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The Internet has made it easier than ever for people and organizations to campaign for a cause, promote a product or service.

Go to a website for a non-profit organization, an indie developer or a small home business and you’ll most likely see an option to donate to support their work or movement.

Donation buttons are slowly becoming standard practice with anyone looking to acquire funding from willing volunteers. With several donation WordPress plugins, accepting donations on your site is now easier than ever.

The features vary from basic to advanced, so you can work out what works for you and your site. All of them make it easy for a visitor to pay money of any amount (set by you or the user) in just a few clicks.

Here are 8 best WordPress donation plugins:

Best Non Profit Donation Plugins For WordPress

1. PayPal Donations


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This WordPress donation plugin uses PayPal for accepting donations. You can embed the donate button in any page or post using a shortcode, or you can display it on a sidebar widget. There’s an option to use the default PayPal button, but you can upload your custom button if you wish.

To enter your PayPal details, you need to go to Settings -> PayPal Donations. You can also enter a custom page to display after a user makes a donation. You can also set a default donation amount or leave it blank for the user to fill in. When you complete the form, insert the shortcode to a page, post or widget to display it on your site.

2. Give


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Give is an professional donation plugin for WordPress that’s designed specifically for charitable causes. It allows you to embed any form within your website to collect donations. The forms of payment include PayPal Standard and Offline payments for the free version of the plugin.

A donor can specify his own amount or you can set up a single or different amounts to choose from. Built by WordImpress, donation forms are created with an easy to learn interface and can be customized or enhanced as you please.

You can also collect email subscriptions with a custom form so you can keep in touch with donors for updates on existing and future campaigns. Give has a wide array of premium addons for services like Braintree, Stripe, and MailChimp, to name a few.

3. Seamless Donations


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This WordPress donation plugin claims to have you accepting donations within five minutes of installing it. With this, you can expect ease of use and speedy implementation.

The plugin’s only payment gateway is PayPal, but it enables multi-purpose and recurring donations. Using custom post types, this plugin makes it possible to have different funds set up so users can choose which ones they want to donate to. It also has a tracking function to identify the most active donors, as well as the ability to send thank you emails to each contributor.

4. Smart Donations


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This WordPress donation plugin has four ways to display the donation form. The first one is by redirecting the user to the PayPal page where they can log in and specify the amount they want to donate.

The second one is a Text Box donation where users can fill in the amount and then click on the donate button. The third one is a Three buttons donation where a user can choose from three fixed charity values indicated in the donate buttons.

The fourth one is a Slider donation where a user can slide a button to the left or right to adjust the charity amount. There’s a pro feature for creating donation forms that require a donor to fill out more information.

One thing to note is that this plugin’s design is less than appealing, so unless there’s a need for its main features, the aesthetics (or lack thereof) can be overlooked.

5. Donorbox


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Donorbox is a free WordPress plugin for donation payments with PayPal and Stripe. Note that there is a limit of up to $1,000/month. There is a transaction fee of 0.89% for contributions exceeding the limit.

You can build forms easily with a custom form builder. You can even add your branding to custom donation page. The design is responsive and mobile-ready.

A donor can opt to set a monthly recurring donation in the amount he specifies. The plugin is installed within WordPress, but you need to sign up for a free account and set up the donation form in the plugin’s website. After which you can embed a shortcode to your WordPress site to display the donation form.

6. Charitable


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This WordPress plugin for donations allows you to create Campaigns the same way you create blog posts. Simply go to Charitable -> Add Campaign and add your campaign details.

You can create as many campaigns with the option to add a fundraising goal or add a time-sensitive aspect to campaigns. You can collect offline donations and PayPal Standard with the free version, and add Stripe integration by adding a premium extension. A pro version of the plugin adds features like anonymous donations, peer-to-peer fundraising and user avatars.

7. Donation Manager


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This is a premium WordPress charity plugin that costs $18 for a single site license. In addition to accepting multiple donations for different campaigns, this WordPress plugin lets you accept payments from PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, Skrill/Moneybookers, Authorize.Net, InterKassa and EgoPay.

A thank you email is also customizable within the settings page. Shortcodes are used to embed donation forms into any part of your website. This plugin support multiple campaigns and you can see a table of each campaign, how much it has earned and how much the target is, if any.

There’s also a panel where donors are managed and their email addresses and contribution are laid out in table form. You can go here by clicking Donations -> Donators. Here you can add, delete or block a donor.

8. Total Donations


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Total Donations is another premium charity plugin ($28) that provides total management of all donations within your site. Payment gateways include PayPal, and Stripe. All of which can be set up with a drag-and-drop form builder.

The most notable feature is the plugin’s dashboard where all campaign donations are presented. You get a summary of the latest contributions and month-to-date figures. If you want to add donors to your email list, you can do so with Mailchimp and Constant Contact integration.

The plugin also has a drag-and-drop form builder which makes it easy to create and customize forms. It even has a widget to show a progress bar for a campaign. Also a neat feature is being able to get recurring donations and set a target amount for each campaign. It’s also mobile responsive, so you can view and manage the plugin from your smart phone.

Over To You

Donations should be an act of goodwill and trust. When you are convincing your visitors to pay for a service, cause or product voluntarily, you need the right tools to honor that trust.

These WordPress donation plugins are diverse in their purpose, and you should find one that fits your needs. The important thing to note is whether the features are necessary to get the donations you need without driving away potential donors.

There’s also the important issue of payment methods. Some countries can not use PayPal, so you do run the chance of missing out on donations if you employ PayPal as your only payment gateway.

In summary, if you want to go for a professional donation form that’s flexible and easy to use, Give should be first on the list. On the other hand, if you are looking for a quick, lightweight plugin with lesser design choices, Seamless Donations and Donorbox will do the job quite well. For tracking and managing multiple campaigns, Total Donations looks to be the best contender for its impressive dashboard.

Whichever you choose, keep in mind that plugins should always serve your cause, and that it should encourage and convert visitors to donors in a matter of seconds by giving them a safe place to transact and thanking them for their generosity.

For more plugins collection, please visit here.

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    Thanks for the mention of Charitable! I think we’re the newest of the bunch, but we are constantly working on improving Charitable and creating more add-ons. Coming soon is an extension that allows you to create pledge campaigns, where funds are collected only when the campaign is finished.

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