12 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins to Try in 2017

Social media is essential for any business in today’s times. If you are the owner of a website, but your website does not have the ability to share the content on social media, you are losing a lot of visitors. People who come to your website and view your content should get something to display that on their social networking account. If you place social sharing buttons on each page and post on your website, then it will reach up to more people and eventually you will get more traffic for your WordPress blog.

So, we thought to come up with a fresh list of WordPress social media plugins to look forward to using in the year 2017. All these WordPress social media plugins are handpicked and used by our team and selected regarding features, design, usability and much more. So, without wasting too much time, have a look at the best WordPress social media plugins that can get you the most out of your content and increase your fan following for sure, let’s have a look.

Top Social Media Plugins

#1. Flow-Flow — WordPress Social Stream Plugin


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Flow-Flow is a premium social media WordPress plugin that allows users to combine feeds of various popular social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in one grip and display them with live search and filters. The plugin is well documented and offers a responsive design along with swipe support for mobiles.

It provides video support for Vimeo, YouTube and Instagram and social sharing buttons to enhance user involvement. The plugin is highly customizable and comes with a comfortable admin panel. The plugin is translation ready and allows users to preview posts before publishing too.

#2. Revive Old Post


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Revive Old Post is a popular WordPress social media plugin which is being used by thousands of users globally. The plugin allows users to share content unlimited times on various social media accounts. You can also bring pictures from your blog post and attach them with the content which needs to be shared on social media.

Integration of Google Analytics Campaign Tracking lets you track the clicks and find out how much traffic you get. It automatically fetches and adds optimized hashtags from posts that are assigned to multiple tags, blog categories, etc. The plugin is easy to use and offers quick setup. Read Full Review –>.

#3. Monarch


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Monarch is a robust WordPress social media plugin that offers to light, fast social sharing with stylish designs. You can choose from over 20 popular social networks to showcase on your website and arrange them in any number as per your choice. The plugin allows users to add social sharing buttons to five different locations such as posts and pages.

You can use the floating sidebar to add social sharing icons on any page or place above them or below the content area or both. It offers easy media sharing and lets users display sharing pop-ups after a certain time delay on the web page. The plugin is highly customizable and offers a clean and modern design.

#4. Share – SumoMe


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Share is fast and easy to use social media plugin for WordPress that helps users to enhance traffic and grab the attention of more people due to its advanced functionality and ultimate features. Your visitors can choose from over 16 popular social networks to share the content on mobile as well as desktop PCs.

It offers smart sharing buttons and lets users place the content by using the drag and drop functionality to exactly on that part of the website where they want it to be displayed. They have a pro version too, which includes additional features such as mobile optimized settings and let you do analysis based on historical share data.

#5. Social Warfare


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It is another powerful WordPress social media plugin which allows users to add fast loading and good looking social sharing buttons on their websites. It is a fact that a fast loading social sharing button can increase the traffic because it doesn’t slow down the site. The plugin is highly customizable and lets users set the social sharing buttons as per the style and branding of their website.

You can create tweetable quotes that can be shared by the viewers quickly and display social share counts to encourage people. You can place the buttons anywhere with the help of simple shortcodes and includes Frame Buster plugin that doesn’t let other people add their call-to-action at the top of yours. You can track the performance of your social sharing and do the analysis as well.

#6. Social Locker for WordPress


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Many users place social sharing button on every page or posts on their website, but users usually don’t tend to share the content on social networks. If the same thing happens to you, then you can take help of this unique social media plugin and encourage your viewers to share the content for any reason such as read the ending of the article or watch a video, etc.

It is easy to set up and use, all you need to do is just select any portion of your article and click the button. The plugin helps you to improve the SEO ranking of your posts and get quality followers to the site. You can lock the content by displaying the social sharing button and either hide or blur the content of the post too.

#7. Easy Social Share Buttons


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Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is one of the best social media plugin available for users in the market as of now and offers a package of advance social sharing buttons. It provides maximum exposure to your content by allowing viewers to share content on over 45 social networks.

A diversified set of design positions, attractive animations, recognizable Like, Share and Follow buttons and around 48 beautiful templates to match your style are also available for the users. It is easy to set and let you choose from various ready-made styles through the quick start setup wizard. The plugin is compatible with all browsers and the latest version of WordPress.

#8. Pinterest Automatic Pin


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Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin automatically pins one image or all images from your post to the and drives more traffic to your websites. It comes with a unique option called “pin them” which lets you pin the images from older posts and send the selected post to pinning queue.

Pinterest auto detects the images and boards and allows you to select where and in which order they will be displayed. It supports any post type, gallery and portfolios are also useful for those who have WordPress eCommerce website as it pins your products directly on Pinterest. The plugin is easy to install and set up and provides excellent functionality.

#9. Jetpack by


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Jetpack is a useful WordPress plugin that lets you manage your website smoothly by increasing the traffic, protect your site from hackers and unauthorized logins, improve the speed and enhance sharing. From the centralized dashboard provided by Jetpack on, you can manage menus, plugins and publish posts.

Jetpack utilizes global content delivery network to optimize speed and help them to load faster, which eventually helps you to save bandwidth and reduce the cost. It receives updates on a regular basis and has more then 1 million active users till now.

#10. SocialFans – WP Responsive Social Counter Plugin


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Social Fans is an excellent retina ready, 100% responsive social media plugin which allows viewers to choose from around 30 popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. The developers provide splendid support and make everything so simple for you.

The plugin offers more than seven views and options via sticky mode, widget, and shortcodes. The overall performance is lighting fast, and you can switch between fast and lazy load options too. It is compatible with latest versions of WordPress and almost all web browsers.

#11. Sossy – Social Profile and Counter


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Sossy is an advance social media plugin for WordPress websites that offers easy to use functionality and includes various modern features. You can use this plugin to make an unlimited Social Counter such as Likes for Facebook pages or Twitter followers, Instagram followers, Pinterest followers, etc. and responsive Social Profiles with covers, images and description on the website.

The plugin is highly customizable and provides manageable display options to match the style of your theme. It provides options to set multiple social media columns and lets you arrange the order of social media by drag and drop facility.

#12. Social Buzz WordPress Plugin


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Social Buzz lets viewers share your blog post to their social networks in an entirely different manner. It embeds a shares graph along with social sharing buttons so that your viewers can give an idea of the popularity of the post by sharing that on their social networking accounts.

Apart from amazing social graphs and eye-catching social sharing buttons it features three unique inbuilt styles and works fine with any post or page on your site. The plugin offers responsive design, is easy to install and supports all web browsers too. You don’t require any coding knowledge to use it effectively.

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So, here are some of the most awesome and best WordPress social media plugins that you can use in 2017 on your blogs or websites.

We should not forget that placing the social sharing button is not enough and we should think about each and every aspect that encourages viewers to share content on major social networks. There are multiple things that affect this process, for example, the functionality of the plugin, looks of the social networking buttons and additional features.

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  1. Melanie Tamble

    Great list.
    I am a big fan of the Mashare and GetSocial social media plugins, because they offer regular social buttons as well as floating ones and they offer good designs and don’t reduce site speed of your blog as many others do.

    For images I find the WP Image Hover Lite plugin very useful, because it gives your readers more options to share your images instead of just Pinterest.
    Your verdicts is absolutely right. Placing sharing buttons on your page does not suffice to get likes and shares. There are many other aspects to consider for promoting your post.

    Better Click to Tweet also is a very good plugin to encourage readers to share your post, because you can prepare the most important statements of your post as ready-to-use Tweets for your readers and this make it easy to post.

    Another important aspect is, not only to wait for your useres to share your posts, but do actively cross-promote your posts across multiple networks and sites.
    For automatically cross-posting your blog posts on social media take a look at the Blog2Social plugin. It has powerful options for easily sharing your posts across all popular social media networks in one easy step. You can optionally customized your posts for each network and automatically scheduler your posts for the best times to post. The plugin is a big time saver for cross-promoting your posts.

    I’d love to hear what you think.

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