10 Best WordPress Image Slider Plugins of 2016

When it comes to the customization, one can perform with WordPress, the possibilities of doing so are endless. Since the very first version WordPress has been a very flexible and dynamic CMS that allows developers to customize the code and make an entirely new website with ease. All thanks to the open source nature of WordPress that the developers spent their time playing with code to develop such amazing plugins for WordPress. These plugins not only add extra functionality to a site, but they also make WordPress different and much easier to use as compared to other content management systems.

In this post, though, we are going to talk about some of the best WordPress Slider plugins you can use. Many of these plugins are available for free, but others are paid, and they are totally worth the money you will spend.

Let us take a look at the list of plugins one by one.

Best Slider Plugins for WordPress



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A short and simple name for a WordPress slider plugin that does exactly what the name claims it does. The slider is one of the best free WordPress slider plugins that can be used to display an image carousal wherever you want on your WordPress website. This plugin allows you to add as many images in a slider as you want and it has a reliable and easy to use backend interface that even a novice can use without problems.

The drag and drop functionality allows you to add and sequence images as per your wish in the slider you are creating. You can also add some HTML elements in the title as well as a description of the slider. There is a PRO version of the slider available that lets you add videos from YouTube as well as Vimeo inside the slider.

Slider WD


Demo & Download

Slider WD is another nice slider plugin for WordPress that lets you create and add sliders to your WordPress website. Creating sliders with Slider WD is easy. The sliders you create with Slider WD will be totally responsive, and that means that these sliders will automatically resize themselves as per the resolution of the device that they are being viewed on.

You get features like choosing from different transition styles, shuffle, auto play, right-click protection, timer bar and even custom CSS. The list of features is quite long, but just keep in mind that all the essential features come with this slider.

Image Slider


Demo & Download

This is one more free slider WordPress plugin that boasts of being responsive. You can just create a slider with this plugin and add it anywhere in a WordPress website – be it a post, page or a sidebar.

You get some nice built-in slider transitions with this plugin and along with that you have some useful features like opening slider in a light box etc. There is a PRO version of this slider that offers a lot of extra features like touch/swipe control for the slider, custom CSS, automatic image crop, many slider effects, transitions and a slider design.

Slider Revolution


Demo & Download

This is one of the best premium WordPress slider plugin that you can buy. This plugin comes with an excellent set of layouts, and responsive slider loops that the viewers are going to like. The parallax layers of the slider are amazing, and it comes with drag and drop editor that provides the ease of creating a slider that even a novice can use to create a slider.

The timeline view of the slider lets you arrange the sequence the images in the order in which they are going to be played. This plugin costs $19 for a single website usage.



Demo & Download

This is truly a premium plugin that starts with a price tag of $19 and goes up to $249 depending on the features you go for and how many websites you are going to use it on. This plugin has a nice interface for creating sliders, and it looks even better when viewed on a website. It is truly responsive, which means it is ready to be viewed on any device no matter what the resolution of the device is.

There is an import and export feature that lets you take a backup of existing sliders, or you can even restore sliders that you might have created before.

SlideDeck 2


Demo & Download

A free image slider that is available in the WordPress repository, and you can use it to create some beautiful image sliders. Not only that, but it also allows you to show images, text, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest & many other things.

This comes with all the essential features of a slider like being responsive, an excellent user interface to create sliders, etc. But it also has a PRO version that allows you to add things into the slider from various sources like Facebook etc.

Cyclone Slider 2


Demo & Download

This WordPress image slider plugin is known for the ease with which one can create sliders. It has a nice drag and drop interface that even the most novice person can work with. You can create sliders that show images, YouTube and Vimeo videos, custom HTML, and even testimonials.

The template system used in the Cyclone Slider 2 is beautiful and lets you customize the looks and behavior of the slider as per your wish. Reordering the slides with this plugin is easy. Being a free slider plugin, this option brings a lot of the premium features to the table without a price tag that is a good thing!

Slider Pro


Demo & Download

Slider Pro comes with some great designs for the sliders you are going to create with it. The developer boast of the intuitive user interfaces that they have included in the plugin that allows users to create sliders easily. It is totally responsive and hence creating sliders that are viewable on different devices no matter what the screen size is easy.

This image slider comes with a price tag of $29 which is well worth for what you are getting with the slider plugin.

Easing Slider


Demo & Download

This is one of the “keep it simple silly” type of plugins that don’t come with many bells and whistles and just do what they are supposed to. It is one of the easiest slider plugins you could ever use. It is simple to work with and not only that, but it is also really lightweight both on your server as well as on the viewer’s computer.

This is an entirely responsive slider and comes with some beautiful CSS3 transitions. It has a visual editor that lets you customize the styling of the slider you are working on. It is also really developer friendly and allows you to have full control by giving you the ability to control the built-in JavaScript events.

Smooth Slider


Demo & Download

As per the developer of this image slider WordPress plugin, it will take less than 50 seconds for you to create a slider with this plugin that shows recent posts, category specific, featured posts, media images and even custom posts.

It is totally responsive, so that means you are not missing out on showing the slider to your mobile visitors, and it comes with six great transition effects. This is a search engine optimized slider so it will not mess with the on-page SEO of the web page you are going to embed it on. It is totally free, and it is available in the WordPress repository for free.

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All in all, these are some of the best WordPress slider plugins that are available right now. Personally, I would go with Cyclone Slider 2 if I was looking for a free option. When it comes to a premium option, the Soliloquy slider is a great choice as it comes with some excellent features and design.


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