Most of the WordPress website owners find it necessary to move the content from one location to another at one stage. However, these broken links or dead pages can reduce the SEO ranking of your site and also affect the user experience. There are multiple redirect plugins are available at for free that can be used to transfer the traffic from dead pages from another location.

You can add multiple types of redirects as per your preference such as 301, 302, 303 and 307. 301 redirects are used for permanent redirect and should be used when the move any page or post to another location forever. The other three redirects can be used for a temporary change when the content is not available at the original location for some time but will return soon.

So, in this article, we will talk about best WordPress redirect plugins that will help you to redirect your WordPress site or blog without any coding knowledge or worries.

WordPress Redirect Plugins

1. Redirection


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Redirection is the most popular WordPress redirect plugin that includes easy to use features for 404 error monitoring and 301 redirections. It comes with advanced tools that help users to track orphan pages and broken links. You can auto-redirect viewers for all types of URLs or manually embed 307 or 302 redirects. The plugin is easy to install and offers great speed as well as performance. You can download it for free from

2. SEO Redirection Plugin


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SEO Redirection is another powerful WordPress plugin that is easy to set and use. The plugin lets users track all the 404 errors, offers one click redirection and supports all the main redirection protocols. The user interface of the plugin is simple yet intuitive and maintains a log of all 404 errors on your WordPress site which eventually gives you a chance to fix them later. A new list of redirects gets stored in your WordPress database, and you can always see the history of all redirects on your website too.

3. Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin


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Quick Page/Post Redirect is one of the highest rated redirection plugins for WordPress which has thousands of active installs. The plugin comes with a broad range of options to redirect that is divided into two categories Individual Redirects and Quick Redirects.

Quick Redirects are available for 301 redirects, and they are easy to add. You just need to enter the request and destination URL, and it will take care of the rest. Individual Redirects are used for those pages and posts that already exist on your website. This plugin is also free to download from

4. Simple 301 Redirects

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Simple 301 Redirects is a nice option for those who don’t feel comfortable using a complex tool for 301 redirect creation. If you want to preserve the SEO ranking of any page while changing the domain, then you require a tool like this which only directs the traffic to the new location. The plugin is easy to install, and you can manage all the 301 redirect configurations from the settings page. You can download this plugin from for free.

5. 410 for WordPress

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When we move the content to another URL, then we use 301 redirects, but in case we remove a lot of content from the website (for example duplicate or low-quality content) then 301 redirects do not help. It plugin doesn’t redirect 404 errors to another page of the website. Instead, it takes viewers to a 410 error page to inform that the requested page has been removed permanently.

It process the lets web crawlers ignore that particular URL and ultimately helps you to preserve your SEO ranking. You need to add a 410.php file in your WordPress theme which will be used by the plugin to display the message to the users.

6. All 404 Redirect to Homepage


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You can enable or disable plugin after installing it from the field status of the control panel. The Plugin provides a simple solution for broken links or dead pages by redirecting the traffic to the Home Page or any customize page of your WordPress site. It uses 301 redirections to move the user and improves your website’s visibility on search engines.

7. Safe Redirect Manager


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Safe Redirect Manager is also available for free It offers simple functionality to redirect existing web pages and folders. It includes a unique feature called Whitelist that allows redirection to whitelisted hosts. This list gets updated automatically and provides added security. It is a useful feature for those who are concerned about the security of automated redirects. Users can easily choose from 301 and 302 redirects from the settings option.

8. Redirect


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Redirect plugin is a simple WordPress redirection tool that is free to download from If you are looking for a plugin that offers basic functionality for redirection that it is a nice option for you as it creates a drop down menu through which you can redirect any post or page of your website straight away. The tool can be used to update the permalinks to the new location which ultimately results in better search engine ranking.

9. Yoast SEO Premium


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Yoast SEO Premium is paid SEO plugin that integrates a feature packed redirect manager and is recommended for those WordPress sites that run a business on a large scale. The plugin integrates with Google Webmaster Tools that allows Google to interact with webmasters and notify them about any issue with their sites.

The tool doesn’t require additional coding to handle redirects and works smoothly from the admin panel of your WordPress theme. The plugin not just redirects traffic from any old URL to the new one, but also improves the SEO ranking of your site. The tool was previously known as Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin.

10. 404 Page


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The plugin is different from other redirection plugins as it doesn’t create 301 or 302 redirects for the viewers. Instead, it allows users to select any existing page of the WordPress site and use it as the 404 page. You can choose a custom page template and set a featured image, then, go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> 404 Error Page -> choose the page that you have created, that’s it.

11. Forty Four


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It is a powerful plugin that helps users to improve their 404-page handling by just creating a super light 404 page as a substitute. These pages load faster as they do not contain heavy scripts or images like a normal 404 error page. Later on, you can view logs from WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> 404 page: logs and create custom redirects such as 301, 302 and 307 for each 404 page as per your convenience.


So, these are some of the best WordPress redirection plugins that our team used in the past and liked them to be included in the list because of many reasons such as ease of use, no complications, etc.

The above mentioned WordPress redirect plugins are easy to set up and can be used by anyone without having coding knowledge. They don’t just help you to preserve the page ranking but also let you keep track of incorrect permalinks and fix them to improve the performance of your site.