9 Best Twitter Plugins & Tips For WordPress

Do you want to increase your Twitter followers? Get more retweets for your posts? Of course, you do. These are the two most visible aspects of a popular Twitter profile. And you want your WordPress site to have a strong presence in Twitter, don’t you?

Besides connecting to your visitors, Twitter also allows you to promote your brand, share interesting links, network with other brands, run promotions, etc. To get the most out of Twitter, you should use the right tools.


While there are lots of Twitter plugins and tips available for WordPress, not all of them are worth trying. And being a busy blogger, it is also not possible for you to test each plugin and service and to find out the best ones. To make the job easier for you, we have hand-picked the 9 best Twitter plugin and tips for WordPress. These plugins will help you to strengthen your brand and make it more popular.

Without further ado, let’s see what the plugins and tips are.

Display Twitter Sharing Buttons

With more than 200,000 installs, Share Buttons by AddToAny is a very popular WordPress plugin for displaying various social sharing links including Twitter. The sharing buttons could be enhanced by displaying the share counter and positioning the buttons as horizontal or vertical.

Share Buttons by Add to Any

The SVG icons of the plugin look great in any screen type including the retina and high-quality ones. Besides the default icons, the plugin also comes with several icon designs and custom icon uploading facilities. You can place the social sharing icons before content, after content or in both places.

The plugin is also provided with dedicated shortcodes and a custom widget, allowing you to place the sharing icons anywhere you want. Other useful options include Google Analytics integration, link shortener integration, and multi-site support.

Schedule your Tweets

If you are a full-time employee or run a big business, it is likely that you don’t have the time to post in your Twitter account regularly. On the other hand, it is imperative to be active in Twitter to strengthen your social presence.

Luckily, there are some services that offer a solution to this problem. By using services like BufferApp or Hootsuite,you can easily schedule tweets to be published on a pre-determined date and time. Both of them offer free accounts to get started.

Hootsuite Plugin

The free buffer account lets you connect one Twitter account (along with one account from each social media platforms like Facebook, Google+) and schedule up to 10 posts in advance. The free plan of Hootsuite comes with 3 social media accounts, 2 RSS feeds and basic analytics, apps, and message scheduling.

Add the Official Twitter Button

Most modern, premium or free WordPress themes comes with simple ways to add social media follow buttons. However, if your theme does not have the feature or you want to use the official Twitter follow buttons, you can do that by following a few steps.


First of all, go to the Buttons page. In that page, you will find four options – Share a link, Follow, Hashtag, Mention. The names explain the purpose of each button. Select the one you want to use.

Depending on your choice, you will be provided with some customization options. As you configure the options, a live preview will be displayed on the right side. Once you are finished customizing, copy the code and paste it into a widget or template file of your website.

Add Twitter Cards in your WordPress Site

Twitter Cards allow you to add a summary and a thumbnail from the content whenever a visitor shares the content in Twitter. There are different types of cards available including Summary Card, Summary Card with Large Image, App Card and Player Card.

If you are using any of the Yoast SEO or Jetpack plugins, they come with native Twitter Card support. Alternatively, you can use specialized plugins like JM Twitter Cards or Add Meta Tags, etc. You will find detailed instructions for setting up Twitter Cards in your WordPress site here.


Twitter provides detailed Analytics for the cards. Depending on the card type, you can view a summary of activities (Twitter calls it Snapshot), time-based performance, sources, links, influencers, cards etc.

Embed Tweets in your WordPress Site

It is also possible to embed actual tweets in your WordPress site. Doing this is very straightforward. You just copy the link of the tweet and paste in your posts, page or widget. WordPress will automatically fetch the tweet and display it accordingly.


Depending on your content and settings, you can choose to display an image, a video or interactive link previews along with the shared tweet. The attachments will be displayed on mobile devices too. The visitors can retweet, favorite or reply to the tweet right from your website.

There are various parameters available for customizing the display style of an embedded tweet. If you want to match the display style of the tweet with your site design, you can do so by applying custom CSS. You will find more details in the official Embedded Tweets page.

Display Recent Tweets

Twitter is a very powerful social media, the second most powerful to be exact. And therefore, it is one of the largest discussion hubs on the internet. And you would love to display the conversation that is going on in your Twitter account.

There are several WordPress plugins for displaying your latest tweets on a WordPress site. Some of the popular options include:

These plugins allow you to display a live stream of your latest tweets on your website.

Some of the plugins come with specialized custom widgets. You can place the widget in your desired place to display your recent tweets. WP Twitter Feeds will allow your visitors to favorite, retweet or reply to your tweets from your website.

Use the Official Twitter Widget

There is also an official twitter widget. By using the official widget, you can display your tweets, your favorited tweets, tweets from a list, tweets from a search query, etc. Besides choosing a custom height, you can also choose a dark or light color scheme. Visitors can follow you by clicking the follow button integrated into the widget.

To create a widget, go to the Widgets page of Twitter. Click ‘Create New’. In the next screen, you will be asked to choose the source for the widget. Available Options include User timeline, Favorites List, Search and Collection.

After choosing your source and customizing the available options, click ‘Create Widget’. You will find a Preview of the widget and the code. Copy the code and paste it into a text widget in your WordPress site. You can also use the code in any template file to display the tweets in other places of your site.

Unlock Content by Tweeting

This is a new and interesting way to increase the twitter share for your posts. In this method, you lock the most attractive section of your post and unlock the section only after the visitor tweets or shares your content is social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Social Locker Plugin

OnePress Social Locker is an excellent, free plugin for including this feature on your WordPress site. This plugin lets you lock your content and unlock only after the visitor shares it in Twitter, Facebook or Google+. It comes with built-in analytics tool for assessing the performance of your locked pages.

You can choose from four different types of locks. The mobile-ready plugin works perfectly for mobile and tablet devices. The plugin will not have any impact on your website performance. It also works perfectly with the Visual Composer plugin.

Twitter Tools Plugin

If you want a complete integration between your Twitter account and your WordPress site, you should try the Twitter Tools plugin. This plugin lets you connect more than one Twitter accounts in your site. You can create an archive of the tweets for each account. The archive will be updated every 10 minutes.


The plugin allows you to create a new post whenever you post a tweet in Twitter. The opposite is also possible, which means the plugin can automatically publish a new tweet whenever you publish a new post on your blog. The tweet will contain a link to your post.

Activating the plugin will create a new menu item titled ‘Tweets’ in your website dashboard. You can set up your Twitter accounts by going to the Tweets -> Accounts page. It is also possible to search the tweets by mentions or hashtags. To do that, go to Tweets -> Mentions or Tweets -> Hashtags.

Final Words

Twitter could be a very useful platform for promoting your brand and create a loyal follower base. And by using the tools mentioned above, you will be able to increase your chances significantly.

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