11 Free WordPress Typography Plugins To Increase Readability

The rapidly growing web publishing industry is focusing more on the visual aspects, especially typography. Nowadays, web designers, bloggers, and digital marketers are more careful about the impact of typography on their visitors.

WordPress Typography Plugins

Proper typography can make your site look elegant and add sophistication to your website design. The subtle effect of typography leaves a long-lasting impact on the visitors, and they tend to come back to the sites that please their eyes. It is possible to increase your WordPress site’s readability by using the freely available tools.

There are some excellent free WordPress typography plugins which let you use Google Fonts or custom fonts in your WordPress site. And some other plugin allows you to apply advanced settings.

Besides the plugins, there are some free online tools that are also useful to enhance your site’s typography.

In today’s post, I will introduce you to the 11 best free tools for improving your WordPress typography.

Best Typography Plugins For WordPress

Easy Google Fonts


Powered by Titanium Themes, Easy Google Fonts is one of the most popular typography plugins for WordPress. This unique plugin lets you add Google Fonts to your WordPress site without writing any code. The necessary stylesheet(s) for your chosen font will be added by the plugin automatically.

It does not matter which theme you are using; Easy Google Fonts works with all of them. If your current theme does not support Google Fonts, this would be a useful tool for you. You can quickly choose your desired Google Font from a drop-down list. An interesting feature of the plugin is its real-time preview option. By using this feature, you can quickly pick up the best-looking font for your website.

WP Google Fonts


WP Google Fonts is another popular WordPress typography plugin for adding Google Fonts in your WordPress site. Google’s font directory is one of the largest online directories of free fonts. And this plugin lets you use these fonts without requiring you to write any PHP code. Once you have chosen a font, the plugin will automatically add the necessary code to your site.

If your chosen font has variations, you can choose from them too. It is possible to apply a Google Font to specific elements like H1-H6 tags, blockquotes, paragraphs, lists or the whole body.If you are familiar with CSS, you will find the custom CSS option handy.

Use Any Font


As the title suggests, this WordPress typography plugin allows you to use any font on your WordPress site. Unlike the traditional font plugins, this one does not limit you within a particular number of fonts to choose from. Rather, this plugin lets you use the fonts in their correct formats, e.g. ttf, otf etc.

You can upload custom fonts to your website, and the plugin will automatically convert them. The uploaded fonts could be assigned to different parts of your site. You can choose the font family and the font size from the post editor. The plugin works correctly in most modern browsers.

Typekit Fonts for WordPress


Typekit is an excellent online service that offers hundreds of high-quality fonts. If you want to use these fonts in your WordPress site, you will need a plugin. Typekit Fonts for WordPress could be an excellent choice in that regard. This plugin uses the fonts following the standard and license requirements.

To use the plugin, you need to sign up with TypeKit. Once you have signed up, choose the fonts you want to use and get their embed code. Once you provide the embed code to the plugin, they will become accessible from your WordPress site. You can also apply custom CSS rules to the fonts.



By default, WordPress comes with only a few customization options for the fonts. You can choose the text as paragraph or H1-H6 tags, and that’s it. If you want a bit more control over your fonts, give the Fonts plugin a try. Once install and activated, this plugin will add two new buttons in your post editor.

From the ‘Font Family’ button, you can choose a custom font family for the post. Available options include Arial, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Georgia, Helvetica, Impact, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Verdana etc. The other button, ‘Font Sizes‘ lets you choose the font size. You can choose from 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24 or 36pt.

Simple Pull Quote


This handy WordPress Typography plugin will add a new icon titled ‘Insert Simple Pull Quote‘ in your post editor. To display a quote, write the quoted text first. Then select the text and click the icon from the toolbar. This will add the necessary shortcode around the quote. If you save and view your post now, you will see your quote in place.

Simple Drop Cap


Drop capping is a widely used technique in the world of typography. This method refers to transforming the first letter of a word into a drop cap. While WordPress does not have any such option, you can get the style by installing the Simple Drop Cap plugin.

Once the plugin is activated, go to Settings -> Simple Drop Cap from your website dashboard. From that page, you can select the drop cap style, color and provide custom CSS. You can also choose to enable drop cap for all posts, pages and custom post types by checking the ‘Drop Cap Automation’ box. To apply drop cap manually, provide the following shortcode around the first letter –

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved


If you publish any code in your website, you will need a plugin for displaying the code blocks in the proper way. SyntaxHighlighter Evolved could be a very useful choice in that regard. This free plugin will display the code without breaking the syntax.

The plugin also comes with a couple of customization options. First of all, you can choose to show the line number and to make the URL(s) clickable. It is also possible to start the line number from a specific number. There are two different modes available for displaying the code – light and dark.

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The Golden Ratio Typography Calculator


Unlike the other entries of the post, this one is not a WordPress plugin. Rather, this is an online tool that helps you to find out the perfect font and font settings for your website. By using this excellent free tool, you will be able to make sure that your content remains easy to read and looks pleasing to the visitors.

To use the tool, provide the font size, width and click ‘Set my type‘. The tool will automatically find out the best font settings for your content. Clicking on the font size will open various typographical recommendations for that size. You can also preview different fonts by clicking on the ‘Font’ drop-down menu.



It happens all the time that you have seen a great website with really attractive typography, but you don’t know which font it has used. If you have ever felt that problem, here’s a solution for you. You can try the excellent free WhatTheFont tool by MyFonts. To use the tool, you have to upload an image of the typography and the tool will attempt to match the font against its enormous database.

You can upload images containing up to 50 characters. The maximum image size is 400,000 pixels. To get the best possible result, try to upload a picture that has a height of at least 100px. While the text should be horizontal, it would be better if the letters are not touching each other.



To get the best font setting for your website, you need to compare some of the best options available to you. But there is no simple way of doing that, at least not in WordPress. However, the unique Typetester tool provides a simple and straightforward way of doing this.

Loading the site will open three paragraphs of text side by side. Each of them has a separate settings tab on top. For each paragraph, you can customize the font, font size, weight, style, line height, letter spacing, word spacing, text alignment, text decoration, text color, background color, etc. As you change each option, the paragraph will update automatically. This is an extremely useful option for testing and comparing various font settings.

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Final Words

As you can see, typography is not only about selecting a font and then to forget it. Rather, typography provides you with unlimited opportunities to improve your site’s design and enhance the user experience.

Now that you have the list of 11 best free tools for improving your WordPress Typography, why don’t you try some of them in your WordPress site? Let me know which ones you are going to try. And if you have any other typography tips for us, feel free to share below.

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