Knowledge is precious – sharing of knowledge is even more so. The word seminar was originally from the German language – it is a gathering of people for the sole purpose of sharing their knowledge and collaborating in their endeavors. Seminars are an excellent way to grow yourself and share your knowledge and experiences with the world – however, in this era of free-flowing information – it turns out, traveling to a particular place to talk about things can get quite time-consuming. This is where Webinars come in – they are seminars but on the web.

There are a lot of tools available to you, for conducting Webinars as you wish them to be. Some are professional while some are amateur but easier to set up. Some are paid while some are free. Here, we will attempt to make a list of some of the best tools at your disposal – which one fits your needs is a decision for you to make.

#1. Google Hangouts On Air


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Obviously the first choice if you just want something simple, quick, and easy to set up. It’s free, and it lets you broadcast live publically. The one limitation it has is you can’t charge for the tickets – it doesn’t have a system built around that.

Adding it to your WordPress site is super simple as well – just get the Hangouts on Air link; which will be on YouTube. All you have to do is embed this YouTube link on your WordPress site – it has an inbuilt countdown and everything.

#2. Webinars On Air


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The name might sound similar – that’s because just like the name, it based on Google Hangouts on Air. The trouble with Hangouts on Air is the fact that it is free – you don’t have to pay anything for it, but you can’t charge your attendees anything for it either.

Webinars On Air lets you add those features – features such as the ability to charge an attendance fee, being able to target members of your audience from the video feed and much more – and it all starts at only $19.97/month.

#3. Adobe Connect


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Adobe Connect is one of the best webinar softwares out there – it is also one of the most expensive. It starts at $1250/year, and it packs all of the bells and whistles you could ask for from software like this.

That is quite expensive, but you get what you pay for. Organizers have praised the ease of use and reliability of Connect time and time again. Adobe is a big name in professional software – they make some of the most sophisticated software that have set industry standards in multiple fields of work. Connect might be expensive, but it is every cent worth it.

#4. WebinarJam


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WebinarJam is much like Webinars On Air – except it starts at $497/year and packs a ton of extra features. It still uses Google Hangouts On Air for the back-end – mostly because it is the most reliable system you could hope for since it’s Google; but it adds features on top of it – such as the ability to share files, live interaction between everyone participating, email notifications, polls, quizzes, and even the ability to have custom landing pages. Since everything is on Hangouts On Air, your webinars will be available on YouTube instantly. It is an incredibly powerful solution.

#5. Cisco WebEx


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Cisco is a pioneer in network technology, so them offering a webinar software is quite expected. It starts at only $24/month, but packs most of the features you would expect from a thing like this – quizzes, tests, surveys, the ability to share files, notes, and even your screen is all packed into one neat and easy to use package. It might not be as robust as Adobe Connect, but it sure might be just what a lot of people need, especially at that price point.

#6. GoToWebinar


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GoToWebinar is one of the oldest offerings for webinar softwares – it works on every platform you can imagine, and is extremely reliable. It has all of the features that we now consider standard such as the surveys, polls, tests, etc.

It can also share files, notes and your screen – but the one thing that makes it unique is the “pass the control” feature, which allows you to let any of your participants control your keyboard and mouse over the internet. GoToWebinar starts at a mere $89/month, but might be just the right choice for your needs.

#7. StealthSeminar


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StealthSeminar might not be the best name for a webinar offering, but it might be one of the easiest to set up. It has a $97 registration fee, and then a $69.95/month fee to actually use it, but you get powerful moderation tools and the ability to host pre-recorded webinars and automated webinars. It also gives you detailed Analytics report about your attendees and integrates with various services such as Madmimi and AWeber.

#8. AnyMeeting


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AnyMeeting starts at $18/month and gives you all of the standard features that we have come to expect from software like this. It gives you the ability to do quizzes, polls, surveys, follow-up tests and share your files, screen, notes and even do presentations. It also lets you host group calls with your attendees, so you can address a group of people especially if you want to.

#9. Zoom


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Zoom starts at the price of – free. It is one of the few free offerings on this list, and while the number of features it gives you with the free plan is not insanely high, it still is pretty robust and reliable.

One of the features that make Zoom unique is the ability to share your screens – specifically, your mobile and tablet screens. There are tonnes of extra features it you get one of the paid plans, though, which starts at $14.99/month – still pretty affordable for what it is.

#10. MegaMeeting


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MegaMeeting starts at $39/month and is used by the likes of Boston University. It has all of the features you have gotten used to – the ability to do polls and surveys and being able to share your screen and files with other attendees. It also natively supports the ability to display PowerPoint files, and it even integrates with PayPal if you want to charge an attendance fee.

#11. ReadyTalk


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ReadyTalk offers an extremely flexible solution starting at $49/month. Not only it has the standard features that we have become used to such as polls, surveys, follow-up questions, and live chat – but it will also let you do custom branding and landing pages, customize the registration forms, and send invitation emails on your behalf with support for the “Add to” features in Google Calendar and Outlook.

#12. OnStream


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OnStream doesn’t really have a price – you have to contact the sales team for a quote and they will give you the best price they can offer once you tell them your requirements, but the features it offers are great – besides the live support they offer, if anything goes wrong.

You have the ability to share files and documents, have a live conversation with the attendees and even have a real-time poll. You can also share your screen, and it will also let you record and archive your webinar for later viewing.


Over To You

These were some of the best offerings you could have hoped for hosting a Webinar over your WordPress website. WordPress is an extremely versatile and useful framework, and offerings such as these only make it even more flexible than it already is. These are all some of the best greatest offerings – but which one is the best for you, is for you to decide.