YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet. More than 300 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every minute that is huge. More and more people prefer spending more time on YouTube as compared to their televisions. This is all because YouTube now has an increasing army of YouTubers or YouTube publishers – people who are content creators on YouTube.

If you are a YouTube publisher who also has a WordPress website, then you should know that there are a lot of useful WordPress plugins for WordPress that will help you in promoting your YouTube videos on your WordPress site. Many people who make videos on YouTube have a blog that is related to their content, and they use WordPress for their blog and why not?

In this post, I am going to list some of the best WordPress plugins for YouTube Publishers. Let’s get started.

1. YouTube Embed Plugin


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This is an all in one plugin for WordPress, which you can use to do different stuff related to a YouTube channel on your WordPress website. You can use this plugin to embed a video, a channel gallery for a YouTube channel, a playlist, etc.

The PRO version has useful extra features like caching, which can reduce page load times by a great extent. Not only that, but this plugin provides detailed analytics on the videos being watched by your users and you get loads of alternate gallery styling with the PRO version. But if you just want the basic features, the free version available, officially on WordPress is good enough for your needs.

2. YouTube Channel


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This is another freely available plugin for WordPress that one can use to promote their YouTube content on their blog as well. This plugin can be used to display videos from a YouTube channel, liked videos, playlists and even favorite videos in chronological as well as random order. You can choose to display either responsive or unresponsive video with any aspect ration you want.

You can use this plugin to display a video in a post, in your blog’s sidebar or even in a Lightbox mode if you wish. Being a free plugin, this plugin provides more features than many premium plugins out there.

3. YouTube Embed


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This plugin does so much more than what the name says. You can use it to embed videos on a WordPress website, but other useful features come with this plugin that can prove themselves to be great for a YouTube publisher.

Features like being able to create playlists by a user, a search, etc. can be done automatically. It also adds all the metadata of the video on your blog that is good when it comes to SEO. The support for do not track means that people who have opted out of being tracked will also be able to see the videos that are a great thing. This is a great plugin if you are looking for a plugin that provides you more options while embedding a YouTube video.

4. YouTube Gallery Plugin


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If you are looking for a plugin that just does the job of displaying videos from a channel in the sidebar of your blog, then this is the go to the plugin you should use. All you need to do to use this plugin is that activate it, and then go to Widgets and drag and drop the plugin wherever you want the widget to show up. Not only that, but you can also display this widget on a post or a page by just using a shortcode.

This plugin will display the main thumbnail of the video. It works on the YouTube iFrame API and hence serves videos in an HTML5 player which mean it is also compatible with mobile devices.

5. YouTube Videos to WordPress Posts


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If you want a plugin that simply posts the videos from a YouTube channel on a blog, then this is the plugin that will work without any problems. This is useful for a publisher who wants to have a website where he can show his videos as a portfolio. This plugin will totally eliminate the task of manually taking the embed code for a video and then making a post/page about it as this does the job automatically.

You can post videos from a channel, playlist, search, etc. as a WordPress post, page or even a custom post type. The videos can be sorted by date, rating, views count, category, duration, definition, etc. The price of the plugin is mere $24 which makes it a good plugin for the price you are paying.

6. YouTube Traffic Pop


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YouTube has a great user base, but these users aren’t the most loyal group of audience you’ll find on the internet. If you are a YouTube publisher, you might be knowing how hard it is to attract people to subscribe to your channel. People subscribe only when they are getting something in return.

This plugin provides you a way that will help you in getting more subscribers. You can install it on your WordPress website and redirect your users to your website for a download or anything. This plugin will prompt them to subscribe to the channel. This is one of the best ways to get subscribers and apparently, more subscribers means that you will have a wider audience for your videos.

7. YouTube Vimeo Video Player


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This plugin can be used to provide the best possible YouTube video viewing experience to your users on your WordPress website. It allows you to add a slider of videos that your users can interact with and choose which video to watch. You can use this plugin to scrape the title, description, etc. automatically from the YouTube page of the video that makes your work a whole lot easier.

The plugin is fully responsive and hence works great even on mobile devices. You can choose to autoplay the videos, loop them. At a price of $15, this plugin will be an excellent choice for a YouTube publisher who has a WordPress website to maintain.

8. Video Thumbnails


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Not all videos have the best thumbnail that can define the video. To fix that you can use this plugin to show a custom thumbnail for a video that is embedded on your WordPress website. All you need to do is upload a new image to be used as a thumbnail and set it as featured images, and this will be used as the default thumbnail for the chosen video.

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All of the plugins that have been mentioned here can do different things. Some of them are free while some come at a price. But if you are a YouTube publisher who also wants to display their video on a WordPress website that you own, some of the plugins listed here will make your work easier, or they might even automate the whole process!