How to Create a Business Directory Website Using Buzzler Theme

Buzzler Theme Review From Sitemile

Buzzler Directory theme is a fully featured WordPress business listing theme from Sitemile. It is the perfect solution for small and medium businesses to build their business sites. The intuitive theme lets you create beautiful website within a few minutes. This post is about Buzzler theme review discussing its features and how you can use them to create a business listing website quickly.

Buzzler Directory Theme Review

First of all, download and install the Buzzler theme and the necessary plugins. Once you activate the theme and the necessary plugins, you will find several new menu items in your dashboard – Buzzler, Listings and Payment Plans.

Among them, this template will take you to the available theme customization options. Listing will let you manage the listings. And Payment Plans does what it sound like, it allows you to set and manage the payment plans.

General Listing Features

As Buzzler comes with various types of monetization tools, you can quickly earn money from your listing site. You can apply a listing fee for both the normal and featured listings.

It is also possible to offer membership packages for the users. And if you want to run a free listing site, you can still make money by displaying advertisements. The theme comes with several ad-ready locations.

Once a user registers, he will be provided with a dedicated user dashboard.
From the WordPress dashboard, the users can control their listings, renew expired listings and manage their reviews.

Each listing can have a separate Google Map included. It is even possible to specify the coordinates for each listing. The advanced search page on your website will show a larger version of the map containing the searched criteria. Besides the images, the listing post type supports other file formats too. You can easily add PDF, doc or zip files in your listing.

Social Connect login is another useful feature of the Buzzler business theme. This feature will allow your visitors to login to your website by using their Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or Yahoo accounts.

Customizing Buzzler Template

Now we know what features our theme has, it is time to go ahead and setup the theme as per our requirement.

First of all, get back to the dashboard. Like I said earlier, all the customization options are provided under the ‘Buzzler’ menu item. You can find this option on the top of your left menu inside the dashboard. As the options are divided into several sections, I will briefly discuss them all one by one.

Buzzler Theme Download

Site Summary

This page provides an overview of your site’s listings. It will show the total number of listings along with the number of open listings, closed listings, and total users.

General Options

As the name suggests, this section includes the basic options. You will find separate options to enable the contact owner button, limit the listing, enable main menu, blog, locations, claim listing feature, admin approval for listings, etc.

If you have the WordPress Social Login plugin activated, you can control the Facebook and Twitter connection options from this page.

Email Settings

This section has several sub-sections. First of all, you can define the sender name and sender email address. Then, you can customize the email template for various actions like new user registration, new item, item approval, item rejection, claim listing request, etc. For all of these templates, you can provide custom email subject and custom email content. You can also use some ready made tags like the username, user email address, user password, site name, login URL, etc.

Pricing Settings

Buzzler Directory Theme Review

In this section, you can set the base price of your listing site. You will also find other options like the currency symbol, currency position, decimal and thousands separator locations.

Custom Pricing

If you want to enable custom pricing for various categories, you can do so from here. There are separate fields for specifying the price for each category.

Custom Fields

If you want to provide additional information about the listings, you can add custom fields from this section. The available filed types include text field, select box, radio, checkbox and large text area. It is possible to apply the custom fields to some specific categories only. You can also edit or delete the existing custom fields.

Images Options

Here, you can enable image related options like applying the limit on the number of pictures. You can choose to charge a fee for images and specify the number of free images. It is also possible to set the width of photo resizing.

Payment Gateways

Payment Methods Sitemile

By default, Buzzler comes with three payment options – PayPal, Payza, and Skrill. You can enable and disable any of these payment gateways.

Layout Settings

This section lets you choose the layout for your home page. You can choose any of the five ready-made designs. You can also customize the header and footer. The ‘Change Colors’ tab will let you choose custom colors for the background, footer, footer text, to links, search bar and the main slider.


If you want to display advertisements in your website, this is the section you are looking for. The theme makes it very easy to show the ads above or below the content on the home page, listings, category and the single posts.


Buzzler Listings

All the claims will be listed on this page. There will be two types of claims – Unsolved and Solved Claims. Each claim will be accompanied by the user’s name, phone number, email address and date of the request. You can mark any unsolved claim as approved or rejected. Once a request is dealt with, it will be moved to the solved claims section.

Tracking Tools

If you are using Google Analytics, you can enable the option and provide the Analytics code in this section. There is also a separate tan for other tracing tools.

Managing the Directory Business Listings

To add a new listing, go to the Listings -> Add New Listing page from your website dashboard. Alternatively, you can click the ‘+ New‘ link on the top menu and select ‘Listing‘. Both of them will take you to this page –

Buzzler Theme WordPress

Besides the listing name and description, you can choose listing options from the right sidebar. You can make the listing featured or expired and add a website, address, YouTube link and an expiry date for the listing.

Below, in the ‘Listing Custom Fields’ section, you can provide additional information about WiFi availability, price range, parking facility, outdoor seating, smoking conditions, etc. It is also possible to add custom fields for providing additional information about your listing.

While adding them, you can add tags, categories and locations for each listing. You can view a list of them from the relevant pages. Each entry is provided with the necessary management options – Edit, Delete, and View. It is also possible to add new tags, categories and locations from their dedicated pages.

To view all the listings, go to Listings -> Listings. From this page, you can edit, view or trash any listing.

Setting up Payment Plans

Buzzler Directory Theme

If you want to offer special packages or regular payment plans, you can do that from the ‘Payment Plans’ page.

To add a new plan, go to Payment Plans -> Add New Plan.

In the resulting screen, provide the name and a brief description for the plan. From the right sidebar, choose the display order, price and validity of the plan. You can also choose to make the plan featured on the home page and make it recurring.

To view all current plans, go to Payment Plans -> Payment Plans. From this page, you can quickly edit, trash or view any payment plan.

Other Theme Features

Claim Listing is a unique feature of Buzzler Theme. If someone else has posted your business on the site, this feature lets you claim the listing. Once you make a request, the admin will be notified, and he will have the option to accept or reject the request.

This template also comes with several custom shortcodes and hooks. By using them, you can quickly create attractive new elements for your website. There is also an advanced search feature built-in.

Besides searching by category, location or any other custom field, visitors can also perform radius searches by the address and zip codes. The search results will be displayed in a large Google Map with all the relevant listings included.

The theme package also includes several custom widgets including Browse by Category, Browse by Location, Latest Listings, and Most Viewed Listings. You will find all the available widgets in the Appearance -> Widgets page.

Buzzler Theme Widgets

If you want to set the widgets and change the fundamental settings for your site, go to Appearance -> Customize. There, you can drag and drop the widget to any widgetized location and see a live preview at the same time. You can also change the site title, tagline, set the main menu and configure the front page.

License Cost / Price

View More Details

You can purchase the license to use use this theme from Sitemile. The license cost varies from $69 to $199 depending upon the type of membership. If you plan to use this theme for personal use on only a single site, then single site license will work fine for you. Else if you want to use this theme on multiple domains, then I suggest you to go with club membership.

Final Words

With lots of unique, powerful options, Buzzler Directory theme could be an excellent choice for developing your directory site. Once you get it up and running, you can add other features by installing third-party plugins. So, what do you think about this theme? Which features do you like the most? Let me know by leaving a comment.


  1. Kristine

    This seems to be a good theme. My only concern is its price. Starting price of $69 is a bit high especially when there are other better and inexpensive alternates available to choose from.
    What are your thoughts on its price?

  2. Uffman

    Having a business website is no mean feat. A lot goes into making a business website. WordPress has consistently made it easy for us. With the new buzzler directory theme, it is now easier to create a business directory site. This post gives an elaborate explanation on how it is done. Worthy read!

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