How to Create a Classified Ads Website With ClassiPress WordPress Theme?

As the use of internet spreads throughout the world, classified websites are increasingly becoming an integral part of our everyday life. These sites allow us to post ads or buy things with only a few mouse clicks. As a result, more and more people are using this particular type of website.

Due to their high demands, creating classified sites has become a popular online trend. If you have always wanted to create such a site, you have come to the right place. In today’s post, I will introduce you to ClassiPress – a powerful, feature-rich theme for creating classified and directory sites. It comes with all the necessary features for creating fully functioning classified websites.

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ClassiPress WordPress Theme Review

Let’s start the ClassiPress theme review with a look at the theme design.

ClassiPress Theme Design


ClassiPress features a simple but effective design. At the top of the homepage, you will find the usual logo, followed by the main navigation menu. Right after the menu, there is the search bar. It is possible to choose a particular category or search in all categories.

And then, there is a featured listings section. You can add items to the featured listing from the backend. After that, there is a multi-column layout. On the left side, all the available ad categories are displayed. The sidebar is located on the right side. You can place custom widgets in the sidebar from the admin section.

The next section displays a list of the new listings. Each listing features the title, date of posting, price, a short description, category and the number of views. Besides the latest listings, it is also possible to see the traditional listings or random listings.

Clicking on any ad will open the listing page. The page is provided with a two-column layout. The ad details including the title, description, image(s), tags, etc. are located on the left side.

On the right side, the location of the ad is displayed in a tabbed box. Other tabs allow you to contact the poster and to view details of the poster. Below, the overall top widgets and your social media profiles are displayed.

And the footer is where you expect it to be – at the bottom. There is a secondary navigation menu on top of the footer. And the fully widgetized footer area allows you to place up to three widgets.

The theme also comes with a dedicated design for the blog page. The page features a two-column layout. The blog posts are shown on the left side as usual. And the right side is reserved for placing widgets. You can put widgets in the sidebar from the Appearance -> Widgets page of the WordPress dashboard.

How to Create New Listing?

Being a classified theme, ClassiPress comes with simple but powerful listing management options. You can create a new ad by going to the Ads -> Add New page.


You will find separate fields for customizing the usual things like the title, description, category and tags for the ad. You will find the additional options down below.

In the ‘Listing Info‘ section, you can view some basic information about the ad like reference ID, total views and IP address of the author. Then, the ‘Listing Details’ section enables you to provide the price and contact detail for the listing. The theme comes with a list of the countries along with the famous state names as well.

In the ‘Pricing Information‘ section, you can set a fixed expiry limit or choose an expiry date for the ad. And the ‘Attachments‘ section allows you to include media files like images, video, slide show or additional documents for the listing.

After providing all the necessary details, click ‘Publish‘ to make the post public.

Registered users can display ads from the front-end too. To do that, click the ‘POST AN AD‘ button. This will take you to the first step of 4-step ad submission process. In this step, you have to choose a category for the post. In the next step, you will find options to provide the title, price, description, contact details and images of the ad.


The next step will show a preview of your ad. If you want to make any change, click ‘GO BACK’ and carry out the necessary changes. And if everything is OK, click ‘CONTINUE’ to move to the next step. In the final step of the process, you will be provided with a thank you message.

To view all the ads, go to Ads -> Ads. You will find a list of all the ads along with their titles, author, category, tags, price, views, expiry date, and image. And for editing the categories and tags, go to Ads -> Categories and Ads -> Tags respectively.

It is also possible to import ads from any other site as CSV file. To do that, go to Ads -> Import and choose the file. Then, click ‘Upload file and import‘. If everything is OK, your ad will be imported to the website.

Handling the Listing Payments

You will find all the financial options on the ‘Payments‘ menu. Basic settings are located on the Payments -> Settings page. From the ‘Regional‘ section, you can choose the currency, identifier type, symbol position, thousand and decimal separator, etc.


By default, the theme comes with two payment gateways. You can enable them from the ‘Installed Gateways‘ section down below. There are separate settings tabs for each of these payment options.

ClassiPress allows you to create custom ad packs for your visitors. You can create ad packs by going to Payments -> Ad Packs. By default, the theme will have an ad pack created for you. You can either customize the pack or create a new pack by clicking the ‘Add New‘ button. To create a new ad pack, you have to provide a name, description, price and duration of the pack. After providing all the details, click ‘Publish’.

Membership packages are located at the Payments -> Membership Packs page. You will find a default membership pack here as well. You can quickly create a new membership package by using the ‘Add New’ button. You can specify the name, description, price and duration of the pack.

Customization Settings

While the usual theme customization options are located at the customizer section, the theme settings are located at the ClassiPress -> Settings page. The page looks like the following –


As you can see, the available options are divided into several tabs. Let’s go through the tabs one by one.

  • General Tab – This section allows you to upload custom favicon, add links to various social media profiles, and add Google Analytics code. You can also customize the Google Maps and search results options from this section.
  • Categories Tab – As you can guess, the section enables you to customize the category display options. For the categories menu and the page, you can choose to view the number of ads beside each category, hide empty categories, select the depth for categories and sub-categories, etc. And for the category search, you can choose to maintain the hierarchy as well.
  • Listings Tab – In this section, you will find the options for customizing the listing. First of all, you can choose to allow users to edit, republish, relist their ads, and define the default listing period. In the ‘Moderate’ area, you can decide to approve manually and publish the new and edited ads. In ‘Ad Images’, you can allow the users to add images, require at least one image, preview image, define the number of maximum images and define maximum image size for the ads.
  • Security Tab – This section allows you to enable reCaptcha for the ads. To enable the feature, you have to obtain the public and private keys for the service. You can get them for free.
  • Advertising Tab – If you want to display advertising on your website, you can do that from this section. Here, you will find separate fields for displaying ad in the header or inside the content. Besides enabling the ad, you can provide custom code, image, and destination for both of these advertisements.

Enable Email Notifications


To choose the mail notification options, go to ClassiPress -> Emails. For the admins, you can decide to get email notifications when a new ad and a new user are registered. For the users, notifications can be enabled for ad approval, ad expiry, membership activation, and membership reminder. And from the ‘New User’ tab, you can customize the welcome email template for new users.

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Creating Price Packages

The ClassiPress -> Pricing page hosts all the information relevant to the pricing aspect of your listing site. First of all, you can choose to apply charge for listing. Then, you can choose to enable featured slider, price for a featured ad, hide the decimals, currency symbol, etc.

In the ‘Pricing Model’ area, you can choose the price model. The available options include fixed price per ad, price per category, the percentage of sellers’ ad price, and only charge for featured ads.

License and Theme Pricing

AppThemes offers two pricing plans for the theme. The Standard plan is priced at $69. It comes with lifetime license, unlimited domains and one year of support and updates.

On the other hand, the Club plan is priced at $199. It gives you full access to all themes, marketplace items, unlimited domains and one year of support and updates.

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Over To You

Qualified themes like ClassiPress make the process of developing classified websites much easier. Now that you have read the ClassiPress WordPress theme review, you clearly know what the theme is capable of.

So, what do you think about ClassiPress? Does it fit your requirements? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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