How to Create a Coupon Website Using Clipper WordPress Theme

Most people like to save money when buying something online. Therefore, it is very common that before clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button, we often look for a coupon, a discount code or any promotional offers.

As a result, coupon sites are always in high demand. Consequently, there are several big coupon sites too. But that is not stopping people from starting their coupon stores. While the big brands are like retailers who offer everything, there are still chances for niche-based, specific coupon sites. You can still build a coupon site for your own and make some money from it.

When building a coupon site in WordPress, the first thing you need is an attractive, fitting theme. Clipper from Appthemes is our one such choice that is perfect for creating a coupon site quickly. In today’s post, I will take an in-depth look into Clipper WP Template and see what it has to offer.

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Clipper WordPress Theme Review

Clipper WordPress Coupon Theme

Clipper WordPress theme is a dynamic coupon template with lots of powerful features. As the theme comes with several monetization methods, you can easily earn money from your new website.

Unlike most premium themes, Clipper theme doesn’t require you to install any third-party plugin, which makes the process easier and more convenient. Once you install and activate the theme, you will notice two new menu items on your website dashboard –

  1. Clipper
  2. Coupons

Among them, Clipper includes the necessary options for controlling and customizing the visual aspects of your website. The Coupons option lets you add, edit and manage the coupons.

Clipper Theme Features

As I have mentioned above, Clipper comes with several payment methods built-in. Besides making money from the coupon referrals, you can use the integrated payment methods to charge visitors for posting coupons on your site. While PayPal and bank transfer modules are provided, you can purchase additional payment modules from the Appthemes marketplace.

Affiliate links are not popular among the visitors. Therefore, displaying direct affiliate links could decrease your CTR rate. Thankfully, Clipper theme for WordPress comes with a very handy feature to hide the affiliate links. You can also view basic analytic metrics like the page view, click and CTR.

It also comes with dedicated page templates for the stores and categories. Therefore, you can easily add custom categories and stores for your coupons.

Besides providing a great navigational system for the visitors, it will also be helpful for the search engines to index your content easily.

This theme lets you allow the visitors to submit their coupons too. In that case, it is wise to keep track of things like new user registration, new coupon submission, etc. It makes it very easy to monitor these things by enabling fully customizable email notifications.

Clipper Theme Dashboard

Clipper Theme Dashboard

Clipper theme for WordPress comes with a dedicated dashboard. Go to Clipper -> Dashboard to access the dashboard. The page contains several widgets. Among them, two widgets will be most useful for you – Clipper Info and Stats.

Clipper Info will display the total number of live coupons, the number of pending coupons and links to theme forum and documentation.

The Stats widget will display coupon statistics for the last 30 days.

Theme Settings

In most modern themes, the theme options section is located under the ‘Appearances’ menu.

However, it has the theme options in the Clipper -> Settings page.

Clipper WP Theme Settings

As you can see, the settings page is divided into several tabs – General, Security/Reports, Advertising and Advanced.

Let’s go through the sections one by one.


There are three sections in this tab. In the ‘Site Configuration’ tab, you will find options to choose the color scheme, logo, favicon and for providing Twitter, Facebook links, Google Analytics tracking code and Feedburner URL.

The ‘General Options‘ section includes options to moderate new coupons, new stores, requiring registration for posting coupons, allowing coupon editing, allowing HTML, displaying coupon counter, allowed image file types, etc.

Lastly, the ‘Search Settings‘ section contains separate options to enable search stats and to exclude blog posts and pages from the search result.

After making all the changes, click ‘Save Changes’.


This tab is also divided into multiple sections. ‘Security Settings’ section has the options to restrict admin access to specific user roles only.

Then, in the ‘reCaptcha Settings‘ section, you can enable Google reCaptcha, provide the public and private key and choose a theme for the captcha.

The ‘Report Coupon Settings‘ section allows you to customize the coupon reporting text, customize the reporting reasons and allow everyone to report a coupon.

The ‘Report Vote Settings’ section lets you reset all the coupon votes.


Clipper Dashboard Settings

If you want to display advertisements in your blog posts, you can enable the feature from this tab. There is a dedicated field for providing AdSense code. You can also add an image and link the image to a URL.


As the name suggests, this tab contains the advanced options. You will find options to disable the core stylesheets, enable debug mode, use Google CDN jQuery, hide WordPress version meta tag, hide user toolbar for the logged in users, etc.

There is also a dedicated section for customizing various custom post type options including base URL, category URL, store URL and tag URL.

Email Settings

To customize the email options, go to Clipper -> Emails.

The page is divided into three tabs – General, New User, and New Coupon.

Email Settings Clipper Theme


In this section, you can choose whether you want to get email notification for a new coupon, coupon report, and coupon pruning.

New User

In this section, you will find an option to enable custom email when a new user registers. It is possible to customize the email sender address, subject and the email body. You can also allow HTML in the email body.

There are some variables that could be used to provide user information in the email. Available options include username, user’s email address, password, etc.

New Coupon

Like the new user, you can also enable email notification for new coupon submissions. You can customize the sender email address, subject, email body, etc.

Besides the user details, the available variables for new coupon include coupon title, coupon code, store name, description and dashboard URL.

After making any change in the email options, click the ‘Save Changes’ button to apply them.

Adding a New Coupon

You can add new coupons by going to Coupons -> Add New. You will be taken to a page like the following –

Add New Coupon to site

At the top, you will find the usual title and description fields for your coupon. Below, in the ‘Coupon Meta Fields‘ section, you can set the coupon author, coupon code, coupon type, destination URL, display URL, date of expiry and to make the coupon featured.

On the right side, there are separate sections for setting the tags, category and store for the coupon. You can also set a featured image for your coupon.

Managing Coupons

You can view a list of all the coupons by going to Coupons -> Coupons.

The page will display all the relevant information about the coupons including the coupon title, author, store, category, coupon type, coupon code, number of comments, date, votes, clicks/views and CTR. You can edit, view or delete any coupon from this page.


Clipper WordPress theme comes with a default category titled ‘Electronics’. To view a list of all the categories, go to Coupons -> Categories. You can also add a new category from this page.

Coupon Tags

It also comes with several default tags – Books, Electronics and Online Store. Besides them, you create new tags either from the new coupon page or by going to the Coupons -> Coupon Tags page.


By default, Clipper comes with a store – Amazon. You can also create new stores from the new coupon page.

You can view a list of all the stores in the Coupons -> Stores page. You can edit, delete or view any store from that page.

Coupon Types

This theme is provided with three coupon types – Coupon Code, Printable Coupon, and Promotion.

Besides them, creating a new coupon type is easy by going to the Coupons -> Coupon Types page.

Other Features

Besides the easy coupon and user management system, Clipper WordPress theme is also provided with several other useful features. You can easily import coupons from other sites as CSV files. The dominant importer system works correctly with custom fields and custom post types.

Go to Clipper -> Importer to use this feature.

Clipper Theme Review

As the theme follows all the coding best practices, this theme seems to be fully optimized and fast-loading website. The theme is also optimized to enhance your SEO efforts. It is possible to extend the default theme features by creating a child theme. The theme package comes with a child theme; you just need to upload and activate it.

This fully responsive theme is also compatible with WPML and WordPress multisite.

License Cost/ Price

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You can get the Standard Clipper package for $99, which allows you to use the theme on unlimited sites for a lifetime which also covers regular support and updates for 12 months.

Clipper Theme License Cost


Building a coupon site could be an excellent way to earn some extra money. And the Clipper theme provides all the necessary options in a neat package. The simple but powerful options of Clipper lets you create your coupon site within a short period.

Are you planning to create a coupon WP site? If yes, let me know how you like our review of Clipper theme.


  1. Conrad

    I have recently purchased another WordPress theme for my coupon website and I am not at all happy with it. I wish I could have read your review a few months back. Clipper seems to be a good theme with some nice features. I am excited because I am now shifting to Clipper.
    I hope it will do better than my old theme.
    I appreciate your honest review.

  2. sekhar

    Hi,I am using clipper for my site.
    But here users can directly see the coupon.
    I want to hide the coupon and would like to show it when user clicked on the coupon and also redorect to thaa merchant side.
    Could you please help

  3. Shriram Bisen

    Can you please tell me ho can i change background this theme.

  4. Teja Sai

    We are never too rich for discounts. It is always great to have coupons and discounts while making an online purchase. Having a coupon website is no longer a far cry, especially with the emergence of the clipper theme from WordPress that is great for making coupon sites. This review of the clipper theme is a clear portrayal of what the theme can do. Simply amazing!

  5. deepthi

    Hi Team,
    I just installed Clipper theme as my coupons site. I want to display all coupons and coupon categories in in Homepage. Can you please help me out here, how to set as those coupons and categories as My homepage.

    • WPDean

      Please reach support team of respective theme developers. They provide free support for all license purchases.

  6. Bharatwaj Rao

    I wanted to make my site where i have used clipper into a cashback site, do you ways to do it?

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