15 Best Content Locker WordPress Plugins 2017

Content locker WordPress plugins are in high demand among the bloggers. The sole reason is how these plugins adds to the value of the content that bloggers post on the daily basis. Current blogging depends on many factors. Quality content, regular updates and social media presence are some of the important factors that regulate the success of the blog.

By using the content locker WordPress plugins, blogs can significantly increase the social media activity. The users are asked to take an appropriate action, designated by the site administrator such as liking the Facebook page, Google page or the Twitter page. The plugins also offer content locking with email subscription and sharing the blog post.

Visitors, on the other hand, have the choice to skip the article or do the needful to get access to the content. It seems like a good practice as the visitor opt to take the small action and get huge returns as it fulfills their needs.

In short, visitor engagement is increased with content locker plugin, and we encourage WordPress blog users to use them on their website. Without much ado, let’s get started with the top WordPress social content locker plugins.

Top Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Content Locker Pro

Content Locker Pro

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Content Locker Pro is a premium WordPress plugin offers everything you need from a WordPress content locker plugin. It comes with two types of locking and 16 attractive locker designs. Content Locker Pro works perfectly with any free or premium theme.If you have an already established site, the batch locking feature will enable you to lock multiple contents at once. The lightweight plugin will not have any impact on the page loading speed. Thanks to the mobile-friendly coding, the locking features work perfectly on mobile and tablet devices.

It is also possible to disable content locking for the logged in users and mobile devices. The detailed analytics will help you track the performance of your lockers. As the plugin comes with full support for MailChimp, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, Getresponse, Mad Mini, and MailerLite, it will be a great choice for collecting email subscribers too.

Easy Social Locker

Easy Social Locker Plugin

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Easy Social Locker is a professional content locker WordPress plugin. If you are looking fo a plugin that helps you gain more social platform reach, then easy social locker is for you. The plugin helps you to lock any content on your website including pages, posts, selected content or custom post types.

In return, you can ask the visitor to like, share or tweet your blog post and hence improve the social platform performance. The plugin is also SEO compatible and also comes with five amazing predefined locker styles.

Bloom Plugin

WordPress Email Opt-in Plugins

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Elegant themes is one of the best WordPress theme and plugin developers in the market. Their professionalism is also shown in the Opt-In plugin, known as Bloom. The plugin is more than a just a locker plugin and enables you to increase your email subscription. The plugin is no doubt a must try for your blog if you shell out around 89$ for the plugin. The plugin is worth each penny you spend on it.

The primary benefit of using the plugin is the support and documentation it offers. Moreover, it offers tons of customization features and a lot of pop-up, locks to choose from. Bloom is surely the industry standard for creating opt-in and content locking plugin. Read Full Review –>.

Real Content Locker

Real Content Locker plugin

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Looking for a free alternative to lock your content? Then, the real content locker is for you. The plugin will help you to increase the blog traffic and make your blog more receptive to social media viral effect.

OnePress Free Social Locker

OnePress Free Social Locker WP Plugin

Download Link

OnePress Free Social locker plugin is a free plugin that offers premium functionality at no cost. The free plugin offers features such as SEO compatibility, three social buttons, analytics, etc.

To get started, the plugin comes with four types of locks. You can choose any one of them. Moreover, if you feel creative or the default design doesn’t fit your requirement, then you can always use Visual Composer to make it look like you want. Yes, the plugin is Visual Composer compatible,

One more thing that makes the plugin a must have is the less or no impact on the theme loading speed. It is also optimized for mobile and visitors will have no problem viewing the content or the locker from the mobile devices.

If you are a developer, then you can also use the different hooks and other developer level customization available with the plugin. The premium version of the plugin offers better features compared to the free version. For example, it provides other social media platform support such as YouTube and different type of locks that are not available in the free version. You can also export lead to CSV using the plugin.

Social Share and Locker Pro WordPress Plugin

Social Share Locker Pro

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Another great contender in our list is Social Share and locker pro-WordPress plugin. The plugin is a premium plugin and hence offers tons of features from the get go.

Similar to Bloom, it offers both opt-in pop ups and content locker feature. As a user, you can get started with the ten themes that are provided by the theme. Usage is also simple with the help of the shortcode feature.

More customization can be achieved with the help of the Visual Composer. Using and customizing the plugin is pretty easy. The plugin offers share counter, social full name option, a different type of animation and much more.

Viral Social WordPress Locker

Viral WordPress Locker

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Viral Social WordPress Locker is a premium content locker plugin. Compared to Bloom and other few plugins, it is simply made to lock the content of the blog. Many users might not want the full package as they are either not interested, or they already have a social sharing plugin. For them, viral social WordPress locker is the best bet.

It is well documented and offers a good amount of options to unlock the content. Few familiar action includes tweeting, Facebook like or Google+ like. With the help of the plugin, you can quickly lock any paragraph or the whole blog content.

Viral Lock

Viral Lock Plugin

Download Link

Viral Lock is yet another premium plugin that offers basic content locking features. You can use the plugin to secure content in exchange for the Facebook Likes, Tweet or Google+1 recommendation. Moreover, you can ask the user to share the content to unlock it.

There are many customization options included in the plugin. For example, you can quickly make twitter customized message. One more feature that stands out is the localization support.

Social Traffic Pop for WordPress

Social Traffic Pop For WordPress

Download Link

Social Traffic Pop for WordPress is a WordPress plugin that offers social platform support. It comes with the support for Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. For Facebook and Twitter, it provides additional buttons such as share button and follow button respectively.

The plugin supports all the major browser and is 100% customizable. Setting up the plugin is super easy and can be done in seconds. Also, with the help of the plugin, you can lock all the content of the website.

Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

Opt In Content Locker For WordPress

Download Link

Using locker plugins can be a tough task. Many see content locking as a negative influence on SEO. But, if you are using the Opt-in content locker plugin, the whole game changes. The main reason is the support for the simple locker mode, which enables the search engines to crawl over the content and to lock the content at the same time using JavaScript.

It comes with 60+ plugin settings option and is also cache friendly. With the help of the plugin, you can quickly increase the number of subscribers on your website. The plugin also offers responsive layout. The plugin also offers translation and is shortcode driven, i.e., you can easily use the plugin through the website.

Social Content Locker for WordPress

Social Content Locker For WordPress

Download Link

Social Content Locker for WordPress is one of most popular content locker plugin on CodeCanyon. Support for the all the major social media platform is provided. It also offers support for the modern browsers and comes with six social buttons.

With the Social content locker, you can quickly lock any content on your website. Once unlocked, the cookie system remembers that the content is unlocked and let the user access it anytime they want.

For more user engagement, you can also try:

Over To You

Today, we went through some of the finest content locker WordPress plugins. There is no doubt that current generation plugin does a lot than just basic content locking.

If you don’t have a premium social media sharing plugin and content locking plugin, you can easily opt for the Bloom plugin or the social share & locker pro plugin. There are many other options that are discussed within the system.

On the other hand, you can opt for the simple content locker plugins as discussed within the post. The choice depends on your requirement. If you are not sure, you can get started with the free alternatives such as OnePress free social locker plugin.

Want to share something interesting about content locker plugins? Let us know through the comment section below. Also, share the article with your peers!


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    Nice article but I have a simple question, why do we have to lock content on a blog? I have always seen a massive bounce rate after using such plugins.
    Maybe I am using these plugins the wrong way.

    • Vinayak Sharma

      You’re right Mr. Ahmed, most of the people leave those site in which content is locked or hide. Internet is a place where visitors can find the other websites providing the same information.

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