10 Best WordPress Table Plugins of 2017

Creating tables help the webmaster or blogger to help organize the information. If you are using WordPress for your business, you already know how tables can be used to showcase pricing of the services/products. Bloggers can also use tables to show information in a better way.

There are many different ways a table can be used on a website. Despite being the number one CMS in the world, the lack of table support from core WordPress is a big downfall. But, this is where plugins come into the play. Plugins are an essential part of the WordPress ecosystem and provide the necessary features that the core needs.

Today, we will go through the best WordPress table plugins list. These plugins do one simple thing, i.e., create tables. Some plugins also offer other useful features, and we will go through them one by one.

Best Plugins to Create Tables

WordPress Dynamic Data Tables

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Dynamic Data Tables Premium WordPress Plugin is an incredibly robust and reliable data table importing plugin. It can be effectively used to comfortable import CSV, Excel, XML, ODT as well as MySQL queries without no hassle whatsoever. The plugin can intelligently import all the data related to a particular table file. It can then use these imported data to create charts, add sorting options, set widths and so on. It is also compatible with any custom page layout. Overall, this is a straightforward solution to all data importing necessities.

Table Maker

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Table Maker is for those who want a free yet competent plugin for handling table data. The plugin provides an easy to use interface for creating data comparison tables right from the comforts of the WordPress dashboard.

Right from the Table Maker panel, users will get options to add columns and rows, create new tables, select header color, insert headings and subheadings, and so on. It can also be used to add actual images and data with level levels of precision making it one of the best free plugins for the purpose.



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Whenever someone ask me about which table plugin to use, the first plugin that I suggest is wpDataTables. This is a premium plugin and offers a great feature for the price you pay.

The table creation part of the plugin is super easy, and you can make tables pretty quickly. The only downside is no front-end editing option. Table plugins should have proper import functionality and this plugin do offers great import feature. You can create tables directly from the WordPress dashboard. There are other customization options as well.

Key Features of wpDataTables

  • Import from different sources such as CSV, MySQL, XML, JSON, Excel.
  • Charts can be prepared from the table data. Super useful.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Custom CSS/JS support.

Even though the plugin is awesome, the inclusion of the a front-end editor and a simple interface could have changed more tides towards the plugin. Still, I will recommend the plugin as it provides the most comprehensive features for the price you are going to pay.

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TablePress is a free WordPress table plugin to create HTML tables. The plugin is feature-rich and offers almost all the features that you might want from a professional plugin.

With TablePress, you can easily import data using different sources. It has support for Excel, HTML, CSV and JSON. This will quickly make things work for many of us. The interface of the plugin is simple, and it is not intimidating for new users. Also, creating the tables require no coding at all.

Other Key Features of TablePress

  • A great interface to work with.
  • No coding required for creating a table.
  • Supports common import options such as CSV, Excel, HTML and JSON.
  • The tables can be embedded anywhere with the help of a shortcode.
  • Tables can be customized with CSS.
  • Supports Multilingual and pagination.

League Table


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League Table is yet another premium WordPress table plugin. As you might have guessed from the name, the plugin was created for the sports website. But the customization option enables the plugin to be used on any website including business or personal.

The tables created using LeagueTable are responsive, and the tables can be inserted into any part of the site using the shortcode. The plugin has no capabilities of the import/export capabilities. This can be a deal breaker for many people as importing/exporting data is a day-to-day activity and should not have been ignored by the developers. That said, if you don’t need an import/export functionality or is planning to use a 3rd party tool for importing/exporting, the plugin is for you.

Key Features of LeagueTable

  • Supports responsive layouts.
  • Shortcode supports for easy use on different parts of the website.
  • Documentation is great.

Easy Table


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EasyTable is yet another free WordPress table plugin for creating tables. The plugin is liked by the users and has a rating of 4.6. Pretty impressive. EasyTable is the plugin that supports table creation directly from the editor.Yes, it supports WYSIWYG.

Creating tables is super easy, and you will have to do it with the simple table code.

Key Features of EasyTable

  • Supports WYSIWYG.
  • Easy to use.
  • Minimal design due to use of

Ultimate Tables


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If you think that Ultimate Tables can help you create a giant table without any bugs, you are right! The plugin got a mixed rating on the official plugin page, but that doesn’t do any justice to the plugin capabilities.

This WordPress table plugin can easily handle a lot of information and create an excellent table for their website. The plugin supports pagination that can easily come in handy when showing tons of data. Another key feature is the support for the sortable, but only in the backend. In customization, it comes with multiple skins, and you can use them efficiently.

KeyFeatures of Ultimate Tables

  • Supports responsive layout.
  • Have a nifty search box.
  • Pagination option
  • Easy management of created tables.

However, this plugin doesn’t have much customization options. It also lacks the import/export capability. Other than these issues, the plugin can easily be used on a big set of data.



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Tabulizer is a new entrant in the table plugin league, and it does look promising. The plugin is dubbed as the most popular table plugin for Joomla, and now WordPress users can also use it.

The first thing that you will notice about this table plugin is the supported format for import/export. They are CSV, Excel, HTML, RSS, Database queries and even plain text.

Customization in Tabulizer is another big plus as there are unlimited ways to do so. There is no need for any coding knowledge for customization tables. Table Editing comes in both plain text editor vs. Grid Editors. The grid editor helps you to create dynamic tables on the fly.

Key Features of Tabulizer

  • Supports the responsive design and good customization.
  • Supports all the basic import/export formats.
  • Have cache mechanism to improve performance.
  • Supports tons of other features such as pagination, sorting, search filter, scrolls, and others.

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Over to You

Tables are important for any website to showcase information in a user-friendly way. Comparison of information is also rightly done using tables.  We went through six best WordPress table plugins to create tables.

wpDataTables gets my vote of confidence as it is the best possible plugin available online. The new Tabulizer also looks good for the price it offers. If you know any other amazing table creation plugin for WordPress, don’t forget to comment below. Share the article with your friends as well.


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