WordPress as a content management system is much more flexible than you might think. Thanks to the open nature of the CMS, developers around the world can contribute to change towards WordPress and these changed can then be implemented in the official version of WordPress. One of the best things about WordPress is the fact that it provides a great level of customization options through the plugins and themes that can be used on a WordPress website.

Plugins and themes can be used to customize the WordPress website even further by adding a new look to the front end of the website or new features with the plugins. WordPress plugins are known to add some great features to an existing WordPress website just by installing them on a site. A plugin can be used to tweak the on-page SEO of a website and another plugin can be used for customizing a login page of a WordPress website. Basically the point I am trying to make here is that WordPress plugins allow you to do things that vanilla version of WordPress doesn’t let you by default.

Anyway, in this post I am going to share some of the best WordPress custom login page plugins. Let’s get started.

Best WordPress Custom Login Page Plugins

1. Custom Login


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The plugin is just as simple to use as the name suggests. It is a no frills plugin that lets you customize the login page of your WordPress website for the admins, authors, editors and subscribers to give your WordPress website a more personalized feel.

You have options to set background color of your login page or you can just change the whole background image altogether. Adding your site’s logo is also possible which will be shown in place of the WordPress logo that appears on the login page by default. You can also customize more options like enabling or disabling the login form shake.

This is not all. You can also install extensions for this plugin that let you do more things with the plugin like customizing the login URL. You can add a total of five extensions and they are:

2. Custom Login Page Customizer


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Custom Login Page Customizer is another one of the go-to plugins one can use to customize the login page of a WordPress website. This plugin comes with a live customizer which allows the user to check and see the edits and modifications made in the login page in real-time as they go. You can change the logo on the login page to whatever you like and you can also set the background colors and image in order to make it your own.

Not only that, but you can also change the form styling and fields and button styling with this plugin. This plugin also allows you to use some add-ons, but currently it is limited to a security add-on that prevents your website from brute force attack and invalid login attempts.

3. Custom Login Page Styler


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The name of the plugin is definitely long, but so is the list of features it comes with. This plugin allows you to change how the login page of your WordPress website looks and that too without any type of coding knowledge.

You have options to add your own logo, custom text on the login page, you can hide the error messages on the login page to make sure people who are trying different login username and combinations don’t really get to see why their attempt is not working. You can customize almost everything on the login page with this plugin, including the form styling, the text box styling, the button styling and all.

4. Pathway – Custom WordPress Login Page


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This is a premium plugin that allows you to create a custom login page for your WordPress website. This plugin comes at a price tag of $15 and provides a good list of features like being able to set a background color or a background image. You can choose to change the way text field looks or even the buttons for that matter.

You can change the settings for the shaker on the login page which will let you to either enable or disable it. There are more features that are useful. If you are looking for a premium plugin, then this is what you should get.

5. Atomic – WordPress Admin Theme & Login Page


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If you want a premium plugin that comes with really premium features, then Atomic is the way to go. Not only do you get a plugin that lets you change the login page, but you also get a plugin that lets you change the WordPress Dashboard theme in the very same package. It is almost unbelievable what this plugin has to offer at a price of $22.

You get more than 20 color schemes that you can choose from and with all the options to change the logo on the login page, and other similar options, you can also change the fonts with the Google Fonts integration into the plugin. You can also insert some custom CSS and JS to make the login page truly your own.

6. My WordPress Login Logo


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If you want to stay away from all the bells and whistles and just want to change the logo on the login page of WordPress, then this plugin is the only thing that you should use. You can simply install this plugin and upload or insert a link to your website’s logo that will be displayed in place of the WordPress logo that appears on the login page by default. Basic settings like setting the height and width of the logo on the settings page of this plugin and that’s it.

7. Social Login


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Let us move to a different kind of plugin which will let you customize the way you login to your WordPress dashboard. This plugin, as the name suggests, enables social login on your WordPress login page by providing options for logging in using social media services like Facebook, Google, Twitter and more. You can choose to put the login options on the WordPress login page for your website which gives users one more way of logging in to the website.

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Customization of WordPress is pretty easy and fun thanks to the plugins and themes we can use on WordPress. In this specific post, we talked about some plugins that will let you customize the login page on your WordPress website. A lot of plugins are available for free and they are at par with some paid plugins.

For example, Custom Login offers so much as a free plugin, but if you are specifically interested to get a premium plugin, then I think you should just close your eyes and go with Atomic. Not only does Atomic provide you all the expected features, but you also get features like integrated Google fonts for more customization and more. On the other hand, Social Login makes it easy for your users to sign in to your WordPress site in just a few clicks. Which one do you think is the best?