WordPress is an open source content management system which lets users create and manage their websites and also gives access to multiple templates, widgets and plugins so that you can enhance your functionality and make the most of the application. Many users who are not familiar with the functionalities of WordPress, take the assistance of professional developers or try to seek help from other methods which is not just time consuming but also hectic.

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

The best way to master WordPress according to us is YouTube, which a robust platform and allow people to upload their videos and showcase their work to the entire world.  On YouTube, many channels are available which can provide you sufficient information about WordPress. Here in this article, we will let you know about some most popular YouTube channel that can surely reduce your burden and make website creation through WordPress so simple for you.

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WordPress YouTube Channels

#1. WebTegrity

WebTegrity is a popular YouTube channel which comes up with a new video every week on Wednesday. These videos cover all the topics related to WordPress such as themes, plugins, fixes, add-on, breaks. You can also get tips for SEO and other stuff which you are not aware of.

Some of their videos have become very popular in the past couple of months, and the team that handles the YouTube channel also provides services including classes in real life to be more familiar with WordPress and its functionality. The channel has more than 12,000 active subscribers at the movement.

#2. Let’s Build WordPress

The owner of this YouTube channel is Martie who has created several videos to provide in-depth knowledge about WordPress and has tried to clear all the doubts that usually come to our minds while creating a website. There are multiple playlists that contain a pair of useful videos.

In most of the video thumbnails, you will see a cartoon character who represents the owner, but behind that you will find an excellent tutorial each time. Martie is a WordPress pro who has been uploading useful WordPress related videos for the past couple of years and has straight of more than 12,000 active subscribers at present.

#3. Tyler Moore

This YouTube channel has more than 180,000 active subscribers as of now. The channel is created by Tyler Moore, who regularly uploads long videos that provide sufficient information and guide you through each step without skipping anything to make a remarkable business website.

Duration of almost every video is more than one hour, but people love to watch them because they explain all the doubts and have the ability to turn a beginner into a master.

#4. WPTuts

It is hard to believe that such an efficient YouTube channel has fewer subscribers compare to others. If you want to know more about Slider Revolution and Visual Compose which help you create attractive websites with ease, then this channel is highly recommended to you as it includes multiple videos to provide immense knowledge about them.

Not just this, the channel also packs various tutorials for WooCommerce, which give you complete information about installation, setup and adding products to earn money. Most of the videos are no longer than 30 minutes and are easy to understand. The channel has around 3,800 subscribers as of now.

#5. WebsiteWizard.tv

If you want to start from the scratch, then this is the channel which can help to learn each and every step without leaving anything in a professional manner. The 1 and 2 hour long videos walk you through and cover all the aspects such as installing the theme, settings the home page, adding content to the home page, removing or customizing the sidebar, integration of social links, etc.

Although WebsiteWizard.tv doesn’t showcase itself as a WordPress channel, the team behind the channel uploads most of the videos related to that content management system. The channel is useful for professionals, freelancers, and business owners.

#6. WordPressKing

This channel is also handled by a one person, Freddy, who is a web developer and uploaded straightforward and easy to understand tutorials for its viewers on a regular basis. The channel is highly recommended for the beginners as they can get extensive information about WordPress themes, website building, SEO, WooCommerce integration, MailChimp and much more.

The tutorials are lengthy but include all the necessary steps that are required to work efficiently. Currently, the channel has more than 6,000 subscribers, and they are increasing in numbers due to the conventional approach of the videographer towards the problems.

#7. WPBeginner

As the name suggests, the channel is dedicated to beginners and is highly popular among those who want to start a WordPress based website but are confused about many things. You will find many small videos of 2-3 minutes or even lesser that that in this channel as they help you to understand each step separately which is fair enough because when new people try to learn everything through a single video, then it all jumbles up. The channel has more than 40,000 active subscribers as of now.

#8. Katrinah

This channel is extremely useful for those who are completely new to the world of web designing. If you want to create a beautiful website without having any knowledge of coding, then you can go through the videos uploaded by the owner who provides experience in a straightforward manner about the basics as well as the specific things. Most of the videos are longer than 1 hour and cover almost everything that you need to know. The channel has more than 40,000 subscribers at present, and tutorials get uploaded monthly.

#9. UploadWP

There are plenty of tutorials that can give you immense knowledge about WordPress and help you to be more familiar with your content management system without any difficulty. The owner of the channel uploads videos on a regular basis and emphasizes more on Woo-commerce. If you want to generate revenue from your website and thinking about adding a powerful plugin, then you can get complete information from here. The channel has more than 12,000 active subscribers and each video gets more than hundred thousand views on an average.

#10. ThemeIsle

Till the time there is no active subscriber but they have uploaded many tutorials that actually consist right amount of information and let you know about some critical things like Displaying Custom Post Types in Widget zed Sidebars in less than 5 minutes and Shorten links with bitly.

It seems like they have no subscribers because they focus on critical issues rather than providing simple information about installation, set up, etc. which attracts most of the viewers who are new in this field. The channel is recommended for those who are seeking professional help on YouTube.

#11. James Stafford

This channel consists multiple tutorials that give you the complete knowledge about WordPress in a simple manner. Whether you want to create a profitable blog or want to create a website from scratch, this channel can help you a lot. The tutorials are extensive and cover all the aspects that a user might need to know. The channel has more than 42,000 active subscribers.

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Learning the basics of WordPress is not a rocket science, and we all can become a master of it within few days. Practice and working regularly are the key factors, but at some points we all need guidance. Though there are tutorials available through other methods and within the WordPress, free YouTube channels are more effective because they give you the information through videos and people learn quickly by watching them.