WordPress Admin dashboards are the most neglected part of any WP based website. But, if you are looking for the best WordPress admin dashboard plugins, to spice up the backend, you have come to the right place. Dashboard holds all the information and tools that make it easy for the web administrator to handle the website. WordPress Plugins not only improves the functionality of the front end but also enhances the dashboard for better usability and control.

Let’s get started with the best WordPress admin dashboard plugins.

Best WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins

Admin Color Schemes


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Let’s start with a simple WordPress Admin dashboard plugin. The plugin comes with the option to use colors across different parts. The color choices are yours, and you can use it to enhance the dashboard according to your liking.

WordPress dashboard can be a tough place to be for webmasters. It is simple and can become boring quickly. With this plugin, you can easily make the dashboard an amazing place.

Admin Menu Editor WordPress Plugin

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Admin Menu Editor is a plugin that every webmaster will love. The plugin enables you to customize the default WordPress menu according to your choice. You can re-arrange or create a new custom menu. And, believe me, you will love the plugin. For me, I always find it hard to fetch some options. Re-arranging the menu not only make the options visible but also improves my productivity to good heights.

You can also choose add menu icons, edit menu titles or set access rights. Messed up the menu? And, what to return to the default? You can also do it with the help of the one-click restore button. All of the above can be done with the simple drag and drop button.

Adminer WordPress plugin


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WordPress uses the famous MySQL database for running its errands. And, it can be a tough task to use a hosting panel to fiddle with the database. With Adminer WordPress Admin dashboard plugin, you can quickly add an entirely functional database handling section with the option to run SQL queries. You can also perform many optimizations using the plugin. The plugin is very popular. And, why should it be? It simplifies the interaction with database considerably.

Client Dash


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Client Dash is one of the most impressive dashboard plugins for WP Admins. It comes with tons of features. The most impressive one is that you can edit the client’s menu list with the help of the plugin. This means that you can add, reorder, remove or customize menu list according to your customer’s requirement.

Furthermore, the plugin offers the ability to customize the WordPress dashboard. All you have to do is use the widget manager and change how your WordPress admin looks. Controlling, re-arranging widgets is much easier. And, if you are a developer, the plugin lets you take control of the different aspects.

In the end, you get a clean WordPress dashboard for the clients. The clients get to see what you want them too, and this also helps you to retain them for a longer period.

White Label CMS


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White Label CMS is yet another WordPress Dashboard Admin plugin that lets you customize it according to the needs of the client. With this plugin, you can easily customize the admin panel menu by choosing one of the three presets available for go forward and customize it according to your needs. The three presets available are Blog, website or custom.

Furthermore, you can change a logo or the text that resides in the footer of the theme. This theme is a great contender for the Client Dash plugin that we have described above. If you want any of the two plugins, I would suggest you try both of them and then choose the one that meets your requirements.

User Role Editor


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User role editor is probably the most needed Admin dashboard plugin for the webmasters. With this plugin, user roles can easily be customized. The only role that is not customizable is administrator position for the obvious security reasons. Altering the user role is easy and can be done with few clicks. Once the changes are done, press the update button for the changes to reflect.

Many editors or webmasters understand the risk of giving upload capacity to the writers. To make sure that they don’t compromise the site’s functionality, the webmaster can easily strip the upload option for the contributors.

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Download Monitor WordPress Plugin


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Download monitor WordPress Admin plugin is what you should use if you are serving digital downloads through your website. The simple plugin lets you see the download activity straight from the dashboard itself.

And, I must say, that it is super friendly. The interface showcases attention to detail. With this plugin, you can add mirror links to downloads, restrict and control access to the digital downloads and help focus on delivering digital downloads flawlessly.

Remove Dashboard Access


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There are situations where you don’t want the user to have any dashboard access. And, if you do so, then this simple plugin, “remove dashboard access” can help you achieve the same. If you still want to grant users the access to the dashboard, you can do so by just making the user profile available and disable the dashboard menu altogether.

Dashboard Commander

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Dashboard Commander lets you take control of the panel. With this dashboard plugin, you can manage the dashboard widgets and also change the capabilities of the users. The customization options are easy to use, and you can make the most out of the options available within the plugin. Furthermore, you can use each widget according to the requirement. The plugin has over 4,000+ active installs and a rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Admin Columns


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Website design is important. And, many of the webmasters take special care that it looks professional and creative. Does, the same holds for the backend? The answer depends on how the webmaster looks at the requirement and experience of the user.

Admin Columns lets you arrange the backend with the help of columns. It can be used to enhance the experience of the clients and hence improve your chances of working with them on a long-term basis.

Admin Bar button


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Admin bar button makes changes to the admin panel bar stays at the top of the website. The simplicity is rewarding, and that’s why I decided to list the plugin in the list of best WordPress dashboard plugins.

Dashboard Notes


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Ideas have wings, and if you don’t note them down, the chance is, that they will fly away. Note taking is very necessary to the bloggers/writers/webmasters. Dashboard Notes lets you write down your ideas right into the dashboard.

The current WordPress version does have a draft option to save your thoughts, but they don’t stick around. With Dashboard notes, your notes stay put on the dashboard for an easy glance at the future. Creating a note is easy. All you need to do is go to Appearance -> Widgets and add new dashboard notes.

Google Analytics dashboard for WP

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Numbers are fundamental to understanding how the website is working. Google Analytics dashboard helps you to keep a tab on the numbers directly from the dashboard.

The plugin is free and can be installed in no time. It also provides a real-time statistics which in turn helps you to gauge how your website is performing at a different era. There are tons of other useful features that you can use. It also includes event tracking, custom dimensions, basic tracking, analytics reports, etc.



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Adminimize is a great plugin to minimize your WordPress Admin panel. It keeps the menu as simple as possible. This means that you can hide the menu items accordingly and help manage the dashboard effectively. But, if you don’t like complicated interface, you might want to stay away from the plugin as it has a sophisticated interface.

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Over To You

Most of the WordPress admin plugins discussed here simplifies the work and makes the admin panel more presentable to the clients. If you love simplicity, you will love the admin plugins that are discussed above. Other plugins, let’s you to handle the database or even see stats. The plugins just make your life easier as a blogger or a website owner.

If you think that I missed a plugin, make sure to comment below. We will include the plugin if it passes our quality assessment and other parameters.

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