13 Best Websites to Learn WordPress Online

WordPress is one of the most used content management systems on the internet. By default, WordPress was coded as a CMS that was going to power blogs. However, over time and thanks to all the developers and contributors to the WordPress project, WordPress is used on many different sites today.

Speaking technically, WordPress is coded in PHP, and it is an open source project. This means that anyone can take the code, make changes to it and redistribute it. If someone wants to learn developing plugins and themes for WordPress, he or she need to have knowledge of PHP. As a developer for WordPress, you can code plugins, themes and other things.

Best Websites to Learn WordPress Online

If you want to learn WordPress, you need some resources that explain every detail correctly. There are many resources online that have some great courses about WordPress and in this post we will mention these resources that you can use. Let’s get started.

Top Websites to Learn WordPress

1. WordPress Codex

The WordPress Codex is the CMS’ very own repository and documentation website where you can just head over, join and start learning and contributing towards WordPress development.

Even the content is not that greatly curated, but the quality of things you will learn from here will be top-notch. This is an entirely text-based learning website so that might be a problem for a few people too. However, as someone who wants to expand their knowledge about WordPress, WordPress Codex is an unbeatable place to be.

2. WordPress.tv

WordPress.tv is an initiative run by Automattic – parent company of WordPress. This is an entirely free resource that one can use to their advantage, and it has videos on different topics related to WordPress from various WordCamp and other events.

The variety of videos and topics on which the videos are uploaded here are about topics that revolve around WordPress.

3. WP101

As the name suggests, WP101 is a website that is solely targeted towards providing course material related to WordPress. WP101 has some of the best WordPress training videos that teach the basics of WordPress.

Members of WP101 have access to the course videos and materials and a “members only” questions and answers site that is aimed to solve whatever doubts that a student might be having while learning WordPress.

4. Team Treehouse

This website boasts of the amazing set of content and videos that it has to offer to people taking their courses. Team Treehouse provides courses for many things, including WordPress, IOS APP development, Web designing, etc.

You have access to videos, transcripts, project files and the forums. The “Workspace” allows you to try what you are learning by providing you coding practices. There are also quizzes that you can take.

The iPad and the Android app for Team Treehouse allow you to learn while you are on the go. The videos from Team Treehouse are available on iTunes so you can download them and carry them with you whenever you want to. To top this all, the interface of Team Treehouse is excellent, and the learner would feel at home easily.

5. WPKube

WPKube has a long list of detailed tutorials on WordPress from many distinguished authors in the WordPress industry. This 6 year old blog even offers detailed reviews about different WordPress products.

WPKube has successfully established itself as a great hub for all kind of WordPress related information including tutorials, tips, tricks, themes, plugins, coupons and more. The site offers lot of resources for learning WordPress online with ease.

6. Lynda.com

Lynda.com is known for the variety of courses on various things that they provide. From web designing to photography and video production. Lynda.com is a hub for a learner who wants to learn different things and wants a single place from where he can get everything.

Lynda.com has some great material for learning things related to WordPress. These courses include the professionally made videos, the course files used in the videos and transcripts, etc. Lynda.com has content that even the newbies can use, and if a professional WordPress developer wants to expand their knowledge, then Lynda.com has got them covered as well.

7. WP Sessions

Anyone would be able to browse around and do stuff with WordPress all thanks to the ease of use that it provides. However, when it comes to developing themes and plugins for WordPress, you need to know how things work and how you can code a plugin or a theme.

You have courses for things like developing your WordPress plugin, optimizing WordPress to give the best possible performance, building a membership site with WordPress and what not.

New courses are frequently added, so you never run out of things to learn and things to discover. As a WP Sessions member, you will be getting many discounts on many WordPress services. To join you just need to pay a fee of $299 for a year and you will be able to access the courses, session and WP Sessions forums.

8. WP Beginner

WP Beginner has a set of curated and a long list of videos that one can watch and learn WordPress for free! This is a great resource for a person who is trying to learn WordPress using the do-it-yourself way by trying things out by themselves.

WP Beginner has an A-Z covering of WordPress. The main website provides some of the best and top quality WordPress related tutorials and other content in a textual manner.

9. BlogAid.com

BlogAid.com is known for the variety of content that it provides. The WordPress videos and content on the website are useful and done in a professional manner. Not only WordPress, but there are other topics you can learn about e.g. SEO, website security, performance and a lot more.

The best part about BlogAid.com is that a set of 20 videos has been available for just $1 for two weeks! There are more advanced packages that start off at $10, and all these packages have different things to offer. The VIP subscription is just $97, and you get access to everything that is available in all packages for a lifetime!

10. WP Apprentice

Just like WP101, WP Apprentice is also a website where you can choose a topic and watch videos related to it in order to learn about it. There is a WordPress quick starter course on WP Apprentice that anyone can take for free, and if they are interested in taking on a much-advanced training of WordPress, they can just go with the WordPress Essentials course that aims towards an advanced training.

You have the freedom of learning at your pace with the content that is provided by WP Apprentice.

11. BobWP

BobWP is a great online resource to learn WordPress. It is managed by Bob Dunn, who is an online trainer and coach. You will find some great course material on BobWP, and apart from that, you can also book one on one sessions with Bob Dunn to get your doubts cleared just to learn from him on a one on one basis.

BobWP is one of the biggest WordPress resources that are available online.

12. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning marketplace where one can sign up and start learning about anything listed there. You will find some of the best WordPress courses on Udemy by some of the most qualified instructors.

Not only that but with WordPress, you can take up courses that revolve around WordPress, and you can learn them at your pace one by one.

13. TomMCFarlin

Believe it or not, but tommcfarlin.com is a great place to learn WordPress. Many new useful articles dedicated to WordPress coding and other stuff are regularly updated on this site. As a developer for WordPress, you can learn to code plugins, themes and other things. If you want to learn WordPress, you need to check out this site for sure.

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Over to You

WordPress is a beautifully designed and very functional CMS and learning it is no big deal. However, the main thing about learning is that you need to have a great mentor and a teacher. While we have listed all the great resources that you can find online on this list, you can also suggest us some resources that you have in mind!


  1. Niels Garmann

    Nice list you have got here.
    I personally love Lynda.com and I always recommend my students to head to Lynda.com. For more technical stuff, WordPress codex is a better solution.

    • WPDean

      Yes, Lynda.com is a great resource site but unfortunately most of its articles are sometimes paid. However WordPress codex do provide similar solutions for free.

  2. Himanshu Sharma

    I love Udemy as it offers great courses for less price as compared to other such resources. The quality of courses is very great.
    Thanks for marking other resources too. I loved the article.

  3. GK

    Nice post. WP Beginner is the most site where I do visit after official WordPress site.

  4. W Squire

    Thank you for the list. I have used these lists to try and find an online course.

    I registered and paid for WP Apprentice. The videos are clear, instructional. However, when I was 80% through the course if I wanted to continue with themes I had to pay an additional $199 and that was what I went to WP Apprentice for. When I posted a comment indicating I did not like the strategy employed my money was refunded and I was taken off the forum.

    • Kirk

      First of all, thanks for including WP Apprentice on your list.

      I do feel I need to address Wanda’s comments as they are misleading.

      Some background: Our mission is to help non-technical business users succeed with WordPress. Too much of the WordPress training available online assumes the learner has some background in web development. The reality is that many non-coders struggle to learn the basics, let alone build a functional business website.

      WP Apprentice offers a number of courses designed to fulfill this mission. And it’s important to me that my customers find the course that best meets their needs. That sometimes means steering people away from courses they aren’t ready for. Or providing a speedy refund and some helpful advice when they do purchase a course that’s not a good fit for their needs.

      My WordPress Essentials course is not designed for coders. In fact, the course description page specifically reads “no programming required”. Clearly it’s a bad fit for anyone interested in learning the technical details of WordPress themes. And so I was happy to refund your full purchase price when you realized the course was not what you were expecting.

      I do offer a theme customization course. It’s also the most technical course I offer. Which is the reason it isn’t listed on my main website. As I explained when you originally contacted me, the vast majority of my customers have no interest in programming. I’ve had a few enthusiastic beginners sign up for that course only to realize they were in over their heads. Of course I was happy to provide those customers with a refund and work with them to find a WordPress Theme that gives them design control without requiring a knowledge of CSS or PHP.

      Since you seem to be implying that this is some sort of bait and switch scam, I want to point out that existing customers are given a $50 discount when they purchase My Theme Mechanics course. That’s most of the cost of the WordPress Essentials course.

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