WordPress HeatMap Plugins

Running a successful and profitable website or blog is all about making people click! It does not matter whether you have put some advertisements or post titles out there; you need to make people click on those. It’s a quite cyclical process — you need to know where people click, and you have to place the important stuff there. So, how do you know the ‘hot’ locations on your website or blog, where people have a tendency to click on regularly?

If you’re running WordPress, it’s a lot easier than you imagine. Thanks to the awesome heatmap plugins out there, it is a matter of a few seconds to set up a system to analyze where people click. In this article, we’ve listed the 12 best WordPress heatmap plugins you can go for. There are several options to set up your heatmap system, but it is better to go for a third-party solution as far as you’re concerned about resource availability of your server.

Top WordPress HeatMap Plugins

Heatmap for WordPress – Realtime Analytics

Heatmap for WordPress Plugin

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Heatmap.me is a heatmap analytics WordPress plugin that is used by several brands and professionals. When you’d like to have a holistic and analytical overview of the different activities on your website/blog, the service will help you a lot.

Heatmap.me is a bit different from other options because this plugin can extend tracking into the dynamic sort of elements. For instance, not only the text or images but also forms and buttons would be monitored. In short, you get a comprehensive overview of the user clicks using Heatmap.me. If you want to have the service for just one site with a few limitations, you can go for its free version.

Crazy Egg Heatmap Tracking

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One of the most used WordPress heatmap plugins for visitor tracking, Crazy Egg can help you to have an idea about what people tend to do on your website/blog. It also lets you know several other details, such as whether your users scroll down through your page; the extent to which scrolling is done, etc.

Also, you can find the source-based click statistics — if more clicks are from social media traffic, you can know that and act accordingly. Crazy Egg also offers some cool analysis options that will be helpful in the marketing aspect. By paying $9 a month, you can have the basic version of the superb heatmap plugin, and you have to select a plan according to the traffic you have on the site.

Ptengine – Heatmap Analytics

Ptengine WordPress Heatmap Analytics Plugin

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Available in the form of an easy-to-use WordPress heatmap plugin, Ptengine is a fully fledged solution to analyze your site traffic, click rates and other insights. Not only clicks, but scrolling rates and the attention spreading ratio can also be found using Ptengine, which is a good option for marketers. In this tool, you have provisions for monitoring multiple devices that are running on different platforms.

So, Ptengine has enough options regarding heatmap monitoring. Apart from the heatmap sector, additional options include event monitoring, realtime analytics of traffic, filtering options, etc. if you have to track only one domain and are okay with 20000 visitors, you can go for the free plan.


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SessionCam is quite a lot more than a typical heatmap service. Just as the name says, SessionCam lets you record the entire activity that takes place on your site — from mouse movements to clicks and from right clicks to scroll downs. It has a particular area for heatmap analysis, in which several aspects such as clicks, mouse movements and attention areas would be recorded and presented later.

Once you install SessionCam plugin in your WordPress site or blog, you have plenty of options such as the Session Replay. In Session Replay, you can re-play the whole set of activities that did take place in your site. Moreover, SessionCam offers a free version.

Clicky by Yoast

Clicky heatmap by Yoast Plugin

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Clicky is a comprehensive website tracking solution that can easily be implemented on your WordPress site/blog — thanks to a simple-enough plugin. From realtime traffic analysis with details on individual visitors, Clicky gives the information you’d love to have as a marketer.

Along with this, Clicky has a dedicated section for tracking heatmaps and getting an in-detail report in the end. There’s even an option of Segmentation, meaning that you can see the heatmaps of users who have completed a particular task or so. In short, Clicky has every kind of site heatmap tracking capability; you’d ever need.


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If you want to combine the capabilities of website heatmap and session replay, Mouseflow is a worth-going-for plug-in for WordPress, we bet. Used by brands such as Microsoft, Volkswagen, Samsung and Philips, Mouseflow has a set of options for dynamic analysis. The analyzed data can then be used for enhancing conversion rates on your site.

It is possible to get details about clicks, scroll and more — and why should you not improve the conversion rates? As it was seen in the second tool, fully-fledged recording screen replays are there in Mouseflow plugin.

Hotjar Connecticator

Hotjar Connecticator heatmap Plugin

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Once you have purchased the Hotjar service and installed the plugin on your WordPress site/blog, you have a complete set of options for analyzing your site and feedback. Obviously, it has a promising section for heatmap analysis, but it is not finished — other options include conversion funnels, feedback polls, session recordings, surveys, etc.

In other words, almost everything on your blog can be monitored using Hotjar and thus to have a comprehensive answer in the end. It has a fully-fledged section of the heatmap, which records clicks, scrolls and attention.


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Clicktale is a WordPress heatmap plugin that lets you find and analyze customer behavior. Once you have purchased this nice service and set up the plugin, Clicktale can give you plenty of information such as session replays, geolocation-based analysis, conversion analysis, etc. The additional capabilities include Session Replays, Management Tools, etc.

Using this service, you can have a comprehensive overview of your WordPress site/blog in the best way possible. You don’t have to be worried about its efficiency — Clicktale is trusted by the popular, renowned brands out there. It indeed is a trusted WordPress plugin for heatmap analysis, we believe.


SeeVolution website heatmap Plugin

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SeeVolution is yet another option to optimize your website/blog through the clever analysis of heatmap as well as an all-in-one traffic analysis. Despite offering the realtime analysis of traffic and user availability, the major significance is given for heatmap analysis. There are options for analyzing clicks, scrolls and mouse moves.

The features have been arranged quite well in the plugin, making the analysis quite easy for a newbie. That having said, SeeVolution is an expensive WordPress plugin.

Lucky Orange

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Lucky Orange is not a standard tool for heatmap analysis. This WordPress heatmap plugin brings a variety of choices to optimize conversion rates on your site — it is why Lucky Orange is called the all-in-one conversion optimization suite. Apart from the fully-fledged traffic analysis section, the noted sections include session record, advanced heatmap & direct customer chat.

The features of the heatmap analysis section include click tracking, mouse movement tracking and scroll depth tracking. Moreover, in the dashboard, everything is presented in the best-possible manner, and that’s a fine-tuned thing for marketers.

ExtraWatch Free

Extra Watch FREE WordPress heatmap Plugin

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As the name says, ExtraWatch Free is an entirely free heatmap software to track heatmaps in your website/blog. Once you’d deal with the installation stuff, the plugin would be on duty, taking care of traffic analysis and the locations people do click.

ExtraWatch also offers some neat additional features such as the Anti-spam, which can help you get rid of many spam stuff, different types of graphs for detailed analysis and nightly email reports to have a general overview of the site or blog performance. In short, ExtraWatch Free is one of the best free heatmap plugins you can install.


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Once you have successfully installed the Inspectlet WordPress plugin in your blog/site, you have integrated the Inspectlet Analytics service. It means that, from the moment onwards, activities in your website will be tracked, and the information will be available in an easily accessible format.

Apart from visitor’s session recordings, mouse movement, and clicks, another user-provided information is also monitored — such as what they have typed and how much time they have spent in an individual session. Used by WordPress, Cisco, and KAYAK, you can count on this WordPress heatmap plugin when you need best Analytics.



So, we have listed the 12 top WordPress plugins for heatmap analysis and tracking. While some plugins are just for heatmap analysis, services such as Clicky and SessionCam gives additional options — including session recording and realtime traffic tracking. So, depending on the budget you have and the capabilities you need, you can pick one from this list.