Pinterest is one of the highly used social network, with more than 100 million active users every month. This popularity of Pinterest is due to its clean, responsive and modern design. All this put together has inspired many developers and designers to produce similar themes. So, here in this article, we have come up with best Pinterest-style WordPress themes for your new blog or site. All these Pinterest WordPress themes will provide you with design and style that Pinterest holds.

Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

Pinboard WordPress Theme

Pinboard WordPress Theme

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The Pinboard WordPress theme is particularly a new kind of Pinterest style WordPress theme which is present in the portals for the offer. The particular feature of Pinboard is that the latest posts always appears and are automatically loaded when one just hits the bottom of the page. This feature is known to be “infinite scroll”. The different kinds of themes of the Pinboard are:

  • The Responsive Design: Offers a consistent layout irrespective of the type of devices.
  • The Auto Stacking Layout: The posts are always stacked and arranged beautifully and distinctly regardless of the screen size of the device.
  • The Multiple Grid Layout Option: A grid layout system consists of small medium and large networks which aim to help in auto stacking layout.


PinThis Pinterest Style WordPress Theme

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PinThis is also a Pinterest-style theme which is influenced by the WordPress theme. It comes to clog the full style and with the help of all kinds of customization options. PinThis is termed to be a latest cutting-edge, which can even be called as masonry based.

It works as a multi-purpose theme as well. It is possessed by its clean design that is termed to be perfect for all kinds of projects. It emphasizes a stylistic form as well as a modern outlook. Thus, the Design Theme is also made in a stunning and straightforward Flat style.


Pintores Pinterest style Theme

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Pintores is a Pinterest inspired WordPress theme which has the capacity to load some entirely new articles each and whenever a user presses the bottom of the respective page. This leads out to be the ultimate and the most enjoyable experience which can be ever suffered by any user at Pinterest. The theme stands out to be very much unique in its way because it makes and develops various posts formats itself.


Pinable Theme-Junkie

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The Pinable is a WordPress Pinterest clone, or it can also be a net like a theme which practically supports all the different variety of theme post types. The posts types may be in the form of Audios, Videos, Galleries, Quotes, as well as Links as well.

It is totally responsive that works great on all types of devices. It may be on PC desktop, tablets, or even the smartphones. It is regarded to be the best suited for all kinds of creative workers, bloggers, and all the users who want to set up their personal blogs, online portfolio, video, galleries or even the magazine websites.

The Traveler

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The Traveller is a responsive blog theme for WordPress specifically curated for travel websites (duh!). The theme is very lightweight and boasts a modern design complemented with an abundance of color and liveliness.

The key highlights of the theme must be its appealing grid based elegant design coupled with the front end style customizer and the like and share functionalities. The theme offers everything you need to help you share your thoughts, pictures, and portfolio on your travel website. You will also get plenty of customization features, courtesy the Meridian Styler which will give you great aesthetic control over your site. Apart from these, other features of the theme include different post formats, Contact Form 7 Integration, and social sharing widgets to increase audience interaction.

Pin Style


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Pin Premium WordPress Pinterest theme results to be very much responsive and stylistic as well as attractive to its users. This theme is created by using the latest HTML5 & CSS3 coding techniques and seems to indulge entirely with the mobile devices. It is user-friendly, and can be used on any devices or PCs as well. It is optimized for the mobiles, tablets and smartphones.

This theme is especially for those bloggers who need beautifully designed WordPress theme with all the latest features and pixel-perfect design. Some of the features include WordPress 4.5+ compatibility, fixed with all the issues of gallery/meta-box plugin, CSS style for tables is included, unlimited colors availability and option to choose from full and width content.


1Page Pinterest WordPress Theme

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This particular theme is inbuilt with the popular Masonry WordPress News. It has the feature of Unlimited Sidebars. A user with this particular theme can access to infinite scrolls. One can again get unlimited live searches with Navigation for Mobile or Tablets as well. This template primarily acts as a perfect review system.

The Pinshop

Pinshop WordPress Pinterest Theme

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The Pinshop is particularly and e-commerce theme. It is influenced by the Pinterest site itself and also inspired by the Pinboard theme. As the page is scrolled down, the products itself load infinitely and automatically. It looks great and fantastic, and it also provides more significant user experience as well.

The Basic Features:

  • The Woo Commerce is basically required to launch this particular theme.
  • The shopping cart known as the Ajax shopping cart allows all the shop items and products to be added instantly without restoring the particular page.
  • The shop pages are customizable.
  • There is a layout which is termed to be a demo browser window which is known as the Responsive Layout.
  • The product slider is also customizable.



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Pin Grid is a Pinterest style WordPress theme that looks clean and classy. It gives you a chance to enjoy an elegant layout with an infinite-scroll. Although the homepage looks so nice, there are still some other important pages as About, Portfolio, Blog and Contact Us. And of course, you can customize the theme just as you wish. This responsive WordPress theme could be used when building personal blogs, fashion blogs, news sites, travel sites and other websites.


HEAP Pinterest Like WordPress Theme

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Heap is a masonry style WordPress theme which acts as an effortless tool which is aimed to be designed for the publishers. The users cherish it for its flexibility, speed, and clean layouts. It is added for WordPress 4.5 with live customizer support, as well as the auto update feature. One can have a kind of scrapbook with the latest photos, quotes, videos, and all sorts of stuff in case one thinks to share the thought with their near ones.



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The expressive lifestyle Masonry style WordPress theme is essentially a way of life-based theme. It results to be very much responsive in nature. It is a kind of Masonry Blog. This theme is optimized all the powerful features of the WordPress Post Formats. This theme is renowned for being the most versatile in nature with all the options available for customization.


Pinfinity Pinterest Clone

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Pinfinity is again an interesting theme design inspired from Pinterest. The Pinfinity’s latest version is out, and it is v1.2. This is loved by all the users.

Some of the facts regarding the Pinfinity are:

  • The theme is totally child theme supported.
  • By the usage of normal pagination one can automatically turn off the infinite scrolling and this is of course supported by WP-PageNavi.
  • It consists of the Added link post format.
  • It also has an optional fixed footer.
  • The Repeatable widget area is present at the end of each and every page.
  • One can also navigate the color scheme selection.


Pinstagram WordPress Pinterest Theme

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Pinstagram is entirely influenced by the Pinterest WordPress theme which has the features of relative grid layout which result to be a trademark. This is possible with the help of various and multiple post sizes. The Pinterest-style is applicable for long posts as well. One can maximize the page views just by capturing the miracle of the Pinterest just by the help of the users of this particular layout.



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The Elegant themes keep up to its name to be totally stylish. The themes are regularly updated, ensuring their compatibility with WordPress. Therefore, one is always updated with latest theme updates, and it also has the access to all the updated themes as well. To ensure that they are very much fast and secure, they use the best practices of coding all the underlying templates present. There is a total of five unique colors schemes which suits all the latest styles and distinct needs.

Modern Grid


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The Modern Grid WordPress theme proves out to be totally responsive as well as adaptive. It has the unique feature to combine all the extraordinary design amalgamated with all the essential latest standards and best practices in the WordPress theme development.

It is from the large and significant resolution screens which especially comes down to the very latest devices of tablets and even with the smartphones, that the particular content will always look very much distinct, clear and comprehensible. It has a sharp outlook.

The Theme Features:

  • Its uniqueness lies in the fact of being fully responsive and possessing a highly adaptive design.
  • It has a professional design which leaves the users spell-bound and creates a lasting impression.
  • The framework of WordPress Theme is not required.
  • The integration of the logo is very easy.
  • The user is also free to set page templates which pose to be very useful to them.



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The Super Grid is a totally responsive as well as the adaptive which is influenced by WordPress to be a Grid Theme. The Super Grid themes are of minimal design inputs and consists of the main content in focus. It is disruptive in nature. It has descended from the very high-resolution screens of the desktop to the latest launched smartphones which include the tablets as well.

It is regarded as the perfect Pinterest style WordPress theme for all kinds of designs as well as the different types of the lifestyle of the people. One has to create the revenue with the help of In-Grid Advertising Widgets Area.



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A beautiful Pinterest like blog that has masonry grid style and perfect for those who want to create a stylish personal blog. The design is not only the thing that you will love about Sun, but the incredible attention to details will make you drool over to purchase this theme.

Responsive in nature, it comes with unique Ajax filtering, pre-defined styles that will help you to create a blog on any topic. Not only this, but you can also create a community using this theme because it has features like registration, login and gives users the power to submit the articles through the WP dashboard.

The Brick + Mason

Brick Pinterest WordPress Theme

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The Brick + Mason is practically designed for the photographers and is thus ideal for all them. It utilizes all the infinite scrolling, and thus the users don’t have to leave the required pages with the desire to experience all varieties of the talent. This theme also uses the jQuery masonry plugin, and thus, the content will fit any browser size.



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The Fashionista is considered as the perfect Pinterest WordPress theme for fashion, and the photographers, along with the models, celebrity gossip, or any other personal or professional blog to stand out from the typical crowd with this totally responsive masonry blogging theme. The use of post formats such as the songs, images, galleries, quotes, etc. gets automatically displayed and thus proves to be very much readily available and is thus user-friendly as well.



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The Semantic is proving to be a lot more trendy as well as a unique Pinterest inspired WordPress Blog theme. It is primarily designed for the all the writers, bloggers, online publishers and the content writers as well. It offers several features to be listed down, which can be started with multiple homepage layouts, all the essential page templates, the shortcodes as well as the support for popular third-party plugins.



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Remal has a particular Home Page of a total of 4 different styles. It possesses the full-screen backgrounds. It is always translation ready which seems to be user-friendly to all the culture’s users as per their mother language. It maintains a total of 28 Useful Custom Widgets. It is also designed with 8-page templates, along with 30+ shortcodes, 500+ Google web Fonts and unlimited colors and sidebars.

Super Grid

Super Grid Theme

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The Super Grid is termed to be a retina ready, which possesses the technicality of retina display devices. It is entirely responsive with a specialty of uniqueness in every aspect. It is grid-based and is formed of a minimal, layout – shuffling WordPress theme which is just used to showcase the particular work.



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The Clipboard is a Pinterest-style theme which is influenced by WordPress theme that specifically comes with the gag full of style and all the customization options as well. Clipboard is the simple way to getting into the microblogging genre.

It supports all the core and main WordPress post formats which are followed in WordPress and is thus naturally built-in with these formats. It is designed to very much simplistic in nature. It also mainly consists of 500+ Google Fonts built into it. It is responsive and has a unique feature of retina ready as well.


Clippy Pinterest Style WordPress Theme

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Clippy is termed to be very much simplistic in nature.  But on the other hand, it is entirely responsive as well. It is regarded as the only pin-style theme for the personal one’s blog. The subjects of Clippy consist of regular posts with gallery grid, regular post, and one can also post certain quotes, and images as well. The themes can also be customized as well from the custom menu.



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It is termed to be the highest rated personal blog theme with various themes like Orange Carrot Smoothie, Raw Citrus Cream Cake, Coconut Whipped topping, Coconut Cream Cake, Homemade Tortellini, Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti, French Kurma Salad, Soup and Bread, Ginger Bread Cake, etc.

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These were the best-selected ones from the list of Pinterest WordPress Themes available in the market. Choose the one that catches your attention the most and start designing your blog. These best Pinterest Style WordPress Themes will help you showcase your images, portfolio, content and other works in a professional and pleasing way.