8 Best WordPress Comments Plugins for 2016

WordPress is known for the ease of creating a fully functional website that it provides. It is an open source content management system that was initially coded and designed to be used as a CMS for blogs. But as the time passed and it started getting more attention from developers around the world, people started contributing towards the development of WordPress code repository and today you can see how far WordPress has come.

WordPress comes with a functional commenting system by default, but that doesn’t mean it does not require any improvements. In a system like WordPress, where there are countless ways of customizing things, various plugins are used to improve the WordPress comments and commenting system. In this post, we will be listing down some best WordPress comments plugins that are used to improve WordPress discussions by one way or another.

Top Plugins to Improve WordPress Comments

Jetpack by


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Jetpack by is a suite of features that are brought to WordPress self-hosted blogs that are available by default on Features like WordPress stats, Photon, Security and even the Commenting system that is used on blogs.

Jetpack Commenting system brings a lot of improvements over the default WordPress commenting system. Improvements like spam elimination, Social commenting by logging into accounts from, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. is also available. So if a user is logged into any one of these accounts already, they don’t need to enter details like their name, email or website over and over again, and this makes the commenting system faster on sites.

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Disqus Commenting System


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This is one of the most used commenting systems across the web. This commenting system was designed to be a simple commenting system, both for the users as well as publishers. It has an excellent spam elimination system that eliminates spams by noticing a few similarities between the comments.

The threaded comments on this system also look exquisite, and users can upvote or downvote comments and interact with each other. This plugin is easy to set up and after a one-time setup, it works seamlessly.

Lifefyre Comments

Lifefyre Comments

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This is also a commenting system just like Disqus, but it brings more of a real-time commenting experience for the users. This is great for websites that have a high comments volume as users can interact with other people who are commenting at the same time.

Apart from that, Livefyre has an excellent commenting interface and the comment moderation for the publisher or webmaster has been done with proper thought so they could moderate a high number of comments in a better way.

Facebook Comments for WordPress


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The official Facebook plugin is available for WordPress, but a lot of people don’t like it because it either doesn’t work correctly or has some bugs that come in the way of its functioning properly. But this is a plugin that brings a plan and simple Facebook comments to WordPress without any frills or anything.

Facebook comments is one of the easiest ways to comment anything on the internet, and all you need to do is log into your Facebook account and you will be able to comment without any problems.

Commentator WordPress Plugin


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Commentator is a simple WordPress comment management plugin that allows users to comment on their social accounts. This is one of the best premium plugins in the group of free ones that we have mentioned here, and it is totally for you if you have tried everything and are looking for something else.

The design of the commenting form is elegant, and you can choose to have different themes along with different icons to make the system your own. Users can comment on pictures, text, videos, links and more.

Comments Lightbox for WordPress


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This is also a premium plugin that improves the commenting system on WordPress. As we all know, comments are a big part of our WordPress website and if a page has a lot of comments on a single page, then the loading times are increased by a lot of seconds.

To solve this, we can use plugins like Comments Lightbox for WordPress that allow users to load the comments only when they want to read as well as comment on a post/page. This not only saves a lot of loading time for users but also helps in making a faster loading page for webmasters.

Comments Evolved for WordPress


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Just in case you want to provide your website visitors more than one option to comment with, then this plugin will come in handy. Comments Evolved plugin used to be a single Google+ Commenting system for WordPress, but now the developer has added an incredible tabbed commenting system in which you can use various plugins at once as a commenting system on your blog.

This plugin can easily accommodate Google+ Comments, Facebook comments, Disqus comments and default WordPress comments at once which is a great thing. This is not only lightweight but only loads commenting system when chosen by the user, so it saves up a lot of resources.

CommentLuv for WordPress


Download Link

Who doesn’t love some backlinks and traffic?

CommentLuv is a plugin that allows commentators to show a link to the latest post they made on their blog. This is done by fetching the link from the feed of their blog when they enter it. But sadly, this plugin only works with the default WordPress commenting system so you cannot club this with systems like Disqus, etc.

There is a Premium version of CommentLuv available that unlocks some extra useful features. This plugin is great if you want to attract some new readers and commentators on your blog.

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So, this is a list of plugins that are made for improving WordPress comments by different ways. Some plugin provides a different commenting system while the other improves the current commenting system.

Personally, I like the Disqus comments a lot as it has an excellent spam elimination system, and apart from that, the Comments Evolved plugins brings a great way to club different commenting system into one. The premium plugins like Comments Lightbox is also helpful in improving the page load times for pages that have a lot of comments on a single page.


  1. Ariel Faingezicht


    I was hired yesterday to start in January in a project where I will be the Community Manager and handling the sites of a private group.

    Would like to open two platforms in WordPress for this new project, one will be public and the other will be private to access trough a password.

    I´m asking for the private comments wich plug in you recommend for the future site



  2. Andrew Lopez

    Thanks for sharing! Do you think the Facebook Comments for WordPress is an ideal plugin for SEO? Curious to get your thoughts on the matter.

    • WPDean

      I don’t think so. I would rather like to stick to default WP comment system myself. Safe and secure.

  3. CCr

    I see the list of best comment plugins from 2005 to 2014. These are old players. How about wpDiscuz? I think the best new comment system of 2015 and 2016 should be wpDiscuz definitely.
    wpDiscuz is a 100% free, AJAX controlled, real time, flexible and responsive commenting plugin with 70+ cool features. It’s “All in one” modern comment solution for all kind of websites.

  4. Shariq Moiz

    When it comes to commenting Disqus is the best in the game. I have been using it for 3 years now and I am very satisfied with it.

  5. samdani

    In the case of commenting , Your site may be at high or low . This is why site has to be protected from spamming comments .
    And these plugins shared here are really awesome and very effective. Thanks for sharing such necessary plugins here.

  6. Howard

    I am just about ready to start a site. I like disques ( as a commenter) but am wondering: I despise having to scroll down the huge list of comments at the bottom in order to place one! I see I had to go to the bottom of your comment system for what I am asking now. !
    Which system ( like disques) gives me the ” reply” at the TOP… Without having to scroll down every damn comment the publisher receives?????
    PS I see your system is not optimized for me to recieve notification of your pending response?? Or am I wrong about this?

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