When it comes to WordPress, one can never stop, but wonder how fast this content management system has progressed over these years. WordPress has become more than just a content management system for a blog. You can make full-fledged powerful websites on it that perform and look well. You can use it as a social network, thanks to BuddyPress. You can create online stores on it with WooCommerce, and you can use it as a blog where you could just scribble your thoughts about anything you like.

WordPress currently has their official themes and plugins repository where you can find different plugins that can do different things. Themes can make these WordPress websites look better, and you can use different themes for different purposes. Did you know that one could also use WordPress to create media websites where one could listen to podcasts and songs?

WordPress comes with a built-in basic player that lets you display the audio and media on your site, but the play is very limited and doesn’t provide you any customization at all.

In this post, I am going to share some best audio player plugins for WordPress that anyone can use on WordPress websites where one can publish all sorts of audio. Let’s get started with the post and let us discuss these plugins one by one.

WordPress Audio Player Plugins

1. Audio Album


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Audio Album is a audio player plugin for WordPress that is freely available on the official WordPress repository, and this plugin can show the audio files on your website in a presentable manner. You can display audio playlists and audio albums. You can use it to represent just one track or a whole set of tracks as a playlist or an album.

This plugin is an easy way to provide your website visitors with the audio player with controls that would let them control the playback of the audio. The best part is that this plugin allows you to edit and change the way it looks and anyone can do that just by editing the style sheet that this plugin provides.

2. Compact WP Audio Player


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The problem with the default audio player on WordPress is that it not only looks very essential, but it also takes up the whole width of the post area on the page it is being displayed on. The Compact WP Audio Player can easily eliminate this problem by providing you a smaller and a better-looking player. The player still looks similar to the default one and works on HTML5, but it can easily be added on a page, and it won’t take the whole post page width that won’t make it look awkward.

The player is also responsive, and hence, it will look and work great on mobile devices that have an HTML5 browser. Also, if someone doesn’t use an HTML5 supporting browser yet (why..?), this plugin can also work with Adobe Flash, which is a great thing.

3. HTML5 jQuery Audio Player


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If you want a player that looks not only good but also provides excellent functionality, then this is the player you should start using right away. Not only does this player look good, but it works on the basis on HTML5 and jQuery that make it a great little player that can even work great on mobile devices.

You can choose to show a single audio, or you can display a full playlist of audio or an entire album with album art, ratings, progress bar and even controls. You can use the Easy Digital Downloads plugin with this audio player if you want to sell these audio files to your visitors. This makes this player a great go to option if you want to sell your podcasts or music.

4. Simple Music Widget


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As the name suggests, this is a very simple WordPress audio player plugin that can be used to display an audio player widget in any sidebar of your WordPress website. It works on the same lines as that of the default audio player on WordPress. But you can use it with other content and if you want to show a compact non-distracting an audio player in your WordPress sidebar.

You can display data on the audio with an album art, the name of the artist etc. which is great for this small plugin.

5. ZoomSounds – WordPress Audio Player


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This is one of the best audio player plugins for WordPress that looks great and has great features. It is based on HTML5 and is fully responsive and hence it looks great and works great even on mobile devices. This audio player comes at a small price of $15 but looking at the features; this is a good price for such a useful plugin.

This player also lets you stream audio from YouTube as well as SoundCloud. One can easily edit the looks of the player by editing the CSS as the skins of this player are entirely designed with CSS.

6. Disk Audio Player for WordPress


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This is one more premium top rated audio player plugin for WordPress that you can use on your audio website. Like all the players listed here, this one works on HTML5 as well and can easily be shown on HTML5 supporting browsers. This player is totally responsive and works well on mobile devices too. It is also retina ready which means it will look good even on high-resolution screens.

You can show album art, artist name, album name and other data with this plugin and you can display the tracks in a manner that looks presentable. Features like auto play, keyboard control, etc. are built right into it which make the player great.

7. CP Media Player


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This player for WordPress is a single plugin that can be used to display either audio or video. It works well and comes with a useful player that has all the controls required to provide a good web player. You can choose from different sets of skins and make it look any way you want it to. It is also fully responsive, and it is totally free!

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So, these were some of the best plugins that one could use to provide an audio player to the visitors of your website on WordPress. This list combines both free and paid plugins and hence you can take a look at all of them before making a decision. The HTML5 jQuery Audio Player is an excellent player who comes for free and can be used to sell the audio, and the ZoomSounds player is a perfect bang for the buck with the features it provides at just $15.