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Bluehost Hosting is one of the oldest, largest and highly trusted hosting service company of the world. It is known for its fast and reliable shared, VPS, dedicated and specialized WordPress hosting servers. With 24X7 in-house support and money back guarantee, it is surely one of the top choice for all your WordPress hosting needs.

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  1. Frank Gomez

    Migrating made easy, just install a plugin and Bluehost will do the rest for you, and if you find some problems while doing it, customer support is top notch. I’m happy with the Bluehost.

  2. Alex

    I had just appalling experience using their hatching shared hosting plan. I thought I’d be saving money and time by purchasing it because the features seemed promising and it is very cheap. But there were a lot of issues since then, and I mostly fixed things myself since their customer support team is not responsive and it will take a week or two for them to respond with nothing but an automated email. I’ll be switching to another web host at the end of this month.

  3. Abhijeet

    I’ve been a webmaster for quite a long time, and I work for different companies with multiple websites. I once used Bluehost’s services, purchased a business plan but they didn’t satisfy me. Out of all web hosting companies I’ve worked with, Bluehost is the only one who didn’t set up FTP beforehand. Previous companies will automatically set it up for me and just email me all the necessary information. I did it myself because I have no choice. I can use their 45-day money back if I just wish to but I will still give them a chance. I’ll see if everything will work great until the end of this month and if not, so long Bluehost.

  4. Maira

    Everything was going well with Bluehost for the first month. However, when I decided to continue using their services and but another plan, I had problems regarding my PayPal. They said it wasn’t verified. Like wth? They received money from the same account the first month and then they’re telling me that it wasn’t verified? They’re forcing me to upload a valid ID for to purchase it. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll just move my domain to a better web hosting company.

  5. Lucy Barret

    When I came across one of the ads of Bluehost, my eyes caught the 45-day money back perk first. I decided to try it out since I was looking for a good company to host my web sites that time and it won’t hurt to give it a try. And yes, they’re beautiful. They made my life easier, exactly what I’m looking for. Uptime is stable and consistent, I feel secured, Cpanel is very attractive and what I love the most is that they offer free migration. I won’t need to pay extra $ to migrate contents. Good job Bluehost!

  6. Tiffany Griffin

    I just opened up a new domain last three months, and I’ve been with Bluehost for the first month. As a newbie in this field, I needed a lot of help, and their customer care service is so reliable and friendly. I like how they are concerned about my domain and how they take care of it. Everything is going smooth until now, and I just love their cPanel! I will be looking forward to a longer relationship with Bluehost.

  7. Rob

    Stay away from this company for they’re not what they advertise. Their 99.9% uptime wherein they’re so proud of is just a 99.70 crap. The 45-day money back is not even true. I wasn’t satisfied with services because I have been encountering a lot of faulty pages since the day they worked on my websites which never happened before so I’m sure it’s their fault. I even lost valuable contents and then reached out to them, but they’re charging me for the back ups. With that incident, I can’t stop myself from thinking that they intended to do that to squeeze money from me. “Accounts with over 100,000 inodes are automatically removed from their backup system.” I read this somewhere on the internet just recently.

  8. Puneet Kumar

    I love how it’s cpanel has a lot of features which is what I need. Since the day they hosted my website, I never had a single issue, and I just used their customer service when I need to be enlightened with something that I don’t quite get. I experienced one downtime for the last three years but it was just for a few hours, and it never happened until now. I just hope that it will never happen again and I’m looking forward to a consistent service when it comes to quality.

  9. Mauricio Filler

    Bluehost doesn’t provide mail server, so if you want to have your email @yourdomain, then you must check other hosting providers that provide email hosting.

  10. Mauricio Filler

    If you want phone support, you better be Pro. They only allow customers are going with the Pro and Business plans to enjoy the 24/7 phone support. Other people can solely get the “emergency” phone service. So, I don’t recommend this. It is better to use a more traditional hosting.

  11. Howard

    Meh, Bluehost is a brilliant service. It is very user-friendly and has lots of potentials. I simply can’t live with the limits and restrictions. I need to have full access to my server.

  12. brenan

    Bluehost is one of the best web-hosting company I know. I’ve been using it for a year now, I rarely use their customer support and never had to raise a ticket because I never experience significant problems. Just some minor issues which are technically not their fault but their team is still kind and friendly enough to attend to me. I guess I found the right company for my small business. 🙂

  13. Robby

    I don’t know why there are a lot of bad reviews about Bluehost. I’ve been using the baby cloud, and it was nothing but great experience. It is very easy to install apps, and there’s even free migration of contents. I’ve read reviews stating that there is numerous downtime, but I never had any downtime for the past year. Isn’t that great? What’s good about them is that they a have a team of friendly and professional customer support who’s always there whenever I need help.

  14. GK

    If you’re looking for a stellar performance hosting, Bluehost is not for you. They are cheap, but the quality goes with it. The uptime is below average and pages load slowly. There were also a lot of downtime which is very upsetting to any webmaster. Their add-on are nothing but smart marketing, don’t go for them. Or don’t even go for Bluehost.

  15. Curt

    All they want is money. Since the day they hosted my website, all I’ve been experiencing were system crash and downtime. They’re customer support team is not professional, and there were more automated emails than answering and personally assisting me with issues. It sucks big time.

  16. Lesley

    I’ve been a in WP for roughly eight years, and I had experience using Bluehost’s services and other web hosting company. So far there were two of them which gave me nothing but stressful life, I mean I purchased a web hosting service to make my life easier but instead they did the opposite. Bluehost is one of the worst; I need to write this honest review as a warning to anyone planning to go for them.

    They’re like a torch wherein its flame gradually fades as time passes by. During my first month with them, I had no issues whatsoever; everything was fine, and all the systems were working. I never raised a ticket that time, but then, it began to get bad. There were times that the downtime takes three days, and it’s hard getting a decent response from their customer support team. There were also stressful times where I couldn’t access relevant pages on my site and when I reach out to their support team, all they sent me were automated emails.

  17. jefferis peterson

    The pricing is not bad for its service quality. I’m using their shared hosting, and everything is running well. Uptime is not 99.9% as what they’re boasting, though. But overall, it’s not an atrocious web hosting company because you get what you pay for.

  18. Scott

    Yes! This is the best web-hosting company which hosted my websites so far. I have used three web-hosting company before Bluehost, and I wasn’t satisfied. I’m glad I found Bluehost. They have a steady uptime, and it’s very easy to install important apps with a quick install.

  19. Steven Gliebe

    I tried Bluehost hosting a few months back, but I was not happy because every time I install any theme or plugin, they ask for the backup. Which is quite annoying.

    • Alex

      It’s always better to check everything before installing and taking a pre-backup if anything goes wrong. You should be happy because they always secure your data.

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