color settings. You can set your copyright statement from this area as well.


This is a pretty simple feature. But The Core grants you complete flexibility over this. You get to mix and match whatever colors you like to build a proper branding for your site.


The Core Typography

Just like color, typography is also important for site branding. It is also crucial to enhance user engagement. The contents of your site are not merely the thought, but the way you represent it as well. And hence styling and font style is very important, and you should give it considerable thought.

Luckily the theme is filled with considerable options to complement whatever your mind has set on doing.

Custom CSS

Core Custom CSS

No matter how much care is given to crafting a readymade product, it is never as good as a custom-made now is it? And so with this in mind, The Core has implemented an area where you can insert your custom CSS to implement your changes.

Now that we have dealt with the entire customization features offered by The Core let’s see what else it has to give.


The Core also has support for Events. This is where you can add new events and manage them. So if you ever have to list upcoming events on your site, register guests or sell tickets, The Core has you covered.


You can also add a portfolio page to your site through the Theme. This is a nifty feature that is always welcome.

Slider Revolution & LayerSlider

Slider Revolution

If you are confused on what you should use as the image slider in your blog or website, then don’t be. The theme has got you covered. With Slider Revolution, LayerSlider and a custom one from Unyson, you will not be at a loss in representing images on your site.

Other Features

Now here is a concise overview of everything that you get with the theme:

Site Building:

  • Advanced Visual Builder
  • Multiple Sliders
  • Mega Menu
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Header & Footer
  • Contact Form Builder
  • Shortcodes
  • Design:

Color Schemes

  • Animations
  • Fonts & Typography
  • Responsive Design and Retina Ready Display

Other Features:

  • Portfolios
  • Events
  • WooCommerce
  • BuddyPress and bbPress
  • Translation ready
  • Advanced SEO options
  • Custom Google Maps
  • Back-Up modules
  • Premium Support and Docs


View The Core Theme

The Core is a massive multi-purpose theme which is extremely versatile and can cater to multiple people for their various niche websites. You get impressive features with quality customer support and over 20 demos to help you get your site up and running in a jiffy.

Furthermore, you are getting extremely useful tools like Advanced Visual Builder, Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, Back up Module and Custom Google Maps which has a combined cost of $134. You are getting all this for just $59 which is surely a great bargain.

All in all, with the abundance of demo content, features, and tools that you are getting with the theme, your site building is only limited by your imagination.

If you are someone who likes to experiment with your website, then this is the perfect theme for you.