11+ Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins to Speed Up Your Site

No matter how many times you come across some amazing plugins for WordPress, you just won’t be able to deny the beauty and flexibility that WordPress provides. One of the most important reasons for WordPress’ widespread use and popularity are the plugins and themes.

Optimizing a WordPress website is necessary. Both regarding user experience as well as SEO. A good WordPress is not only easy to navigate, but it is also very snappy and loads fast. To make sure that your WordPress website is always fast and snappy, you need to take care of several things including the optimization of images.

Why is Image Optimization Necessary?

An image is worth a thousand words and that is why using an image in a post to explain things is necessary. Keep in mind that the size of image files is larger than text, and this might make your website slower as the images might take a long time to download if they aren’t of the appropriate size. Image optimization makes sure that your images are of a suitable size, and they can be compressed properly to make your WordPress website load faster.

In this post we are going to talk about some of the best WordPress image optimization plugins that one can use in order to optimize the images on their WordPress website easily.

Top WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

1. Hammy


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If you have a WordPress website that is also responsive, you might have noticed that the responsive site also serves images of the same size as the desktop website without any compression or resizing. This creates a problem for mobile sites that are in low network areas and are not able to load the pages correctly. This is where Hammy comes in.

Hammy creates images of different sizes as you upload it and it displays the image with the lower size and resolution as per the device resolution. The lower the resolution, the lower will be the size of the image file.

2. WP Smush PRO


Download Link

To be able to download and use this plugin, you will be required to be a part of the Premium WPMU Dev community. This plugin is useful to compress images to reduce their size. You can process images in formats of .jpg, .gif and .png using the WPMU Dev Smush API that has a fleet of dedicated servers for doing exactly this.

You can compress images of sizes up to 32 MB either individually or in bulk. You can have all this done without losing the image quality of the image you are processing.

3. PB Responsive Images


Download Link

The community has adopted a particular tag for responsive images, and this plugin takes advantage of that tag to transform your images into smaller sizes to make them appear appropriately on devices of all kinds of screen sizes.

The images after the processing will appear better on different screen and the size of images will also reduce making your WordPress website load faster.

4. EWWW Image Optimizer


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This is arguably one of the best WordPress image optimization plugin out there. You can install EWWW Image Optimizer on your WordPress installation as a plugin, and it will be able to process the images in real-time.

Images in formats of JPG and PNG can be processed in an entirely lossless format and hence you will have the same quality compressed photos as they were before compressing. The size of the images will reduce to a large extent and your WordPress website with images will load faster than ever.

5. Lazy Load

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Ever saw websites where the images load after you scroll to that particular part of the page? That is exactly what this plugin does, and it is helpful in making the WordPress website with images load faster and also puts the server load on a much lower side.

This plugin uses jQuery.sonar and loads the images only when the image area becomes visible on the screen.

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6. Imsanity


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Not only does this plugin carry an unusual name, but it is useful when it comes to processing images to make them smaller.

Imsanity is a plugin that can automatically resize the images if they are larger than the size you have set in the plugin settings. You also need to set the quality of JPEGs so the plugin can compress and resize them according to your settings.

7. CW Image Optimizer

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This plugin claims to be one of the best image processing and optimizing plugins for WordPress. It uses Linux image optimizing programs and works on your servers in real-time to process the images.

The processing will be totally lossless and hence your images won’t lose any quality during the processing. The only quirk of using this plugin is that setting it up is a bit tough if you are using a shared hosting. But once you get it up and running, you will not need to worry about images anymore.

8. Prizm Image


Download Link

This is also one of the most popular and functional image processing and optimizing plugins for WordPress. It uses a unique API to process the images and compress them while making sure the quality and beauty is not lost.

It strips down the metadata of the images and hence reduces the file size of the images to a large extent. You can optimize images in the format of JPEG, GIF and even PNGs. You will need to register a user account before using this plugin so head over to this link and register before setting it up.

9. WordPress Image Shrinker


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This is one more WordPress image optimizing plugin that works with TinyPNG API in order to compress the size of JPEGs and PNGs to a much smaller size without losing the quality of the image. This works automatically and all you need to do is install this plugin and get started.

10. Optimus


Download Link

Optimus is a freemium option if you want to have a functional image optimizing plugin on your WordPress website. The plugin claims that it can reduce the size of the image by 70%.

The only problem is that the free version of this plugin can only allow you to compress the images that are less than the size of 100 KB. If you decide to pay, then you will be able to optimize and compress image size of up to 5MB. Check out the pricing here.

11. ShortPixel Image Optimizer


Download Link

Last, but still very good, the ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin can allow you to compress not only images but also PDF files! You can compress and process files in the format of JPEG, GIF, and PNG. It is up to you to choose whether to go for lossy or lossless processing.

The images are processed in real-time as they are uploaded. The free version of this plugin allows you to process up to 100 images per month, and if you want more, you can just get a premium plan by paying a certain amount per month. You can check the pricing chart here.

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Final Verdict

Image processing is an important factor when it comes to SEO and even for website visitors. It not only saves space on your server and makes taking backups easier, but it also helps you in getting better rankings and to serve webpages faster to your users.

Personally, I prefer using the EWWW and the CW Image optimizers, and they are free to use and very functional. They work on our servers, and they process images in real-time that is exquisite.


  1. Donald

    This is a perfect example of a blog post that adds value.
    I loved it. List, plugins and everything is very helpful.

  2. John Blum

    Once comment if I may: if you use ShortPixel you don’t need Imsanity anymore as it has the features from Imsanity included. It works better as you only use a single plugin and the optimization is better.

  3. Niklas (

    As far as I know the current wordpress version does serve scaled images for responsive designs, doesn’t it? That would make the first plugin unnecessary.

  4. George

    I use WP Smush plugin its quite good, and also good for SEO as well we use it part of our service in WP.


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