Best WordPress Plugins to Regenerate Thumbnail Images

Thumbnails refer to the resized version of any image or video and give an overview at a glance or your content which attracts users when they search around for the relevant material. A perfect thumbnail can add value and make the appearance of your website more pretty and grabs anyone’s attention, but in case if there is no thumbnail or an incorrect one is placed then it can allow visitors to go somewhere else. A featured image thumbnail also helps the visitor to get engaged and spend more time on your website which eventually lets you run your business through the site more efficiently if you are a professional.

Here in this article, we would like to inform you about some highly popular WordPress thumbnail plugins that are being used by thousands of users globally to generate thumbnail images. These best WordPress thumbnail regenerate plugins are also necessary because the default system of WordPress doesn’t allow users to display images of different sizes in a similar manner.

WordPress Thumbnail Plugins

1. Video Thumbnails


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The Video Thumbnails is a distinctive plugin which generates thumbnails for the initially inserted videos in the post and also sets the created thumbnail to the specific image automatically. You can store such thumbnails on your server, and they will appear like other images in the media library. The plugin will lift the information from the video source.

It provides support to many popular sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vine and much more. However, it does not create a thumbnail for any video which is self-hosted. Though, it allows users to produce thumbnails for posts, custom post types, and pages.

2. Auto Post Thumbnail

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Auto Post Thumbnail is a useful plugin which generates post thumbnail from the first image of any post or custom post type automatically and in case if the first image doesn’t work, then it goes to the next one and does the same until the post thumbnail doesn’t get embedded. It won’t make any changes if the post thumbnail is already present.

You can also restrain it from generating thumbnails for any post or image. The plugin can generate thumbnails for already published posts due to its Batch Processing ability. The premium version of this plugin includes more features and provides support to any popular sites.

3. Multiple Post Thumbnails


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This WordPress thumbnail plugin is the right option for those who want more than one featured image in their post because it can assign multiple post thumbnails to a single post type. However, users are required to put some codes in the functions file after the installation of this plugin, and later on, they need to place the code in the template file of the theme where they want to display the 2nd featured image.

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4. Facebook Thumb Fixer


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Facebook is one of the most popular social network and many people share their post on that website to attract more people but having an incorrect or no thumbnail image; your post does not leave a good impact on the viewers. This plugin fixes the problem quickly and ensures that the thumbnail is grabbed from the featured image of your post.

In case if the post doesn’t contain any image, then it gives you the option to specify any other alternative image. The plugin embeds the graph meta properties that carry the information about the page and image you shared on the social network.

5. Post Thumbnail Editor


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Most of the post thumbnails have inconstant sizes, and this plugin allows users to edit those thumbnails and fit properly in the theme effortlessly. The plugin provides an easy to use interface where the user can manually adjust random images and thumbnails and avoid WordPress to crop the images improperly. The plugin is recommended for those who usually face the problem while scaling thumbnails.

6. Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails


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This straightforward and light weighted WordPress thumbnail plugin allows users to categorize the most recent posts of their site with thumbnails and clickable title. Apart from English, the plugin is also available in Arabic, German, Polish, Russian and Persian. This effective plugin is based on traditional default WordPress widget and enhanced to showcase additional information such as thumbnails, allocated categories, and sections. It creates a thumbnail from the first image on the post or the featured image, and if they don’t exist then, you can display the default thumbnail.

7. Force Regenerate Thumbnails


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It is one of the most popular WordPress thumbnail plugins which has been installed thousands of times by users due to its importance. This plugin helps you to regenerate thumbnails for the image associated at the crucial time when you change the WordPress theme. It is highly recommended for those who change the WordPress theme to install this plugin as it lets users delete all the old images and reproduce all the images again to adjust properly with the new theme.

8. Thumbnail Upscale


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Once you install this plugin, it will increase the size of all further uploaded media attachments that are small so that they can perfectly fit the relevant thumbnail dimensions. The plugin helps users to display images in a grid layout where images of various sizes can create problems and default functionality of WordPress doesn’t allow users to upscale small images. Though, your thumbnail format must have settings enabled to crop images so that you can make to most of this plugin.

9. Dynamic Featured Image


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It is another convenient WordPress thumbnail regenerate plugin which allows users to add multiple features images or thumbnail post to their post, pages and custom post types. It features an easy and straightforward interface which lets users add unlimited featured images without placing codes. It has a pro version too, which includes more features. Developers are required to purchase a license if they are going to use this plugin on any premium theme or planning to earn money from it by any means. Those who use the plugin for the free theme have no need to buy the license.

10. Nelio External Featured Image


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The Nelio External-Featured Image is a useful plugin which allows users to import featured image from any external URL effortlessly. Many people use external locations to store their images and want to utilize them in their pages or posts. This plugin also can generate a thumbnail from the first image available from the post if the featured image is not specified.

11. Featured Image Thumbnail Grid

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The Featured Image Thumbnail Grid plugin allows users to add simple shortcodes that showcase the thumbnail image in grid style. If the feature image thumbnail exists, then plugin uses that. Otherwise, it displays the title that’s why it is essential for the user to have thumbnails in the posts that they want to appear in this manner.

The plugin is designed to insert a thumbnail into a post and not to display multiple pages of thumbnails. Users get a good amount of controls in the shortcode to fix the thumbnail size, and determine the number of thumbnails in one section or maintaining the order of the thumbnails in the grid, etc.

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Over To You

Hopefully, the list of best WordPress thumbnail regenerates plugins that we have provided will help you to choose the plugin which suits your needs best and help you to show your image thumbnails more efficiently in your posts and pages. If you have any other WordPress plugin to regenerate thumbnails that you use mostly, do not forget to share with us.

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    Hi – I’m embedding Instagram images in my WP and when I share the links, no thumbnail images appear. I tried downloading the Auto Post Thumbnail plugin, but it didn’t work. Any thoughts?

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