If you run a website or blog which is based on a WordPress theme related to food items, you offer a lot to your readers rather than just showcasing the content in a standard way. You can display your recipes in an organized manner and insert images with them. You can also add extra information about the ingredients and nutrition, which will help your viewers anyways. It is also possible for a website owner to allow viewers to add their recipes and share YouTube videos on the site to make things simpler.

Today, many outstanding WordPress plugins for recipes are available that are capable of doing the heavy lifting for the users. These plugins not just systematize the content, but also features extended functionality to enhance the performance. Here is a collection of some of the most widely used WordPress recipe plugins that make your website or blog more appealing.

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Best WordPress Recipe Plugins

Recipe Box


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Recipe Box is a robust and durable WordPress recipe plugin that allows users to implant recipes on their website comfortably. The plugin enables easy display of the recipes in WordPress themes specifically designed for food items related sites. It includes a review system applied with AJAX so that your viewers can rate your recipes. You can effortlessly insert images, list ingredients or step-by-step directions, Recipe Description and much more other details through the meta box in your posts.

It automatically generates rich snippets with the properties of Schema to get a larger showing on search engines. There are 60 customizable options and short codes are available to change the layout according to your need. The layout of recipes produced by the plugin are responsive and retina ready.



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Cooked is a powerful plugin for WordPress themes based on cooking. You can insert new recipes with multiple images and details quickly and comfortably using the new Drag and Drop Builder. The plugin makes your website more interactive as it allows logged in users to submit their own recipes once you turn on front-end submission. You can use a shortcode for custom login anywhere on the website.

The pending recipe management enables fast uploading of a recipe; then you can approve or delete it with a single click. You can choose from various recipe layouts as per your requirement. The plugin also offers an editable profile page for its users with submitted recipes, favorite list, and reviews. The plugin is responsive mobile ready and offers full-screen mode.

Simplified Recipe


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Simplified Recipe is a unique WordPress recipe plugin which allows users to embed, globally administrate and showcase their favorite recipes quickly and effortlessly on their websites without having advanced knowledge of coding or web development. You can add or remove unlimited categories for your culinary items and display them in the form of a table or list anywhere on the website.

The recipe search helps viewers to find the popular recipe without wasting time with simple keywords. You can share your recipes on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks and even email them. The recipes look great on all devices such as PC, tablet, and smartphones.

Le Chef


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It’s a premium WordPress plugin which offers many exciting in-built capabilities and functionalities that allow users to create excellent recipe websites. The layout generated by this plugin is fully responsive and look beautiful on all screen sizes. A user can filter recipes based on nutritional facts amount or the preparation time and search them using keywords from the front end.

The admin can activate or deactivate nutrient filtering, basic filtering, search recipes box, nutritional facts one by one and change the colors of the filter. It enables support for YouTube videos and allows users to share the recipe on their social networks. It also offers full-screen mode, allows registered viewers to add a recipe and even edit them.

Easy Recipe


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Easy Recipe is a powerful WordPress recipe plugin that allows users to insert, format and print recipes. It allows cut and paste or auto conversion of a plain text, allows live custom formatting and generates automatic ratings. It also allows conversion from other recipe plugins such as Recipe Card, ZipList, GetMeCooking, Recipress reloaded, and RecipeSEO. It helps you to upload recipes with images quickly without having any coding knowledge. It helps your recipe to be found on Google using Google Recipe View formatting and features preview button.


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It’s a unique recipe plugin that is fully compatible with WordPress 4.0.1. It makes your recipes SEO friendly and enhances their findability as it integrates Schema.org and Google Rich Snippet support so that your recipe posts can be found on search results easily.

You can insert images along with your recipe in the post. You have no need to add ingredient one by one, and you can simply paste them together at one place. You can hide the display of an image for a recipe on the post and print view after inserting it. You can add links, notes and customize the font of each post or category.



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Whether You want to add one culinary item in many posts or insert multiple recipes in one post, Get Me Cooking is a plugin which can help you to do it efficiently and effortlessly for sure. It also lets users customize the title, description, layout and colors of any recipe with ease. Your blog posts get a good ranking on search result as it is search engine optimized. Your Viewers can see a large image by just clicking on a picture and take a print out of the recipe only instead of the entire blog.

They can also choose between main photo, all images, and text only while doing so. You can showcase your work in a more organized way using the Recipe index page to list all the recipes, show them by various categories, display recently added recipes and do many more things. The plugin also provides language support for multiple languages such as  English, French, Russian, German, Italian, Danish, etc.


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After the launch of Google’s Recipe View, microformats have become essential for food bloggers because without using them the recipes won’t appear on Recipe View search results. There is another fact that most of the cooks and chefs don’t know coding. Recipe SEO Plugin is highly recommended for such people as it does all the hard work for you and let viewers find your recipes using simple keywords on search engines. You can easily embed your recipes and take advantage of microformats.

Recipress Reloaded


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Recipress Reloaded is a robust and easy to use plugin which is highly suitable for food items related blogs and websites. The plugin includes a post type ‘recipe‘ for recipes on the site. You can publish your culinary items in a standalone post or showcase them in existing posts. It allows you to organize content using inbuilt taxonomies such as cuisines, categories, course and seasons.

You can add unlimited taxonomies if they are not sufficient. The plugin provides easy to control back panel and integrates schema.org recipe microformat for better exposure on search results. You can display the list of recipes and ingredients in alphabetical order using shortcodes. Apart from English, it provides language support for Dutch and German and partial support for Hungarian and Italian.

WP Ultimate Recipe


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You don’t need to have coding knowledge to control the plugin as it comes with a highly instructive admin page and shortcode editor.  You can categorize your recipes using the standard WordPress tags or create multiple taxonomies like the course, cuisine, etc. You can make your websites more interactive as it allows viewers to add their recipes. Its mobile ready layout enables the proper response to your culinary items on all screen sizes.

The language support is already available for English, Dutch, German,  Bulgarian, Spanish, Swedish, Polish and Portuguese. It works very well with WPML so you can easily translate the content in other languages too. The recipes automatically get formatted with metadata to get good ranking on search results.


A few years ago it wasn’t so convenient for a person with no technical expertise to modify the content of the website and add or remove content so easily, but now the situation has totally changed.

If you are a chef of someone who has an interest in such things and want to create his/her website, you can use any of these WordPress recipe plugins listed below and become famous online. You have no need to take the assistance of a web developer or an SEO consultant to grow a website because most of them are already working for you and creating automated tools that can reduce your as well as their burden.