25+ Best WordPress Landing Page Themes To Improve Conversion Rates For Products & Apps 2017

Owning a website and having an online presence is a great marketing tool for reaching and appealing to a lot of potential customers. It is also handy for informing the world that you have brought something new to the modern day consumers. Most of your customers will get an initial impression of your company from your website. One way to get the curiosity and attention of your clients is to have an outstanding WordPress landing page theme.

To have a landing page WordPress theme for your website will be like having a sales page and it will help you get higher sales number and greater number of conversions. WordPress has a great collection of landing page templates from which you can pick one to create the perfect landing page. You can run A/B split tests to improve conversion rates for your products, services or a mobile App.

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Here is a diverse list of 25 best WordPress Landing Page themes that will help you establish your landing pages to increase conversions and product sales:

WordPress Landing Page Themes


WordPress Landing Page Theme Themify

Demo & Download

Landing is an appropriately named landing page WordPress theme which can quickly increase your site conversions. The theme is developed by Themify and comes with their drag and drop builder which makes designing your landing page quick with high levels of customizability.

But you don’t have to waste too much time creating your landing page as the theme comes with over twenty-three beautiful layouts which you can seamlessly import to your site. You also get over twenty-five pre-designed builder layouts, some header options for variety and even WooCommerce support if you want to showcase your products for sale.

Landing Page

Landing Page Templatic

Demo & Download

Landing Page theme is a landing page theme for WordPress; and no matter how confusing this sentence sounds, the theme is very powerful and easy to use. The theme has a very sleek design language and is highly suited for websites that are more of a service provider or online shop.

The team behind Landing Page theme puts maximum focus on homepage management alongside giving you an array of portfolio features coupled with WooCommerce integration. This lethal combination will catch the eyes of all your customers. Besides this, you also get high levels of customizability, widgets, shortcodes, Mega Menus, and you can also use the theme as a one-page management system.

Your visitors will be happy being assured of being notified and you will develop many leads in the process. Furthermore, when your product hits the market, it will have gotten much projection to have which will result in an impressive sales figure.


Bivio WordPress Landing Page

Demo & Download

Bivio theme comes with all the tools necessary to give your startup or next product launch all the promotion necessary. It is a powerful and modern landing page WordPress theme that will have you build your dream site in a matter of minutes. Customization options are also plenty, with powerful theme options and the ever popular Visual Composer Page Builder.

The theme has a clean, flexible and professional design language and is powered by Twitter BootStrap 3 and Font Awesome Framework. With the theme, you will have seamlessly created a landing page incorporate a great visual and register form if you so need.


TheGem Landing Page Theme

Demo & Download

Gone are the days when you used to throw in lots of text along with a few images into a page and call it a landing page. Modern landing pages are much more than that. They need to tell a story and follow all the basics of user experience. You need a professional template like TheGem to create highly converting landing pages.

The Gem allows you to create one-page layouts, which is the basic point of landing pages. Thanks to the complete Visual Composer integration, you can have total control over the layout. The high-performance theme also supports parallax effects, video backgrounds, and premium sliders, which could be useful for enhancing a various section of your landing page.



Demo & Download

Urip is an excellent WordPress landing page theme, which boasts a professional feel and has won the CSS Reel Awards and also the Web Guru Awards. It is another BootStrap powered theme and is perfect for landing pages for business, startup, app showcase or just lead generation.

With Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, and WooCommerce integration, you get all the features you need to create the perfect landing page with some monetization options sprinkled in. Considering the price tag, and the features you get, Urip is a bang for the buck, and you should try it if a modern minimalistic design is what appeals to you.



Demo & Download

CrossWay is a very powerful and advanced landing page theme for WordPress. You can use the theme as one page or a multi-page theme as per your requirement. The theme is ideal for any profession or company that needs a ground to showcase their work. You can also incorporate a form if you plan to generate leads or can simply use your landing page as an information hub.

You also get Visual Composer to add your taste to the already professionally designed landing page. Furthermore, you also get great customer support and who doesn’t appreciate that?



Demo & Download

Cobian is a great flat design implemented WordPress landing page template. It is also highly customizable, has great code structure and is ideal for any marketing business or personal website; granted they like the flat design language.

It is another theme built upon the BootStrap framework and is also highly responsive. Furthermore, you can have your site look like and performs just the way you want it too with Visual Composer and multiple shortcodes. And how doesn’t enjoy free lifetime updates and a fast and responsive customer service?



Demo & Download

Book is an appropriately named landing page WordPress theme that emphasizes on selling/marketing e-books. It is packed with all the features you will possibly need to promote and inform people about an e-book through a landing page. You also get Visual Composer couple with powerful extensions which together will help you customize your site to get the most visually appealing and engrossing website.

The theme gets high ratings for its design quality, flexibility and customer support. Book theme is easily one of the best landing page theme for e-books currently available in the market.

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Demo & Download

LandX is a multipurpose landing page WP template that can give you high customizability freedom. You get five homepage styles, unlimited color schemes, MailChimp and many other features that will have you make a feature-full and visual landing page. The theme has a clean design and is of excellent quality considering the budget-friendly pricing that you get with the theme. WooCommerce support is also provided if you want to commercialize the site.



Demo & Download

Prematex is an ideal leads generation landing page WordPress theme. The theme is extremely versatile and highly customizable to suit your needs. You can also customize in real-time with theme customizer that lets you customize in real-time. You also get two versions of the home page containing your forms that will help you generate leads.

You also have full customizability freedom with the form that will be the main point of your landing page. Its minimalistic flat design can also be an appeal to your customers if they prefer these visual aesthetics incorporated into their site.


Landlr Landing Page Template WordPress

Demo & Download

Landlr is another all-in-one solution for your landing page theme requirements. It is built with HTML5 and CSS3 methods, powered by BootStrap and has a responsive design making it extremely robust, flexible and highly accessible.

Landlr can amazingly pinpoint all the strengths of your website and business in a concise manner on a single page. This will be a great way to appeal to your customers and help them navigate around your site. Overall, the theme gets high ratings from its users, comes with a pocket-friendly price tag and is an excellent choice if you are need of just a landing page theme for your site.


Scalia Multi Concept Business Theme

Demo & Download

Scalia is a multi-concept WordPress landing page theme that has multiple numbers of useful areas. It comes with over a hundred and fifty layouts which covers all possible needs you may have while building your website. With unlimited customization options, premium features and much more Scalia is a steal even at the price it comes for.

We are mostly interested in the landing page demo that comes with Scalia. With the demo backing you up, you get all the features that make for an appealing and alluring landing page. The parallax effect incorporated is just outstanding and offers an excellent way to layout information about your product or service.


JustLanded Landing Page

Demo & Download

JustLanded is one of the top selling landing page themes on the market. It is bundled with great lead generation features and online marketing functionalities with which your visitors will become devoted customers. While using the theme, you will realize that the developer was a man whose knowledge base was a cross section between beautiful web designing and skilled marketing.

The theme is integrated with all features you can ask for, coupled with multiple options to choose the right aesthetic requirement for your brand. And to top all these off, the theme provides you with great customer support which is extremely fast and very helpful.



Demo & Download

Meminz is a pocket-friendly landing page theme for WordPress ideal for sites where people comes to download some software or apps. We have all encountered web pages in our net surfing lifetime, which offers downloads, but are so horrendously designed that you will believe that they are offering some malware.

So you might have felt hesitant while incorporating your new downloadable app or software in your sites landing page. But now, with Meminz backing you up, you deliver a professional, trustworthy feel to your customers that will appreciate your site even though you share that front page download button. And if you want to get rid of that, you can easily do that too by removing the download button and using your landing page as an information hub for your app or software.

Digital Pro Theme

Digital Mobile Landing Page Template

Demo & Download

Digital Pro Theme provides an excellent means for improving your business based around digital goods. Most landing pages are necessary for online trader and marketers, and that’s why Digital Pro Theme is an excellent contender for the best landing page theme.

The theme will quickly build an atmosphere which is user-friendly, clean and uses easy to read typography. These things are often neglected and have great subtle influences on the visitors. The theme will give you a multitude of features, and its purchase will include the Genesis Framework, impressive customization options, an array of widgets and unlimited updates and support.


Appster Best WordPress Landing Page

Demo & Download

Appster is a clean, minimal, one-page landing page WP template. With an elegant design language, parallax scrolling, you can quickly set-up an attractive, lucrative landing page. Appster is perfect for showcasing anything and everything that can and needs to be showcased online.

From apps and products to services and upcoming events, Appster will deliver great visuals to captivate all your visitors. It is also very easy to use, so using the theme is independent of your level of expertise, and if this is your first time, your experience won’t be a factor in making a great landing page.


Kodax Landing Page Theme WordPress

Demo & Download

Kodax is your choice of a landing page WordPress theme if you want one for your blog, portfolio or personal website. In some instances, it can also be used for business purposes.

Overall it is a immaculate theme which uniquely creates an exhibition of your products with a fullscreen slider. You can also use the built-in Photoshop smart object sliders with which you can put your apps, products, and items on an excellent display.

There is also a multitude of features that are thrown in with the theme, including numerous Google WebFonts, Font Awesome Icons, shortcodes, widgets and much more customizability options. Furthermore, you also get WooCommerce integration and can set up a shop if want to have that extra e-commerce benefit.


Petrichor Landing Page Examples

Demo & Download

Petrichor is a highly customizable and easy to use WordPress landing page theme. One of its notable features is the theme options panel that has side-to-side preview options that will help you see your customizations in real time.

Furthermore, your landing page built with Petrichor can be quickly expanded into a full-fledged website. Overall, given the theme’s extremely pocket-friendly pricing it delivers decent features and is okay if you are in requirement of ONLY a landing page theme that hosts customizability options for you to tweak till your heart’s content.



Demo & Download

OnePage Theme is a basic single page WordPress theme which loads fast, has a clean design with handcrafted codes, and fully SEO optimized. You also get a powerful theme option and multiple customization features. You can also get creative with a drag and drop homepage builder and various unique blog posts.

The theme is also fully packed with widgets, shortcodes, and many more functions. You can also incorporate parallax effects, CSS3 animations, and floating menus, all to bring life and vivaciousness to your site. You can pretty much do anything you want with your OnePage powered landing page. You also have an excellent customer supports team backing you up.


Divi Theme

Demo & Download

Divi is hands down one of the most flexible and smartest themes for WordPress available on the market. With the Divi builder and pre-made layouts, you can build any website you want.

Now, using Divi solely for the requirement of a landing page theme would be overkill. With a boatload of features, Divi is too over qualified to be limited to such a small requirements. Plus if you only need just a landing page theme, and you are satisfied with all other aspects then there is no need for you to pay the premium price tag that comes with Divi.

But if you want to redesign your website top to bottom, incorporate a multitude of features as well as have a dashing landing page then go right for it. The theme has never disappointed and will never disappoint. Read Full Review –>.



Demo & Download

LeadSurf is a landing page theme for WordPress and is a great utility for increasing your leads generation. The theme comes with many features and customizability options with which you can appeal to your customers and get them interested in your next product.

You can set up a countdown timer for the next event/product launch that your company is going to deliver and get people excited for it. Then have them fill up a form to get notified when the products hit the market.


Appointment Theme Templatic

Demo & Download

Appointment theme is a landing page theme for WordPress highly suited for people who run a website for services. With the theme, you can easily showcase your services and give your customers booking privileges right from the landing page. The booking form covers the majority of the page, but it is also removable with just a couple of clicks.

Appointment theme gives you complete control over customization of the homepage, booking form and also allow you to manage your online bookings. Your customers will also be satisfied since they can get the freedom to pay with PayPal, Google Wallet, WorldPay and much more.

Daily Deal

Daily Deal WordPress Themes

Demo & Download

Daily Deal is another landing page theme for your WordPress website that will quickly build you a great deals site. You and your customers will both be satisfied as the theme allows you as well as others to submit their deals.

After visitors come and post their deals, all controls fall on your hand. If the deal is sold, you get the money which you then forward to sellers after cutting your commission. Deal sites also have high trafficking and hence with Daily Deals theme backing you up, you get to impress your visitors to prefer your site over others.

Any Other Theme With Landing Page Builder?

We all know how the first impression is the last impression. In most cases, your website will be the first part most people will encounter about your business. Again your landing page is the first part people are going to experience about your site, and hence you understand the importance of having an excellent landing page.

Here were some of the best WordPress landing page themes available in the market. Enjoy and let us know your experience using them.

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